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Faced with the situation to control the time that the light is turned on, engineer Radu Preda from Romania has started experimenting with different circuits to save money spent on electricity.
Note that the circuit is coupled directly to AC mains using the existing system in the building. With the values from the schematic the working time of the lighting circuit is around 4 minutes.
The second schematic uses the same timing block but the control element is the BTA06-600 triac. Recent QuestionsIn the schematic universal-triac-control-with-optocoupler, the PNP transistor 2SB328 is shown as NPN. If your children love to leave lights on in the bathroom or playroom, or if they like to go to sleep with a light on, what about installing a lighting timer that will turn off after a certain amount of time?  Or in another example, say you are going on vacation but want to leave a lamp on for a pet or to keep away potential burglars.  You don't have to leave the lamp on when it's daylight if you have an electronic timer! A vacancy sensor is similar to an occupancy sensor, but unlike an occupancy sensor that automatically turns the lights on when it senses a person in the room, a vacancy sensor is turned on manually, but then turns off when someone leaves the room. While they both turn off in the same manner, the Occupancy sensor is an automatic on, while the Vacancy sensor is manually turned on. For example, if a household has pets, there is a chance that they could constantly trigger an Occupancy sensor, but since the Vacancy sensor has to be turned on manually they would not affect it. A dimmer wouldn't be practical in my situation because we usually either need the lights 100% on or 100% off. Only one thing that i would add is the use of a photo sensitive sensors which can be used mainly in the courtyards and landscaped area around the house. The good news for retailers is that energy saving lighting can do more than just promote social image and reduce energy bills.
By using colored LED lights to create background contrast in window displays, the accent illuminance on displayed objects can be reduced.
In any retail display where the use of colored light is desirable, LED lights represent the best possible option. The excellent color rendering properties of LED lights make them particularly suitable for displaying clothes and fashion items, as well as for food retail displays.
With the opportunity to generate power savings of up to 30% over traditional lighting, adding the benefits of improved visual perception and reduced heat output surely makes energy saving lighting a solid value proposition. Illuminex supplies a range of energy efficient lighting specifically designed for retail displays.
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Vibe lighting is now showcasing their newly designed LED Floodlight range, which are a suitable replacement for Metal Halide floodlights. They are a solid machined aluminium unit, with a black gloss powdercoating and have a polycarbonate face protecting the CREE LED chip inside. In the LED Floodlight range there are 6 wattage variations, all having a life span of 50,000 hours. All the fittings come with a flex and plug, have a colour temperature of 4000K (Cool White) as well as SAA approved certification.

The new Vibe LED Floodlight is set to wreak havoc on its halogen, HPS and metal halide competitors. Compared to inefficient halogen floodlights, the new LED Floodlight by VIBE saves over 80% in electricity costs and has payback periods less than 12 months for commercial applications. Long lasting and sturdy, The Vibe LED Floodlight reduces maintenance and replacement costs. VIBE Director Philip Hill: “The new LED floodlights from VIBE Lighting are a huge breakthrough in technology. VIBE expects a strong uptake in commercial applications including sporting stadiums, gymnasiums, advertising boards and in outdoor security lighting. The black powder coated VIBE LED Floodlights are available in 10w, 20w, 30w and 50w in a cool white 4000K colour temperature.
ANL Lighting is a progressive Australian distributor of Commercial, Industrial and Domestic light fittings and lamps.
A complete LED Lighting resource of information on the latest technology of LED lights including LED lighting basics and detailed descriptions of the different LED lamps and fittings currently available. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.
He has designed 2 energy saving lighting circuits, the first one uses a relay and the second one uses a optoisolator triac MOC3041 and a normal triac like BTA06-600 and both using the 555 one-shot timer. Power is applied through R1, C1, R2 and the voltage is stabilized at a value of 15V with the zener diode PL16Z. Please be careful in constructing and utilizing these circuit because there is danger of electrical shock. Think about which control strategy would work best for each room that needs lighting and choose an occupancy or vacancy sensor based on each room’s specific conditions. Those window displays that tempt shoppers to linger on dark winter nights, possibly tempting them over a warm threshold to shop, are expensive. The latest LED display lighting is capable of creating visual impact never before possible. With energy saving lighting, the power used for display accent lighting can be reduced by up to 50% with no negative impact on shoppers’ perceptions of a display.
Providing the correct color rendering is chosen, energy saving lighting can add extra appeal to the appearance of foodstuffs.
When appropriately colored LED lighting is used as a wall wash, along with some accent lighting, the natural color of garments is highlighted, making them more appealing to browsers. Please note that as the wattage increases, so do the dimensions and weight of each fitting.
Vibe supplies an ever growing network of lighting retailers and hardware stores, electricians, landscape designers, architects and builders with a wide range of lamps, light fittings and other electrical merchandise. The new LED Floods are IP65 rated, giving protection against the ingress of dust and against standard water jets with a nozzle and have a long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. Never before has LED technology been so advanced, offered such high light output and been so energy efficient.

A comprehensive on-line catalogue of light fittings for a wide range of applications with technical data ideal for easy specification by lighting designers and architects. Assemble it in plastic or metal box and place it in places inaccessible to children or animals.
A large chunk of retailers’ potential profits is eaten up by the cost of illuminated displays. While they love to see beautifully lit, tempting displays of merchandise, they also want to see commercial organizations demonstrate a commitment to reduce emissions. Merchandise can be displayed in a more natural and attractive way, enhancing the appearance of products and generating sales.
With energy saving lighting installed, staff and shoppers will not feel uncomfortably hot, nor will they have to bundle up against the chill of overworked air conditioning.
For example, blue LED lighting can be used in a display background, along with some low powered white accent lighting, to present a visually appealing display. For example, when cool colored lighting is used over chilled food displays, the goods take on a very fresh appearance. For jewelry, warm colored lighting is perfect for gold displays to pronounce it’s differentiation from any silver on display.
Although for retailers who make the switch to energy saving lighting, it’s a lot more than a PR exercise.
Obviously, must be protected from rain and solar radiation that adversely affect the proper functioning. Of course, cost isn’t the only factor pressuring retail organizations to consider their energy consumption. Energy saving lighting is also beneficial to the comfort of customers and sales staff alike.
Improved aesthetics and better comfort for staff and customers can have nothing but a positive influence on sales revenue and profit.
Red meat displays especially look highly attractive when appropriately colored lighting is used.
The benefit to the environment is very real, which is why our government is making every effort to encourage the use of LED lights.
Because LED lighting produces little heat, retail premises fitted with energy saving lighting in display areas become cooler places to shop. The result is an attractive display using significantly less power than a display using illuminance contrast.

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