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With Christmas just around the corner and with quite a few colder months ahead you’re probably more than aware that your outgoings are set to rise.
By using these five bits of energy saving kit you can potentially shave quite a bit off your energy bills. We’ve heard for the last few years that smart homes will be the next big thing and could start saving energy, carbon and money but 2015 has seen them enter the mainstream with NEST and other smart thermostats hitting the market in a big way. Devices such as the NEST Learning Thermostat adapt to your energy usage and heating habits. Bleeding your radiator should be a regular occurrence, but how many of us regularly find that radiator key and do so? When radiators are not regularly bled their efficiency gradually decreases as air builds up, meaning you need progressively more energy to get less heat back. Standard kitchen foil won’t work as it it crinkles and is unlikely to remain in the ideal position to reflect heat. The total amount of solar energy absorbed by the earth (oceans, land and atmosphere) is 3,850,000 exajoules (EJ) per year. The Freeloader, a solar charger, has an internal battery which can power most mobile phones for up to 44 hours, an iPod for up to 18 hours and a PSP for 2.5 hours. Smart meters are the next generation of energy meter being introduced by gas & electricity providers across the UK. As well as making it easier for all of us to keep track of our energy usage they negate the need for meter readings or estimated bills by constantly updating your energy company. Install an automatic bleeder and you will be left with more efficient radiators and central heating in general.

Improvements that lower the heating and cooling loads and improve efficiency can have a dramatic effect on utility bills. Through a phenomenon called the stack effect, air infiltrates through the cracks in the bottom of the house and leaves through the top floors and attic.
Plus, studies show that for every rise in temperature above 77?F, productivity drops by 2%.
Using an IR thermal imaging camera we can determine exactly where the problems are located. But how can destratification alone actually cool the air without a ventilation system that exhausts the hot air out of the facility?
Attic HatchAttic hatches are one of the most common and biggest single problems for energy loss.
The large diameter fans from Go Fan Yourself actively destratify the air, while the wind-driven exhaust turbines exhaust hot, stale air and replaces it with cool, fresh air. The fans will then blow this cooler air throughout the facility—which actually reduces temperatures.
Multiple fans can be linked together, and they are compatible with any existing HVAC and fire suppressant systems.
And unlike competitive HVLS fans, Go Fan Yourself's industrial fans can be run in reverse for winter heating without any negative impact on the fan's efficiency or 15-year warranty.
If the ducts are located in an unconditioned attic or basement that means 25-30% of the energy going into heating or cooling that air is lost. Even if they are inside the conditioned space, such as in floors or walls, a significant amount is wasted and not reaching the intended room.

The directional fans have adjustable air foils that can be set for one or two-directional use.
For two-directional use, air flow can reach up to 100 ft on both sides from the center of the fan. Ice dams & iciclesIce dams are caused by hot air escaping into the attic, heating the roof and melting snow. They're also much more efficient than typical powered exhaust fans with their ability to exhaust air at over 70,000 CFM.
The water flows down the roof and when it hits the part of the roof extending beyond the outside walls the water freezes and forms a dam. The turbines reduce temperatures by exhausting hot air trapped in the ceiling and replacing it with cooler air overnight. Fans can be installed in a wide variety of facilities, including manufacturing, warehousing, agricultural, recreational, and commercial. Icicles are a perfect indicator of energy loss through the roof.Cross section of roof with ice dam.Is this your house in the winter?
SSG will even provide a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design process begins.

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