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There are many residential programs and incentives that are currently available through the Energy Optimization program. Appliance RecyclingGet a $50 rebate for recycling an old, but still-working refrigerator or freezer.
ENERGY STAR® ProductsIn-store and mail-in rebates on qualifying ENERGY STAR CFLs, LEDs and appliances. Efficient HVACGet great rebates from $20-$500 on programmable thermostats, furnaces, central AC systems and more.
Low Income ServicesHelp for income-qualified households to make energy-saving improvements to their homes.
Perhaps you open every energy bill with your hands over your eyes, reluctant to see what the damage is.

If you have never ventured up into your attic, you may find that is your energy-effeciency-killing culprit.
Spray Foam the Attic: Adding old school insulation can be less than productive, while spray foam-ing the attic seals your house like an envelope.
Windows: For certain, if you are building a home or embarking on a complete home remodel, install new energy-efficient windows.
Listed below are several incentive programs that include rebates and energy saving tips.A Fixing a leaky faucet can save 20 gallons of water per day!A  Or, invest in a new faucet with low-flow water aerators. Energy Optimization programs and incentives are applicable to Michigan service locations only.Other restrictions may apply.
Energy is a necessary evil, providing what makes us comfortable in our homes, while the cost of it making us quite uncomfortable at times.

As homeowners we trust what we don’t know, a kind-of blind faith, that everything up in the attic is in our best interest. These are the small devices that have a screen in them and are mounted to the end of your faucet.A  Low-flow aerators may be purchased separately for some types and brands of faucets.
Purchase your LED lights from LED distributors; refrain from buying lesser-quality ones from big box retail stores. New modern conveniences include controlling color of your LED lights depending on mood, as well as controlling your LED lights with a smart phone.

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