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Led source, automatically switched to full light mode , The sensor light is convenient, safe & stability. It’s suitable to use in store lighting, office lighting, home lighting, hotel lighting, and supermarket lighting. The sensor light with source of LED, the power consumption and the life are much better than lamps and Energy-saving lamps. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Energy saving light bulbs are not as bright as their traditional counterparts and claims about the amount of light they produce are "exaggerated", the European Union has admitted.

Soon they will be the only kind of light bulb allowed, but now officials in Brussels have admitted that energy-saving bulbs are not as bright as the old-fashioned kind they are replacing. We found that under normal household conditions, using a single lamp to light a room, an 11W low-energy CFL produced only 58 per cent of the illumination of an "equivalent" 60W bulb – even after a 10-minute "warm-up".
When environment illumination below 5Lx, the sensor light is auto ready for working, then lighting for moving people, and auto turning off after delaying time. Using energy-efficient lighting is one way to lower energy use as well as household emissions. The sensor light using convenient, safe & stability, and not be interfered by noise and so on.

Note that the wattage of energy-saving bulbs is different from their incandescent counterparts.

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