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Last night’s episode of “Ink Master” was titled “Monumental Mistakes,” with Dave Navarro the host and judge, with the two expert judges, Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez. With seven tattoo artists already sent home, the rest of the field consists of: Craig Foster, ES, Jackie Jennings, Jason Clay Dunn, Jime Litwalk, Joey Hamilton, Joshua Hibbard, Kyle Dunbar and Tatu Baby. For the flash challenge, Dave came into the meeting room, for the first time, surprising the artists. For the elimination round, Jason chose the canvases for the challenge and now wants the braggarts on the top to feel the insecurities he felt while he was at the bottom of the pile.
As Jime came in to inspect Joshua’s tattoo, his canvas told him to leave and take his negativity with him.
At the critique, Craig’s Leaning Tower of Pisa was all alone with no background to make it stand out. If you liked what you read, please click on the "Subscribe" button above, and you will never miss another post from this Examiner.
Hard Rock to host the world’s largest, one-day music showcase: Hard Rock RisingIt all happens on Wednesday, June 1. You never know how what you choose to share, and how you choose to share it, may change someone’s day. Join my Facebook group where we peek inside our favorite Usborne Books & More during the Book of the Week series, running through 2016!
They were introduced to the guest judge, Nikko Hurtado, known primarily for his color realism. Joshua was happy to see how instantly recognizable his attitude was as he worked to complete an Aztec monument. Jackie’s Easter Island statue in the foreground was hard to distinguish, but the ones in the background looked much better.
He saw another side of the coin when Joshua told him that there has been too much camaraderie among certain artists.
The Destroyer got sick, was up night after night & yet still maintained her energy level during the day. Mostly, it’s because there are very few BBQ sauces that do not contain high fructose corn syrup, and if I see those words on the label, the item does not go in my cart.

Reduce heat to medium-low; cover and cook, stirring occasionally, 23 minutes or until chicken is done and tender.
For the challenge, they must tattoo something so recognizable, that any error will be obvious; landmarks. Jime did the Grand Canyon, and Dave asked him if he thought it was Jason’s attempt to throw him under the bus? Joshua has been stirring the pot, while being criticized by Jime and a few others who sided against him. I promised my recipe for my yummy BBQ sauce over on Facebook a couple of weeks ago & never got it up here. This recipe has become my staple BBQ sauce & is now something I prefer over jarred sauces.
I'm shawna and I want to change the conversation between mothers (& makers), as we work to intentionally build each other up. Proper shading and perspective to create depth in the designs to make them pop off the skin.
He preferred to be tattooed by Jime and Joey, but decided in the end to choose; Tatu Baby with the coffin with woman’s legs coming out and Jason, who did a planchette of a Ouija board. The canvases want realistic tattoos of landmarks that are personal to them and do not want them cartoonish and thick. He agreed, and Jason stuck up for himself and said that Jime was at the top of every challenge and was a crybaby. He told Kyle, when training for a fight, you did not train with your opponents and that Jason did the right thing by stirring up the pot after Jime’s declaration that it is game on. I want to foster a place of empathy, so we can talk about where we stand and why & share freely, respectfully.
The best use of dimension will be the winner of the challenge and have a great advantage in the elimination round.
I want this to be a place where we do not forget to acknowledge struggle, but always seek to find the joy.
They will have two hours to come up with two designs for American traditional tattoos; one good luck and one bad luck.

Joshua told him he feels that the rest of the field is there to rob him of the $100,000 he desperately needs, and now Kyle is getting the same drive and determination.
You know, the kind of meal perfect for a night when you really don’t want to cook but you want something decent for the family to eat. I want to create a source of honest inspiration, so we can learn from our different choices & help better define why we each do what we do, and find ways to do better. He will choose one of each, and the two artists will have ninety minutes to tattoo him at the same time. As both Oliver and Chris had their choices as the best tattoo using dimension, they were split, leaving the choice up to Dave, who chose Jason’s design because Dave wears a planchette around his neck and he pulled it off nicely.
Rushmore were just a few, and they had six hours to complete them with dimension or lack of it, that could send them home. Joshua’s dimension was lacking as he stated to Tatu Baby that all he does is defend himself from the rest of the competition who are constantly critiquing his work while giving kudos to the same few who continually trash his work.
If that was not enough to make them have bragging rights, then winning the title, could only be better. Jason chose the Statue of Liberty for himself, leaving the rest of the field with the difficult-to-impossible ones. ES did the Brooklyn Bridge, but the line work was not distinct enough to give good dimension. Jason suffers from panic disorder and hopes to stay in the good graces of the judges with this one. Kyle’s Coliseum was a difficult one, and he gave kudos to Joshua for his ability to work with difficult canvases, as this was a bigger challenge to him. Joshua’s had the least dimension of the group, and Oliver was surprised, because this should have been right in his wheelhouse.

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