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I hit upon an interesting graph, while researching upon the consumption of energy amongst developed and emerging countries. Although, these figures are not the latest ones, but it will give you a fair Idea about India’s energy consumption per capita in comparison with other developed and emerging economies. Primary energy use (before transformation to other end-use fuels) in kilograms of oil equivalent, per capita.
I dont think dat removing the below poverty line people is goin to solve d power shortage issue. Hey Guys, I dnt know much about that India is doing justice with power consumption or not.

Hi Rahul, That is an interesting comment and good take on numbers if you look only at middle class. I expected that India’s energy consumption will be low, but I did not expect that it would be one of the lowest in the world. Take the example of China, they too have many poor people, but there footprint is still much higher than what it is in India.
Rather than competing with US per capita consumption and mess up the environment, it is prudent to pay attention to the marginalized poor and assimilate them into the national mainstream. And in order to do that governments have to reach them and generate income sources where they mostly are — in the villages.

If we say 30-40% of the nation qualifies as middle class that implies that our energy consumption is mostly due to 300 – 400 million people. Rahul pointed out, if we need to give better quality of life to the below poverty line ppl, we will have to increase our energy consumption.

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