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This work led him to inter-species communication research projects between man and dolphin. His eclectic career began as a conventional scientist doing research for universities and government. In the early 1960s he was introduced to psychedelic drugs such as LSD and (later) ketamine and began a series of experiments in which he ingested a psychedelic drug either in an isolation tank or in the company of dolphins.
He also paid special attention to Self-enquiry meditation advocated by Sri Ramana Maharshi, and was reformulating the principles of this exercise with reference to his human biocomputer paradigm (described in Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer: Theory and Experiments and The Center of the Cyclone).
Within the last two years I have come to know a man and his work who run counter to my own simulations and by whom I am influenced beyond previous influences. In a sense, Merrell-Wolff is saying that the Star Maker is Consciousness-Without-an-Object.
If we are a manifestation of Consciousness-Without-an-Object, and if, as Wolff says, we can go back into Consciousness-Without-an-Object, then my rather pessimistic view that we are merely noisy animals is wrong.
It may be that Wolff, like all the rest of us, is doing an over-valuation of his own abstractions. If by getting into a state of High Indifference, of Nirvana, Samadhi, or Satori, then one can function as a teaching example to others and it may be that if a sufficiently large number of us share this particular set of metaprograms we may be able to survive our own alternative dichotomous spaces of righteous wrath. Setting up a hierarchy of states of consciousness with High Indifference at the top, Nirvana next, Satori next, Samadhi next, and Ananda at the bottom is an interesting game, especially when one becomes capable of moving through all these spaces and staying a sufficient time in each to know it. This may be a better game than killing our neighbors because they do not believe in our simulations of God. One becomes content with the minimum necessities for survival on the planetside trip; one cuts back on his use of unnecessary articles-machines, gadgets, and devices.
So it behooves us not to organize either the methods or the states which Wolff describes so well.
God as Consciousness-Without-an-Object, if real, will be apperceived and introcepted by more and more of us as we turn toward the inner realities within each of us.
SQUID Caribbean reef squid Squids are related to octopuses and cuttlefish and, more distantly, mollusks such as clams and oysters.
Clyde Roper, a Smithsonian zoologist, is regarded as the world’s foremost expert on squids. Cephalopods are regarded as more developed and sophisticated than mollusks like snails, clams and oysters. Cephalopods propel themselves by forcing water through a tubular siphon that draws water behind the eyes and shoot it out under the head. Many cephalopods change color to blend in with their backgrounds or to express fear, aggression and sexual excitement. The problem with using skin colors to send messages is that predators can also pick up on them and use them to their advantage such as attacking when the cephalopods are distracted by sexual matters.
The world’s first shells emerged about 500 million years ago, taking advantage of the plentiful supply of calcium in seawater. Animals with shells have been found living in the Mariana Trench, the deepest places in the ocean, 36,201 feet (11,033 meters) below the sea surface, and 15,000 feet above sea level in the Himalayas.
Squids have eight arms, two long feeding tentacles, and a parrot-like beak for mouth, with arms arranged around it like a flower. Squids have eyes very similar to human eyes, except some species have one eye that is significantly larger than the other, and each of which seems to be adapted to different frequencies of light. Squids have the largest brains of any invertebrates and these brains are quite sophisticated. Squids cruise at slow speeds by fluttering their fin-like mantels and contracting and pulsing their bodies.
Squids have quick reactions and the ability to change their appearance quickly by altering their skin color patterns with what is regarded as the most versatile skin in nature.
David Grann wrote in The New Yorker: “The squid seems to be using light patterns, color and postures as a means of communication.
Many species of squid can produce their own light with freckle-like bioluminescent photospores that include focusing mechanisms and color filters able to produce white, blue, yellow and pink light.
When threatened some squids retreat into a jackknife position to reduce their size in the eyes of predators. When attacked most squids release black ink or a cloud of luminous mucus that forms a veil that enables it to escape. Squid egg cases Squid live fast and die young, Most live for only around a year or so and thus need to become sexually mature not long after they are born and reproduce quickly. Since 2002 large numbers of jumbo squid have been turning up north of their usual range, appearing off California and the northwest United States and seen as far north as Alaska.
The jumbo squid seem to be thriving in part because their natural predators tunas and sharks have been overfished.
Marc Silver wrote in National Geographic: The millions of Humboldt squid, aka jumbo flying squid, live “fast and furious” lives, says NOA Fisheries oceanographer Ken Baltz.
Marc Silver wrote in National Geographic: “Once in a great while they “fly” by ejecting themselves from the water. If salmon are also on the menu, adds William Gilly, a biologist at Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, Northwest fisheries will suffer. Cuttlefish have very sensitive eyes which can change their shape, which helps the cuttlefish focus in on its prey. Cuttlefish have powerful beak-like mouths strong enough to crush the shells of oysters and exoskeletons of crabs.
