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I am building in an area which has high humidity, so my plan is on drying outside most of the time, but hope to dry some inside during the winter.. In its first year, the hotel replaced 95% of its regular light bulbs with LED bulbs and new kitchen equipment was installed to help reduce electricity consumption. Staff training sessions on smart energy saving habits in housekeeping, kitchen and meeting areas and at home took place.
How much do I use? The best way to determine your average home energy usage is to use the resources on this site and others to measure your usage. For a typical commercial building, the majority of energy is spent on lighting, heating and cooling costs. The following steps outline a good starting point when considering any energy efficiency improvements.

Look at your budget and determine what can you set aside for your energy-savings initiative. Reducing energy costs through energy efficiency and conservation can save businesses money, freeing up capital to invest in other aspects of the company.
I was thinking something like a cap that charges and holds a relay on till the relay uses up the the cap charge. The gas stove we had was electric start, but when the power was off we could still light the hobs with a sparker. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption can lower operating costs by $25,000 per year for every 50,000 square feet of office space. I think I'm stacking functions and not using the thing much more than I would be without my clothes on a drying rack.

My clothes last longer and don't shrink and get too short in length so I much prefer it. If I want to dry them a bit faster, I put the clothes rack in the bathroom with the dehumidifier and close the door.

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