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More than a hundred tips to help families lower their utility bills and improve the safety of their homes.
Project Energy SaversPurveyors of high quality education and outreach materials since 2002. Minor changes to how one uses energy can amount to important savings when it comes to your energy bill!
Make sure baseboard heaters, radiator or heat vents are not blocked by furniture or drapes.
Wash clothes in cold or warm water – this will not only improve stain removal but will also help to keep your energy bill under control.
Lower your hot water temperature and make sure you insulate hot water heaters and hot water pipes to prevent heat loss.

Never switch your thermostat on and off, and set it 10 degrees lower at night and when you are away than when you are at home. Make sure you monitor the efficiency of kitchen appliances – let your landlord or lease office know of any strange sounds that your refrigerator, air conditioning or dishwasher make since their malfunctioning can increase your energy bill. Home energy efficiency is something that doesn’t always seem to take priority in our lives.
Here is an energy saving guide for both homeowners and renters on how to save energy and lower your electricity bill! If your appliances are older than 10 years, you have a very high chance of saving up to 30% on your energy bill just by replacing them with newer, energy saving appliances. They are still using energy to provide you with displays like the clock, but are eating away at your energy bill.

But, especially in the wake of the drought in California, home energy efficiency is one of the biggest efforts we can make in terms of sustainability. Or if every American changed five of their most-used light fixtures with Energy Star products, it would save $8 billion per year in energy costs? I want to put my negotiating skills, and intimate understanding of the market to work for you. Giving you the keys after a purchase process that’s as smooth, enjoyable and stress free as possible for you is my goal.

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