Cuttlefish change color to blend in with their backgrounds and to express fear, aggression and sexual excitement. When a females come around the males retreat to their dens and wave their arms and changes colors in an effort to attract the female.
The eggs, which are lined with gas chambers to create neutral buoyancy, hang like stalactites on the top of the den. Nautilus_pompilius Nautiluses come from a branch of mollusk that first appeared 550 million years ago and became mobile in the open sea by developing gas-filled flotation tanks.
Today about a dozen species survive, and they are found mostly in Pacific between Fiji and the Philippines, with a large concentration of them around Palau, where they are often found at depths of around 2,200 feet. Nautilus cutaway logarithmic spiral Nautiluses are the only cephalopods that keep their shells outside of their soft bodies rather than in it. The pearly nautilus contains a tube that runs from the back of the body chamber into the flotation tanks allowing it to adjust its buoyancy by flooding or taking gas out of the tanks.
This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been authorized by the copyright owner. It can also be used as a double planking compound in the construction of double planked hulls where canvas is not used. The H2O Canoe Company Helium Canoe is constructed in mirror fashion to our Epoxy Pro Series Canoes with a few material selection changes creating choices of appearance a€“ it is a craft combining advanced material selection with many innovate concepts and fittings. Similar build concepts to H2O Epoxy Pro Series combine many techniques that all result in an important end goal. Too many Canoes on the market simply take away substance from the hull to make it lighter but carry on finishing the Canoe in a a€?standard fashiona€?, selecting heavy wood species, heavy Gunwales, wetting out flotation chambers with thick layers of FG and resin and covering the interior of the Canoe with a heavy, thick layer of Gel-coat.
It only stands to reason if a majority of the weight in your ultralight Canoe is made up of finishinga€™s and trim your hull cana€™t have much substance to it. Since the Helium is made partially Gel-coated a selection in the Vinyl ester family of resin is necessary to marry like chemistries together.
These factors add approximately 6-8% in weight to the EPS Canoes which is still at the low end of weights for ultralight Canoes. Helium Canoes are less costly than EPS Canoes since the resin system and processing requirements are less taxing. The top of the Canoe is covered with a very light UV resistant coating weighing much less than Gel-coat.
With only a partial Gel-coat layer we are able to put some of that saved weight back into layers of re-enforcement in the hull.
Core Shell tests similar in many ways to Epoxy resin for physical stresses of impact, flex and is inherently UV resistant. Every Helium Canoe from H2O has a full closed cell foam core, bilge ribs, mounting plates and ICG Gunwale. This technique can be compared to the effect of box and beam construction in buildings and the rigidity of Truss style construction on a bridge. As we discussed our goal is to place the most amount of substance (weight) in the hull itself.
The choices manufacturers make on where to save money impact greatly on the quality of product consumers receive. Both the Core Shell resin and Gel-coat is repairable and will marry to polyester and Epoxy repair resins. Advanced Fabrics a€“ Re-enforcement in fabric form layered and positioned strategically for strength and rigidity of the hull.
Fiberglass a€“ common boat cloth, excellent resin retention, easily repairable, structural when saturated with resin. Innegra a€“ polypropylene based material with excellent flex, impact absorption, ideally combined with another fabric in a blend to share bond and resilience characteristics. Basalt a€“ Earth mineral resource sharing characteristics similar to Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber.

Kevlar (Aramid) a€“ Aramid is the product, Kevlar is a brand within the product category, Twaron is another product within the Aramid family. Carbon Fiber a€“ Carbon Fiber is the most advanced material available for light weight composite construction.
Skeletal Rib a€“ The H2O Canoe skeletal rib system is part of a complete re-enforcement system. ICG a€“ Integral Composite Gunwale is the combination of foam cored gunwale wrapped in Kevlar, Carbon or combinations inherent to the hull itself - with an outer aluminum trim for impact resistance and rack sliding.
Resin Infusion a€“ this is an advanced process method of wetting a dry stack laminate under vacuum pressure. Preformed Flotation Chamber a€“ Flotation chambers constructed on a form in a similar process to the Canoe hull by vacuum processing.
Bilge mounted seat brackets a€“ Attaching the seat on a bracket attached and bonded to the bilge of the Canoe creates a stiffening opportunity across the Canoe adding to its overall rigidity.
