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Should you always do your washing during the night - and which other energy-saving tips really work? It has been bitterly cold and energy firms refuse to pass on gigantic falls in the cost of wholesale oil and gas.Youa€™ve switched suppliers (it could save you A?301 a year), but still feel as if youa€™re being ripped off. Washing machine: Running it at night can be cheaper than using it in the day, but only if you are on a special energy tariffSHOWER, DONa€™T BATHMany people swear that having a shower instead of a bath uses less water and saves money. USE AN ECO SHOWER HEADEco shower heads give you the same pressure as a normal shower but use less energy by injecting air into the stream. First Utility has launched the cheapest energy deal the UK has seen in five years.The First Fixed April 2017 v7 gas and electricity tariff will cost a typical household using 12,500 kilowatt (kWh) of gas and 3,100 kWh of electricity, just A?751 a year. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. More than quarters of total energy consumption in a home to go to the account of space heating and hot water production. In times of difficult economic situation and the increased need also to engage in daily life to protect the environment, it hardly comes to words like home energy saving tips  around.
However, many shy away from the consistent implementation of such measures because they fear large incisions or a disproportionate effort.
But that this is not absolutely necessary and even small changes bring clearly visible effects, the home energy saving tips collected here will prove.

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Using one could save you just over 16p every time you shower - shaving A?67 a year off your gas and A?100 off your water bill (based on a family taking 20 showers a week). This is A?415 cheaper than the average standard deal with a Big Six supplier.There is a A?60 exit fee if you switch to a different deal before the year is up. Larger amounts of energy can be saved only through comprehensive modernization measures such as upgrading the heating or building insulation. They are easy to implement and require far less effort than you might think like at the moment. Energy saving light bulbs are now available in different light colors and shapes in markets which save electricity about 80% and are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Modern water circulation pumps are automatically regulate the water in pipes without electric motor or pump. After charging a cell phone, Digital camera, Razor power is consumed when the chargers are not removed from the network therefore always pull out the things from plug!. But what to choose and when?You have two options - compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs). And you must be able to manage your account online and pay by monthly direct debit.The next cheapest deals are Flow Energya€™s Connect 6 and Places for Peoplea€™s Together September 2017 Fixed 32 tariff, both costing A?752.

Because instant water heaters automatically heat water only when you required it.  For washing clothes use lukewarm water and also thanks to our modern detergents it is usually really clean even at 40°C.
But the savings are too small to risk your dinner.WASH YOUR CLOTHES AT NIGHTRunning your washing machine at night can be cheaper than using it in the day. CFLs typically cost more than a traditional bulb but will each save you A?3 a year.LEDs are more expensive but can last more than 20 years. Just leave the fridge on.BOIL LESS WATERA So what about only boiling the water you need to make a cup of tea? But replace bulbs as and when they need it.CLOSE THE CURTAINSCan keeping curtains closed at night help insulate your house and reduce bills?
The average person uses their kettle five times a day a€” thata€™s 44p a week in electricity. If you stop overfilling you could save A?7 a year, says charity Energy Saving Trust.VERDICT: Is it worth the hassle for such a paltry saving?SWITCH OFF LIGHTSShould you turn off the lights if you are only leaving the room for a minute? Or does it cost more to switch them back on?A fluorescent tube bulb uses 500 times more energy if left on for 15 minutes than is needed to restart it.

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