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0 Comments   One of the many items we look for in evaluating an equestrian property before certifying in "Horse Safe" is the available vegetation and foliage. 0 Comments   Thank you so much all of you who have asked to become part of our organization. 0 Comments   As our membership has grown we have struggled to keep up with updates to our site.
Philip has had many articles published in veterinary journals and veterinary magazines.Most recently an article on Equine Herpes Virus was published in Veterinary Times on 20th February 2014.
We are still working with our web designers on a few details and with our staff and adviser's on some educational details. We are working with our web developers now to design a better search engine for clients looking for Equestrian Realtors®.
If you have any suggestions or know of other equestrian service professionals who may be interested in working with IEREP as we continue to develop more courses and training please send us the information. Our organization seeks to build relationships with equestrian real estate agents, brokers and service providers throughout the world. While EHV-1 and EHM are only officiallylisted as reportable diseases in some states, private veterinary practitioners are encouraged tonotify their State Animal Health Officials of any suspected or confirmed cases, regardless ofcurrent official state reporting requirements.Cases of EHV-1 and EHM have been identified recently in horses that attended the NationalCutting Horse Association (NCHA) Western National Championship event in Ogden, Utah heldfrom April 29 to May 8, 2011. Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) is the most important cool season grass in the United States.

The farm must be in 100% compliance with these basic equine management standards to be certified and once certified must pass an annual inspection to maintain their enrollment in the program. The new page will have a clickable map that will allow visitors to locate agents by area. while it looks simple when you see it on other sites, the HTML of it is very tricky.
As more and more members have joined; the need to establish our next course schedule has become more pressing.
Offering educational courses, seminars and designations in the field of equestrian real estate. The NCHA has notified State Animal Health Officials of horsesfrom their states that were entered in the event and may have been exposed to the virus.
The Standards and Certification Manual is provided free to anyone requesting a copy as well as an Addendum of Sample Guidelines which provides written protocols for implementing some of the standards. Stay tuned for new updates as we grow larger and larger. Thanks for visiting The Institute of Equestrian Real Estate! We look foreward to meeting each and every one of our members and building your real estate business as we build relationships, trust and a reputation with the equestrian public. Certification Process: The certification process involves the evaluation of each equine operation against the standards outlined in the Standards and Certification Manual. Response has been astounding and often we receive emails stating how glad many are that finally someone has set out to form an organization for equestrian real estate professionals.

Standardizedrecommendations were developed by state and federal officials and are being followed to isolateexposed horses, monitor them for clinical signs of EHV-1, and work with private veterinarypractitioners to test and treat horses affected with the disease. Since this discovery numerous studies have been done evaluating the threat potential of Fescue, it is widely understood that pregnant or nursing mares and young foals should not eat Fescue because of the potential for Fescue Toxicosis in Horses!Another toxic plant not mentioned was White Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima) a highly toxic herb found mostly in Eastern North America. The Bureau of Land Management is no longer able to find buyers for the wild horses they take care of and have drastically exceeded there budget. The BLM has even approached congress for permission to kill many of the horses!The BLM has estimated the rising cost of caring for these animals will climb from $37 billion in 2008 to a staggering $72 billion in 2012. Where IEREP's Horse-Safe© program only address the construction, design and safety of the facility where the horses are held and any property the horses have access to. Some are calling for the release of these animals into the wild where they will breed more and add to the problem. As Equestrian Real Estate Professionals we are focusing on the real estate and the facility not the animals housed in that facility. It is our belief that the certification will be an asset to our certified Equestrian Real Estate Professionals in helping them market and sell equine property in the state of New York, and it will go hand in hand with our Horse-Safe© certification process.

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