Light weight component selection a€“ Naturally rot resistant, yet ultra light wood species for the interior components ensure longevity and weight savings. Tacktick's T060 Micro Compass provides a clear and precise heading that is sometimes difficult to obtain on traditional glass ball compasses. ATL can assist with new OEM fuel bladder tanks, bladder tanks to replace failed tanks and even custom fuel (and water) bladder tanks for live wells, fishing boxes, lockers, etc. Timothy Leary praised John as the twentieth century’s Columbus, who brought back conspicuous data from the far most inner world journey. He made contributions in the fields of biophysics, neurophysiology, electronics, computer science, and neuroanatomy. These events are described in his books Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer: Theory and Experiments and The Center of the Cyclone, both published in 1972. Lilly claimed to have achieved the maximum degree of Satori-Samadhi consciousness during his training. In 1936, Franklin Merrell-Wolff wrote a journal that was later published as Pathways Through to Space. In 1936 he succeeded in this transformation and with varying success maintained it over the subsequent years. This is probably the most abstract and yet the most satifying way of looking at the universe which I have come across anywhere.
If there is some way that we can work our origins out of the basic ground of the universe, bypassing our ideas that the evolutionary process generates us by generating our brains–if there is some contact, some connection between us and Consciousness-Without-an-Object and the Void, and if we can make that contact, that connection known to ourselves individually, as Wolff claims, then there is possible far more hope and optimism than I ever believed in the past. If righteous wrath must go as a non-surviving program for the human species, then it may be that High Indifference is a reasonable alternative.
At least those who espouse these states claim that these states are above any other human aspiration; that once one has experienced them, he is almost unfit for wrath, for pride, for arrogance, for power over others, for group pressure exerted either upon oneself or upon others.
It is better not to try to devise groups, techniques, churches, places, or other forms of human organization to encourage, foster, or force upon others these states. If God as Consciousness-Without-an-Object inhabits each of us, we eventually will see this. Merrell-Wolif, Franklin, Pathways Through to Space, and The Philosophy of Consciousness- Without-an-Object, both New York: Julian-Press, 1973. Timothy Leary, PhD (1920-1996) Psychologist, philosopher, explorer, teacher, optimist, author and revolutionary avatar of the mind.
They can be found in all the world’s oceans and range in size from dime-size midgets to rare 20-meter-long giant squids. The latter are soft, fleshy mollusks with their shells inside their bodies instead of outside as is the case with most mollusks.
They reproduce quickly which means that even though two million metric tons of them are caught every year, they are not in danger of being overfished.
They also have the ability to grown back their arms and tentacles and sometimes communicate by changing the shape of their arms. Color changes are caused by chromatophores, pigments sacs situated just under the skin that suddenly swell with signals from the brain.
Studies by Lydia Mathgar and Roger Nento of Wood Holes Institute suggest that squids---and likely cuttlefish and octopuses too---get around this problem by using communication channels that they can see but predators can’t.
Their shells were composed of calcium carbonate (lime), which has been the source of much of the world limestone, chalk and marble. Darwin’s discovery that there were fossil of sea shells at 14,000 feet in the Andes helped shape of theory of evolution and understanding of geologic time. They move rapidly by drawing water into their body cavity and squirting it out of funnel-shaped nozzles. They didn’t just turn red or pink or yellow, ripples of color would wash across their bodies. Jane Blanksteen, a recreational diver, wrote in the New York Times, "On average, the groups I observed numbered about a dozen. Others roll their arms around their the head, exposing rows of suckers lined with sharp teeth. It was long thought the ink or mucus served solely as a decoy or camouflage now it is believed that it may also contain chemicals that stun prey or disable predators which explains why deep sea squid eject blank ink in places where there is no light.
Squid themselves feed on fish, shrimp and crabs, and they especially love gobbling up baby mackerel with their bird-like beaks.
When flying over the waters around Japan and Korea at night you can see hundreds of lights from squid-fishing boats.
Some scientists believed that their populations will dramatically increase as large fish that feed on them are fished out and warming seas allow them to spread and reproduce more quickly.
They normally feed on small crustaceans fish but have been observed eating a wide variety of creatures, some of them quite large, including birds, rockfish and other squid.
They would ram into you, they kept hitting the back of my head.” He also said they scanned his wet suit seemingly to check out whether he was edible or not.
Given that a squid’s body plus tentacles can run six feet and top the scales at 80 pounds, that’s quite a feat. Cephalopods and mollusks like octopuses and squids, they have a thick, chalky internal shell, called a cuttlebone, that fills with gas, which allows them gracefully rise and fall in the water column. Their unusual W-shaped pupils can detect polarized light but not color and see forward and backward at the same time. They communicate by changing colors and changing the shape of their arms in a complex ways. When two males encounter one another they puff up and stretch out their bodies to look as threatening as possible.
