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Say No to Unwatched Television or Radio: Many individuals have a tendency to leave the television and radio unattended in the living room while they are in a different area of the home!
Washing laundry with Hands: Washing machines seem like the best option with regards to laundry. Minimize using the geyser: The geyser is probably the the one appliance that uses the most electricity. Use Natural Sunlight to dry your clothes: Dry your clothes in the sunshine as opposed to putting them in the dryer.
Andy Peloquin has created about 5,000 articles, press releases, web pages, video scripts, and more.
Editor's Picks5 Sustainable Living Tips for City Folk10 Steps to Start Urban HomesteadingHow to Homestead with Quail9 Important Tips for Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen5 Creatively Fun DIY Wine Storage Ideas! Living in a house with 5 bedrooms and four active children can be costly, especially when it comes to the electric bill. Use Battery Powered Tools – I spend a few hours a week doing DIY projects at home, cleaning up, and doing maintenance. Properly Set the Fridge – I don't have a brand new Energy Star fridge, but I can save by monitoring the fridge I do have. Reduce Appliances – Rather than reducing appliance use, reduce the number of appliances. Use Gas Heaters – Electric heaters and central heating are very expensive, but gas heaters are much cheaper. Don’t Spend Hours on TV – Did you know that sitting in front of the TV can raise your energy bill? Reduce Hot Water Use – Hot water from an electric water heater is expensive, but a gas water heater can be much cheaper.
Buy Light Saving Bulbs – With so many lights in so many rooms, my electric bill was going up just because my kids spent time in their rooms. Redo Your Insulation – Last winter, I had a leak under the front door that let in the cold air, which made it hard to keep the house warm.

Spend Time Together – If the lights and heat are only on in one room, there is much less energy being used. To make sure you receive our emails in your Inbox, drag them from the new Gmail Promotions Tab over to your primary Inbox. I recently wrote a post on our top energy-efficient gift ideas  for the season from our BrightenSM Online Energy Store, a TXU Energy online savings solution. If you have your computer on all day for work like I do, you might want to consider using Google Voice and dialing from your computer rather than plugging in an extra phone into the wall. You no longer have to turn (on?off?) your media room equipment  to watch TV shows or movies. I have a “small” purse – in fact, it’s a zippered bag with a handle that holds all my cards and a couple of folded bills.
Similar to the SunArt Paper Kit, this hypercolor shirt takes us back to the 90’s and beyond.
I’ll admit, this one’s not directly tied to energy, but it’s green and eliminates the need for metal staples (which eliminates any energy used to make them!). Read on to find out how you can save electricity and money with this handy selection of energy saving tips.
Make use of a ceiling fan as an alternative simply because it uses significantly less electricity. Make an effort to to do laundry by hand especially if ther is not too much and easy to wash. Regardless of whether it is connected to the cellphone charger, camera charger or anything. I switched to using Netflix on my computers, and the kids spend time watching TV on their computers. I cut back on hot water use by lowering the temperature setting on the washing machine, using dish basins for washing dishes, and cutting shower time down as much as possible. We try and do activities all in the same room, as that way we only need one heater and a couple of lights on at any one time.

But combining the fact that it’s the holidays, my obsession with gadgets and my passion for shopping, I’ve put together a second list of cool gifts that you might consider for that “hard-to-buy-for” friend. These cards change color when set out in the sun and make for a great creative adventure for the arts & crafts hobbyist. That drive is just enough time to charge up my portable electronics like cell phones and laptops.
You’ll never be left out in the cold (or at least out of charge) with this solar powered backpack. Alternatively, accumulate laundry and wash it in one shot, making use of the washing machine. Take out everything you need all at once – ingredients, food or whatever it is in one go. This is to prevent the utilization of electricity despite the fact that in is in standby mode.
With just a few dollars a week, my gas heater easily warms up the rooms where we’re playing and working. Buying the bulbs costs a lot initially, but it’s worth it in the end thanks to their longer lifespan and lower power usage.
I reached out to Shane at ThinkGeek and he’s graciously offered some photos of my favorite picks on the site! Rather, the tree pattern in the center of the shirt only appears when it’s exposed to UV-light from the sun.
It contributes greatly to saving on your electricity bill in addition to preserving the content of your refrigerator fresh. These products aren’t necessarily rated as energy-efficient by ENERGY STAR®, but can serve as alternatives to other higher consumption electronics – plus they’re  just plain fun!

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