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When you choose to purchase eco-friendly furniture and appliances for your home, you are reducing your impact on the environment.
When you begin shopping for eco-friendly furniture there are certain features you should consider.
Once you have chosen your eco-friendly furnishings it is time to turn your attention to the appliances in your home. Federal Tax Credit: There are several policies that will give you a tax credit for purchasing energy efficient appliances.
Lower Bills: These appliances, on average, use 40 percent less energy than their traditional counterparts. Built in sensor: Some ceramic stoves controls burner temperature automatically with a built in sensor and regulates within the surface breaking point.
Purchasing eco-friendly furniture may be a bit more of an investment than typical versions at first, however well worth the additional funds. Give an initiative to make your home appliances environmental friendly, there is nothing to deprive yourself when planning to do this job. There is a limit of two recycling rebate incentives per calendar year for each co-op member. Only the following Energy Star® appliances qualify for a rebate - heat pump water heater, refrigerator, clothes washer, freezer, dishwasher and heat pumps. Members must have a copy of their proof of purchase to send with the application, and the appliance must have been purchased after January 1, 2015. To participate, members must have purchased one or more of the ENERGY STAR appliances on or after January 1, 2015. To apply for the rebate, members will need a copy of their receipt and complete the application form online by clicking here.
If you have already applied for a rebate and would like to check the status, click here. Many of you have asked whether Energy Star appliances cost more than traditional machines, and whether they are a wise choice economically. Now let’s look at the nuts and bolts of how a certified appliance can save you money, and how to determine the best time to upgrade. According to the National Resources Defense Council, Energy Star appliances have saved U.S. They have also cut consumer electricity use by 5 percent and significantly reduced environmental pollution.

Generally speaking, these ultra-efficient models will save you several hundred dollars in electricity use over the life of the appliance. The NRDC recommends replacing any appliance manufactured before 1994 to realize immediate cost and electricity savings.
Federal, state and local governments and your local utility company offer a variety of rebates and other incentives for purchasing efficient appliances. If you’ve been considering an upgrade, this tool can help you identify the best time to go shopping!
In addition to looking for the Energy Star label, consider a few other energy-saving tips for choosing new appliances. Refrigerators with freezers on top use 10 to 15 percent less power than side-by-side models of the same size.
Choose dishwashers that offer light wash or power-saver cycle options as well as the option to dry dishes without heat, to save even more money. Complete Appliance Repair, serving Bountiful and the communities of the Salt Lake City area, specializes in sales, installation and maintenance of all types of home appliances. I contacted Complete Appliance Repair and Service and they were able to come out the very same day.
Additionally, these items offer benefits for you that may reduce your bills and give you peace of mind.
In most cases, the appliances in your home make up the largest portion of your energy costs. If you need help paying for the green furniture and appliances you choose, consider getting a loan, where you can get the money you need and be on your way! This is all about updating and replacing your old appliances with eco-friendly, water saving and energy efficient appliances. When you call the toll-free number, arrangements will be made to schedule a pick up time and you will receive your rebate check about four weeks after the appliance is picked up.
Department of Energy has independently certified that particular product as being the most efficient in its category.
The NRDC predicts that these electricity and cost savings will more than double over the next 20 years.
But the price difference between an Energy Star certified model and the alternatives is usually negligible. Standards and technology improve constantly, so any model that’s 10 years old or older is probably costing more than it should to operate.

And, of course, the larger the refrigerator’s capacity, the more power it will need to operate. Contact us today for even more helpful hints to keep your appliances running well, and for help choosing the right Energy Star appliances for your home and family. Had 2 techs Erin and another young fellow they did a great job and explained everything they did. Had a part go faulty after a few months and they came right out and fixed it under warranty, no questions asked. For example, when you select eco-friendly furniture you can feel confident that the materials that are used are non-toxic and will not threaten your health or the health of your pets. If a piece of furniture is made from recycle materials you can feel confident that it is eco-friendly. However, by incorporating eco-friendly alternatives you can drastically cut your energy costs, as well as reduce your impact on the environment. There are many benefits to going green and with the innovative technology behind it you are sure to love the new style that these pieces give your home. If your home has natural gas, choose a gas dryer over an electric model to save money and power. Worn or faulty components will draw more energy, even when it seems like everything is working correctly. However, this is not the only way reduce your impact on the environment when purchasing furniture. We were so pleased with the service that when our refrigerator broke we used Complete Appliance Repair and Service again.
This furniture is extremely stylish and can be found to complement any decor you may have in your home. Although it may not have used a green construction method, it is still better for the environment because it is not sitting in a landfill and no extra energy was used to produce it.

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