The male uses one of its arms to place a sperm capsule into a pouch beneath the female’s mouth. After four months young giant cuttlefish break through the translucent shell and immediately have to fend for themselves in a world full of predators. The pearly nautilus grows to about 20 centimeters across and has remained virtually unchanged for 180 million years. A Jules Verne submarine was named after it and a famous Edward Westin photographs were taken of a split open one. Residing inside a brown-patterned, mother-of-pearl-lined curling white shell, they look like a squid coming out of shell. As the animal grows new flotation chambers are added so the nautilus can increase its buoyancy as the animal became heavier.
Also the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Smithsonian magazine, Natural History magazine, Discover magazine, Times of London, The New Yorker, Time, Newsweek, Reuters, AP, AFP, Lonely Planet Guides, Compton’s Encyclopedia and various books and other publications.
Such material is made available in an effort to advance understanding of country or topic discussed in the article.
Its slow oxidizing waterproof formula makes it ideal for bedding in joints in keels, stem, sternpot, transom, battens and other hull components. Apply a liberal coat with a serrated trowel on the inner layer before laying up the outer planking.
Each part has their own purpose within the system to fill a role in creating the ultimate package of performance, lightweight and durability.
Which is a€“ The most amount of weight and thus material (re-enforcement) is in the hull of the Canoe itself.
None of which these effects add value or reduce weight to an ultralights resistance to damage or enjoyment to carry. Helium also is an excellent way to get an ultralight Canoe that paddles comparably to EPS in rigidity and response, still highly durable with a variety of choices in appearance.
Compared to 8- 10lb of Gel-coat coverage applied to an average Touring Canoe, Helium Canoes start off nearly 50% lighter in coatings alone. H2O test results show Epoxy resin to be superior overall but the nature of the Core Shell for cost savings and appropriate processing in the Helium matrix is an excellent choice. We accomplish this by selecting lightest weight species of Wood for Components; design a Gunwale system which is significantly lighter than traditional Aluminum or Wood concepts and apply techniques to add features typically heavier, which add no value being heavier.
The reason they are only a little less is that even though the materials have moved down a selection, the scale has only moved from ideal to excellent.
H2O Canoe Company Canoes from top to bottom make choices in the highest of that range regardless of what category of use they are targeted. Providing rigidity against Boat twist and oil canning, this component is essential to a well performing Canoe.

Only as much resin as is necessary to adequately wet out the laminate is used under pressure- surrounding core, filling voids and saturating the re-enforcement. This is further to the a€?systema€? doing everything possible to make each component in the Canoe fill a role in creating structure. He invented and promoted the use of an isolation tank as a means of sensory deprivation.[2] He also attempted interspecies communication between humans and dolphins. Taimni’s Science of Yoga, a modernized interpretation of the Sanskrit text, most suited to his goals). In 1970 he wrote another book called The Philosophy 0f Consciousness-Without-an-Object.1 In studying his works, and the chronicle of his personal experience I arrived at some places new for me. If one pursues this type of thinking and feeling and gets into the introceptive spaces, the universe originates on a ground, a substrate of Consciousness-Without-an-Object: the basic fabric of the universe beyond space, beyond time, beyond topology, beyond matter, beyond energy, is Consciousness. He does not give hints to how an individual consciousness is formed out of Consciousness-Without-an-Object.
If what he says is true, we have potential far beyond that I have imagined we could possibly have. The Devil was walking down the street with a friend, and they saw a man pick something up, look at it carefully and put it in his pocket. At depths of between one mile and two miles there is large variety of squid, including translucent ones, polka-dotted ones blue eyed ones and aggressive large ones. Squids and cuttlefish are oriented so their body is effectively sideways they are in the open sea to give them a more streamlined shape. In the past they were often caught with drift nets, which are now banned not because they caught too many squid but because they caught other animals like dolphins and sharks. Cephalopods have two distinct layers of skin: an inner layer of iridophone cells that is both iridescent and reflects light and an outer layer made up of pigment organs called chromatophores.
The arms grasp the prey firmly and shove it down their mouth where a tongue lined with raked-back teeth push it down into the the gullet. Their retinas have a finer structure which means they probably can distinguish finer detail than people can. These are popular with researching neurologists because the large size means they react very quickly and they are easy to work. The ink is not used like a smoke screen but rather as a means of creating a cigar shaped cloud or phantom squid which predators will pursue instead of the real animal. The nozzles move and all the squid has to do to move forward and backward is move the position of the nozzles. The Japanese sometimes feed squids to their caged birds and have special squid snacks for dogs. They consumer their prey voraciously and quickly, chomping food into bits and gobbling it down like a speed eater. Flight might be a way to evade predators, although scientists don’t know exactly why squids soar. They also have eight sucker-lined arms and two tentacles, usually concealed unless the cuttlefish is feeding.
