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Onikaze Heavy Smoker,mist collector.The unit can be used in all applications,regardless of oil viscosity or water solubility. Onikaze Heavy Smoker,energy saving mist collector.The unit can be used in all applications,regardless of oil viscosity or water solubility.
A recent survey showed that most companies believe that the number one way to save energy was to change electricity supplier.
All businesses must become energy efficient but improved efficiency cannot be introduced overnight. A motor running fully loaded will typically consume the same electricity costs within the first three months as it's purchase price. Make use of AC drives particularly in pump and fan applications, for instance used with a centrifugal pump an AC drive can save as much as 60% of the energy.

Up to 40% savings can be made to fixed speed electric motors by installing either a XFE (three phase) or HFE (single phase) energy saving soft starter. For more information on any of our products or services, please contact our sales team on 01444 245 783. During your audit we will inspect and test your motors, and on completion issue you with a full recommendation of how to be more energy efficient. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. But with electricity prices having risen by as much as 50% and all suppliers still increasing their prices, this is clearly not the best policy.
An 11 kW motor costing around A?400 can consume more than A?70,000 over a ten year operating life.

Applied to a 90 kW motor in continuous duty, this means A?50,000 per year in saved electricity. Typical applications for these units are, chillers, ice machines, lifts, conveyors, injection moulding machines, fans and pumps, crushers and mixers, or any equipment on which the load may vary. Energy efficiency now becomes much more significant to the bottom line than the purchase price when even small differences in efficiency make big differences to a motors life cycle costs. There are over 10 million electric motors in the UK industry, running virtually everything that moves and together these are by far the biggest users of electricity in industry.

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