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Affordable and easy measures will save you electricity and money throughout the cool winter and fall months.
If you have not currently, do an energy assessment to determine which you could save probably the most, and think about creating a bigger investment for long-term electricity savings. Bioremediation can occur naturally via natural attenuation or intrinsic bioremediation or can be accelerated by adding fertilizers to heighten the bioavailability within the medium. Another example of bioremediation is the use of dehydrated peat moss to clean up oil spills. Valcent have developed the Verticrop system in order to create a farming method to increase farmer’s margins on crops and diminish the carbon footprint of traditional farming.
The system works by rack-mounting growing trays on a closed loop overhead conveyor, not dissimilar to those found in heavy industry, the plants are then transported on this conveyor to dedicated areas where the watering and precisely-determined nutrition fogging areas are. This leads to a low environmental impact and also savings on labour as the watering and feeding of the crops are automated. The Spotlight will highlight topics spanning industry news, safety, product and equipment reviews, codes and much more! Click here to navigate to Energy Star Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator! Decorating Safely customer appreciation Holiday Refresher Lutron candy PDX adapt on site Benefits of Lighting BIM trick or treat Central City Project Halloween LONWorks Cable dog Lighting the Spatial Envelope Working in Winter Residential Code Building Codes Division Chocolate Cake Richard Brown Architects carbon tax Receptacle Circuit the dog healthy eating Fremont Place Apartments Sticky Notes JDL Development Conference Lighting Seat Belt Safety electrical service cove lighting Vehicle Graphics Drop in ceiling light energy efficiency IEC Winter Diving Education AFCI LED Christmas Lights IES Safety Smoke Alarms existing customers Dr. Greenhouse gases (a combination of vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone) are in the earth’s atmosphere and act as a giant blanket that makes the earth warmer, referred to as the greenhouse effect.
Window film is applied to glass to provide solar protection and increase energy efficiency by helping to reject heat in the summer and retain heat in the winter.

Studies show that electricity (which is used for heating and cooling homes and businesses) is the biggest culprit for producing greenhouse gas emissions, which causes global warming, which causes climate change.
I’m really interested in getting window film to provide solar protection for my home.
I’m always looking for ways to make my home more environmentally friendly, and it was interesting to learn that solar window film could help.
Several of the tips listed here are free and could be applied to an every day basis to boost your savings; others can be affordable and easy actions to take to make sure optimum savings throughout the winter. Bioremediation ois used to attack specific soil contaminants, for instance the degradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons by bacteria. Traditional farming methods lead to pollution from long-distance transport of crops to the consumer, wastage of water, use of pesticides and even the introduction of alien insect species to protect the crops. Nowadays, with the high cost of fuel, electricity and land, farmers are increasingly feeling the pinch and losing profits to this rise in operating costs.
Saving money is a good reason to save energy, but another good reason is because it helps to protect our environment and our future generations! According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by nearly 40% since pre-industrial times – the current level is higher than it’s been in the last 800,000 years. Here’s a look at just one example: the Safeco Plaza in Seattle, Washington, was ahead of its time and installed window film in 1996. We made it a new years goal to use less electricity in our home this year and I feel like this would really help. I knew they would help keep the heat out, but didn’t realize it would reduce greenhouse gasses.

It is very capable of absorbing hydrocarbons which it  performs by using a hydraulic action to wick the hydrocarbon and store it in its cells. Also, the Valcent Verticrop solution allows farming to take place in urban settings by capitalizing on the use of smaller locations by growing crops on vertical racks.
Installing this ingenious system would allow farmers to maximize their output whilst significantly reducing their costs by saving energy and would also create a new market for those interested in urban farming.
According to the First Biennial Report of the United States of America, 2012 was the hottest year ever in the United States, and the 12 hottest years globally all happened in the last 15 years. Not only did they reduce their carbon emissions each year, they also enjoyed annual savings of $200,000 – not to mention the government incentives and rebates they received.
A very effective commercially produced for of this peat moss is called Biozorb and is produced by and available  from Spilltech, who are a Sasol approved emergency response service provider. This allows potential buyers to install the solution in warehouses or even smaller facilities.
Not surprisingly, greenhouse gas emissions from electricity use by homes and businesses went up 28% in the last 15 years. I will share this with my friends so they can know the little steps they can take to protect the environment.

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