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Tina is a Wilderness Emergency Technician, with various experiences in search and rescue and hospital medicine. Appreciate your professional suggestions on my projects,it's helpful to get the bids for our company,will cooperate with you all the time. I like to work with you from now on, you consider all my wishes Ita€™s lucky to know you in this are my best friend in china.
New figures from the Energy Saving Trust are showing how simple home insulation measures can save households hundreds of pounds a year in fuel bills. From April 2010 to March 2011, Birmingham led the way in installing insulation, with 12,079 professional installations under the government’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT).
And while the figures show that progress is being made, almost half of UK homes still do not have adequate insulation.
The CERT targets include requirements for energy suppliers to help householders reduce their energy bills and install proper insulation. It’s reckoned that by December 2012 some 3.5 million homes will have benefitted from the CERT measures.

About Green AbodeGreen Abode is about sharing green ideas, saving you money, eco friendly product reviews & deals. Also a midwife here to neighbors and I do occasional emergency assist ( wwoofers recently helped transport an invalid neighbor).
Simply lagging lofts and filling cavity walls can have a big impact on energy costs and is a bonus for the environment, too.
Leeds, Bradford, Fife and Wiltshire are also at the top of the table, while some London boroughs were at the other end of the scale.
We have an emergency evacuation plan and the place is safe, except that it is in a third world country in the secondary forest a few kilometers from the road or the telephone! Antivenom for any poisonous snake is available in Vilcabamba and the snakes are not aggressive. Do not risk your health getting unnecessary vaccines, call or write me and ask for more info. Many Doctors will not understand that your risk coming to altitude is minimal and advise vaccines and preventatives.

An orthopedist and emergency room doc in Loja cares for us, 2 broken legs (one was me) and a few bumps and bangs.
I fell on a slippery rock and broke my tibia, a wwoofer stepped off a platform one night when we were having a fiesta. And loads of medicines that are costly in the west are pretty cheap here- antibiotics are cheap and readily available, bring your prescription here to get filled rather than pay a mint there.
We have a lab in town, in case of bad stomach more than a day or two I help you get your shit specimen to the lab for a 2.

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