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Summertime temperatures are on the rise, but that doesn’t mean your monthly energy costs have to heat up, as well.
These are just a few summer energy savings tips that you can put into practice to help your family save energy in the summer, but I’m sure you will see an appealing change in your energy bill.
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Your trusted source for all of your water, fire, mold, smoke and construction needs in the chicagoland area. This is one of my best summer energy saving tips because fans can be a great way to stay cool. To keep from raising the temperature in the house consider other ways of cooking that don’t require the use of the oven or the stove. While regular fans don’t cool a room down, exhaust fans can keep your home from warming up. One of the easiest ways to keep your home cool is by creating shade to keep the hot sunlight from heating up your home.
Don’t run your dishwasher during the heat of the day since it gives off both heat and humidity. If you don’t have central air, or if you have certain rooms that you need to cool down differently, than window air conditioning units are a great option. We run our dishwasher only at night year round so I don’t have to deal with the noise.
I think we get so used to using our different forms of technology that we don’t even think about how their uses could effect us. Simple and inexpensive actions can help you save energy and money during the warm spring and summer months. Here you'll find strategies to help you save energy during the spring and summer when the weather is warm and you are trying to keep your home cool. If you haven't already, conduct anA energy assessmentA to find out where you can save the most. If you live in a climate where it cools off at night, turn off your cooling system and open your windows while sleeping.
Avoid setting your thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn on your air conditioner. If you use air conditioning, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4A°F with no reduction in comfort.
When you shower or take a bath, use the bathroom fan to remove the heat and humidity from your home. On hot days, avoid using the oven; cook on the stove, use a microwave oven, or grill outside. Minimize activities that generate a lot of heat, such as running a computer, burning open flames, running a dishwasher, and using hot devices such as curling irons or hair dryers.
We are always looking for ways to conserve energy and save money on our monthly utility bills. Learn steps for conserving energy, saving money and keeping your cool during unexpected power outages.
Instead of unnecessarily heating your home by using a hot stove or oven, use the microwave or even better your outdoor grill to cook summer meals. Once the sun sets, think about using your windows and fresh air to cool your home instead of your air conditioner or fans.
Water – we specialize in water damage restoration and clean up caused by flood, broken pipe, frozen pipe, seepage and foundation leaks.
I grew up in the country so a bunch of bright lights on at night time is, in my opinion, bright and obnoxious.

If you open most of your windows up then you can truly get a nice breeze going in the house. It’s amazing how much cooler the house can be if we close all the windows early on a hot day.
In fact, according to DTE Energy, for every degree above 72 degrees that you set your thermostat, you could reduce your energy bill by as much as 3 percent. Both can add a lot of unnecessary heat to your home, and it often comes at the hottest time of the day. If you do have to use the stove or the oven than turn on the exhaust fan to help drive the hot air outside. The replacement will not only save you money because these types of bulbs use less electricity, but these types of bulbs give off less heat. Some of the tips below are free and can be used on a daily basis to increase your savings; others are simple and inexpensive actions you can take to ensure maximum savings through the spring and summer. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be. It will not cool your home any faster and could result in excessive cooling and unnecessary expense.
The thermostat senses heat from these appliances, which can cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary. Ensure that furniture and other objects are not blocking the airflow through your registers. Only about 10% to 15% of the electricity that incandescent lights consume results in lighta€”the rest is turned into heat.
We have flat rate service pricing and we offer financing through us and Patriot National Mortgage Corp. Here are some simple energy savings tips that can help keep some of your hard-earned cash in your wallet this summer.
Adjusting your thermostat to 78°F instead of 72°F can save between 6 and 18% on your monthly AC bill. Strategically placed landscaping is great for your home’s aesthetics, but also helps block direct sunlight.
On average, households lose about 20 percent of their heated and cooled air through the unsealed locations.
When using your air conditioning, know that a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat approximately 4°F without a reduction in comfort. Follow some of these summer energy savings tips that not only will be kind to your wallet, but will help you and your family stay cool. If you utilize fans than you can keep your thermostat at a higher temperature which we already said can save a lot of money. Also, make sure that everyone in your home uses the bathroom exhaust fan while showering or bathing.
Some ways to do it are with window film, solar screens, awnings, blinds, planting trees, etc.
As an extra tip chose to let your dishes air dry instead of using the drying feature to save on electricity. I really never thought about changing the times that I clean the dishes or even the lights I use. Doing so can make the unit think it is warmer than it actually is because it is sensing the heat from the appliance. Using landscaping to absorb the sun’s rays can save up to $250 annually on cooling costs. Unsealed duct systems can cause a household to lose up to 20% of its heated and cooled air.

To avoid wasting energy, have your ducts inspected to ensure they’re sealed properly and insulated if necessary. If your household is on a more regular schedule we suggest trying out a water heater timer.
The easiest is to shut it down before you go to bed so you aren’t wasting all that electricity while you sleep. Observe where the sun shines during the day and plan when to open and close blinds and drapes to help keep your home cool.
The main unit is attached to one part of my house and then a hook is mounted onto my garage. If you do need to use the air conditioning during the day then see if you can at least open your windows up at night. This will help blow the humid air outside so it won’t add heat and humidity to the rest of your house. The most important areas to do this are on the western and southern facing sides of your home. Certainly there are some things that require more lighting, but sitting around watching TV and a lot of other activities don’t. We still need to replace our bedroom one with a more energy efficient (and quieter) one as my daughter’s room already has a good one.
The important thing to remember is that you have to shut all of the windows before it starts to get hot. You’ll save yourself quite a chunk of change by leaving the lights off as long as you can. Also, make sure to seal the sides of the unit around the window frame to keep any hot air from coming in and to keep the cold air from going out.
Smoke – we specialize in smoke damage restoration, smoke damage clean up, smoke damage remediation and eliminate smoke damage. Doing this can save you money by not running the air at night, and the next day the house can start off at a low temperature so your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. I boil the eggs in the morning and then I can quickly cook a few chicken nuggets without adding much heat to the house. Construction – we specialize in basement reconstruction, basement addition, basement construction, basement repair and basement restoration. Usually you want to do it by 7:30, but it does depend on how cool the start of the morning is. We also provide construction, reconstruction, repair, rebuild and additions for homes and businesses.
I live in a northern state, so it’s not often hot enough for me to need to turn on the air conditioning, but keeping the air off is far from the only way I keep my energy bill down. I know it seems pretty old fashioned to dry your clothes outside, but take a look around some time and I bet you’ll see a lot of people are actually doing it. In fact I’ve gotten my bill so low this summer that my bill was almost too low for them to send me a bill!
To help you save a little money on those high energy bills I’ve put together a list of 13 summer energy saving tips.

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