A zebra pattern produced by males, accompanied by complex arm movements, warns other males to stay away.
When eating a crab, cuttlefish grab it prey with it arms and tears it apart with it beak or punches a hole in the shell and rasps the meat with its tongue.
Most confrontations end with the weaker cuttlefish slinking away after a ritual combat but occasionally fights take place in which losers---and winners---have arms bitten off. They have 50 to 90 small suckerless tentacles, two long tentacles, primitive grooved eyes that working like pinhole cameras, and a water-spurting funnel. As the nautilus grows the animal moves forward in the expanding shell, and natural secretions from a partition, or septum, behind its fleshy body, seal the old chamber.
This constitutes 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
The more substance in general and quality substance in this case the hull is made out of, the more resistant to damage it can be. They are simply a significantly heavy Gel layer backed by very little re-enforcement and an average quality resin. Helium provides a customizable look with multiple colour selections for the bottom, topped in the classy natural Carbon Weave. By nature closed cell foam is buoyant; Helium Canoes have high inherent flotation characteristics as well before adding extra flotation chambers to them. By attaching each stiffening member to each other we create longitudinal & inherent stiffness for speed and power transmission yet remain flexible and absorbing in enough areas to standup to impact and resist damage. When it is cooled it is fully cured and needs no further processing to achieve top physical properties. Every aspect of the Helium is made from the best selection available for quality and durability in its material selection range.
Resin infusion ensures consistent weights, void free laminates and is environmentally friendly, as resins cure under closed molds with no off-gassing. It also has a high oil content, which helps preserve the wood from warping and deterioration. These bladders may also be used to ferry aircraft, feed fuel to power generators, transport petroleum products, provide emergency flotation and aid in the first response to accident scenes and even natural disasters. Meeting him, I felt the influence of his transformation, of his recognitions, of some sort of current flowing through me. If this is all we can do, maybe we had better do it and see if there is anything beyond this by doing it.
By expanding and contracting them cephalopods can produce a variety of shades and patterns.
They also have a complex visual system tuned to read the skin patterns that predators can’t pick up. They use this ability to avoid predators, catch prey, seek mates and express their intention to rivals. These big-eyed, quirky-looking creatures float upwards in unison and turn clear and watery-looking so that they are barely discernable. They often cannibalize one another and injure or kill themselves by banging into the walls of the tank.
The female then swims into his den as deep as possible to lay her eggs and swims away, abandoning her young and dying soon afterwards. Nautilus means “sailor” in Greek, so because they were among the first to find empty nautilus shell floating in the currents.
Thus the nautilus creates a series of ever-larger chambers, at an estimated rate of one every few weeks or months. There is just not enough substance or quality products in the hull itself to resist damage. Teak stands up to the harsh marine environment as well as insects and wood rot due to these natural oils and its silica (sand) content.Sold in 5ft lengths. I felt a peace which I have not felt in my own searchings; a certain peculiar kind of highly indifferent contentment took place, and yet the state was beyond contentment, beyond the usual human happiness, beyond bliss, beyond pleasure. His primary interest apparently was in arriving at a basic set of assumptions upon which all else can be built. We will realize that Consciousness-Without-an-Object in each of us is prejudiced and biased because it has linked up with a human brain.
The ink stain is so long lasting that writing ink has been prepared from the ink sacs of million year of fossil squids. During the mating season males of some squid species can have one set of patterns on one side of the body to attract females and another set on their other side to deter rivals and predators. Then they drop in unison and turn mottled and striped browns to blend in with the soft corals that camouflaged them. There are double rooms with a 180° ocean view, and quadruple rooms with an ocean or garden view. In this sense he is like Einstein, bringing the relativity factor into the universe out of Newton’s absolutes. Squid also have three hearts---a central one and two more that pump blood through the gills.
Caribbean reef squid lay three or four eggs per sac and hide them among stinging fire coral. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. His perceptions in this state are recounted in The Philosophy of Consciousness-Without-an-Object. Once the therapy is over, the petal that stays on the body is what needs to be worked on most. If you are driving, take the Mexico 307 highway of the Mayan Riviera, and when you reach Tulum, take a left turn on the intersection of the road from Tulum to the Public beach.
Drive 5km towards the ocean, and once on the coastline, take a right turn and after Papaya Hotel is Cabana Copal.ContactPhone.

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