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URI's in Cats; Feline Upper Respiratory Diseases, Flu, Bengal Cats and URI's, and other Feline Health Issues from Foothill Felines, exotic Bengal Cat breeder. URI's are extremely contagious and it is very common for all cats within a multi-cat home to become infected.
As feline viruses can be confusing to the average cat caretaker and I put myself in that category, I thought an overview page might help. Feline viruses, as infectious agents, need to be distinguished from other infectious agents: bacterial infections and fungal and protozoan diseases. 3 Dec 2008 … Viral Rhinotracheitis (RHV), which is an upper respiratory infection (URI) and a feline viral respiratory disease.

This disease is also called “feline distemper”, confusingly, I think and “feline infectious enteritis” as it causes enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine), which is often fatal in kittens.
21 Aug 2008 … The feline immunodeficiency virus was discovered in California in 1986 (or 1987?).
Feline rabies may be the savior of the feral cat in Asia at least in respect of the cat meat and fur market, although I doubt it. In the UK rabies is eradicated but in the USA, the biggest domestic cat market, rabies exists albeit rarely as far as I am aware.
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The intention is to stand back and try and make sense of all the long words and slightly confusing names such as “feline distemper”, a misleading description. The panleukopenia virus is so called because the infection causes a severe reduction in white cell count.
This is not meant to be a detailed look at this subject but I do include links to other pages on this and my blogger site.

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