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As the temperature rises, many people look for summer energy saving tips that not only will help them save money, but also allow them to live comfortably. Using major appliances that use a lot of energy like dishwashers and laundry equipment during non-peak hours is a quick and easy way to save on your energy bills.
One of the most healthy summer energy saving tips we can suggest is to make sure you replace your air filters every months. If you follow these five summer energy saving tips, you’ll be able to stay cool, save money and live a much more comfortable life all summer long. All of these tips should be customized to both the length of your vacation and your individual home’s needs. Whether it’s a weekend road-trip or summer backpacking through Europe, remember to follow some of these energy tips to avoid spending unnecessary money while you’re away.
Are you going anywhere this summer, and what will you be doing to save energy while you’re away? Summer time can often mean higher energy bills and very strict water restrictions for parts of the country.
Plant some trees: Not only do trees look great and provide us with the oxygen that we need, they can also help cool down your home. Block out the sun: The eastern, western and southern sides of your home receives a ton of extra sun light which can raise the temperature of your home.
Install a low-flow system: Your toilet is not the only area of the home that can be improved by a low-flow system.
These simple steps can let you take on the summer, while doing your part to protect the environment.
Chris Perez is a blogger  and consultant working for Texas AllPro Plumbing and Air Conditiong.
The problem with many energy saving tips is that they tend to significantly impact your daily routines, can cause the home to be uncomfortable or even worse, require a complete restructuring of normal routines.
But seriously, the reason you want to have your AC unit inspected prior to the hot weather showing up is because it will allow your AC unit to run much smoother once the hot weather arrives. And with many new homes built with several windows, if there is room for sunlight to enter, it will rapidly increase the temperature. This not only allows your air to circulate easier inside your home, which reduces the load on your AC unit and heater during winter, but also helps to circulate cleaner air throughout the year. Let Scottsdale Air, a quality Arizona AC company, help you reduce your energy costs with HVAC maintenance, repair or replacement.
You’ll dramatically cut down on energy usage and you won’t have to worry about the heat while you’re away.
Even when they’re not turned on, anything that’s plugged into the wall can continue to use energy.

Something many people don’t think about is the ‘round-the-clock energy that their water heaters use. For instance, if you’re leaving pets at home, don’t raise the temperature in the house to above 78 degrees.
Fortunately, there are easy ways for you to keep the bills low, protect the environment, and still live comfortably during the hottest days of the year. Planting trees on the southern side of your home will provide shade and can reduce the need for AC usage by up to 35%. Making the switch to CFL and LED lighting may seem like a large cost up front, but it can save you in the long run. A stationary fan by an open window can pull in the cooler outside air and can drastically reduce the temperature of your home very quickly.
Consider getting instant water heaters or tankless water heaters installed in your home, not only do they use less energy to heat up the water, but you waste less water waiting for the hot water to come out of the pipes. A simple test is to fill a container from your faucet for 10 seconds, then measure that amount and multiply that number times six to find your per minute flow. He assists customers with finding the best tools to save the most money within their homes. However, if you follow these five simple summer energy saving tips, you’ll be able to live comfortably, but not significantly change the way you live each day. If your AC unit is lubricated, belts checked, and refrigerant levels inspected before it gets too hot, it is estimated that you can save up to 15% on monthly energy costs. To remedy this, and also to help prevent rolling blackouts when it’s extremely hot outside, make sure you only use these appliances during off-peak hours in the evening or early morning hours.
And if you simply replace your standard filament light bulbs with LED bulbs, you can save a ton of money on your monthly energy bills without compromising comfort or changing any routines.
The direct result is that you will breath cleaner air, and be less susceptible to illness caused by contaminates that circulate inside your home. By preparing your house for your absence, you can cut down on energy costs and have more money to spend on souvenirs during your trip.
By unplugging your devices or using a smart power strip, you won’t be paying for wasted electricity. If you’re going on an extended trip, keep the heat out by closing the curtains and reduce energy usage by turning off ceiling fans.
Additionally planting a tree near your AC unit, putting it in the shade can also reduce the energy consumption of the unit by up to 10%.
Not only do CFL and LED lights use less energy and last longer, but they also keep the temperature down within your own home.
An attic fan centrally located can pull air through the different rooms of the house and expel it outside quickly replacing the warmer air within the home with cooler air.

If this is too expensive initially for you, consider getting your pipes insulated, you will get hot water faster and will waste less water in the process. Simply make a quick pass through the house to make certain all faucets are turned off, then check the meter and write down what is stated to be your current usage. So, the best tip we can offer is to make sure all your windows that have blinds or drapes are shut during the entire day. This summer energy savings tip is easy, cost effective and will save you money the entire year. If you have a hard time remembering every month be sure to LIKE us on Facebook  – we send out a monthly reminder so you don’t forget! If your pool uses a heater as well, think about purchasing a pool cover that will help trap the heat in your pool, so that you can avoid the cost to reheat it.
Check with your local energy company, often times they have rebates if you plant a certain number of shade trees on your property. Traditional light bulbs produce a lot of heat, and using them can raise the temperature of a room by a few degrees. Remove the back of the toilet and put a few drops of food coloring in, if after 30 minutes the color leaks into the bowl, you are wasting water. Then wait two hours, if after the time is up you check the meter and the numbers on it are not the exact same then you have a leak somewhere. Your house might be a little bit dark, but you can simply adjust the blinds to let in some light to prevent this problem.
Head to Home Depot or your local hardware store today and get those replacement LED lights. Another piece of advice for pool owners is to adjust the timing for the automatic pool filter and sweeper, which don’t need to run as frequently while you’re out of town. This may not seem like a lot, however those few degrees can trigger your AC unit to turn on; wasting energy cooling a room that was already comfortable. Consider getting an aerator faucet installed, using small metal screens they can drastically reduce the flow of water. If you have any air conditioning, heating or air duct questions, contact Michael Cross and his team of experts at 480-359-7141.

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