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The number of calories you burn a day, also known as your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), plays a central role in weight loss and weight gain. What you can do to increase calorie burn: Increasing muscle mass will increase metabolism, while muscle loss will decrease metabolic rate. This encompasses all calories burnt from moving your body – exercise, walking, cleaning and even blinking your eyes. What you can do to increase calorie burn: The amount of calories you burn during exercise will depend on the length and intensity of your workout, as well as the type of weight loss exercise you engage in.
These last two factors can increase the total number of calories your body burns by an extra 100 calories. There are a few more factors that influence how many calories you will burn during your workout.
The amount of calories burnt by the body is greater in hot and cold temperatures, as the body requires more energy (calories) to cool (shivering) or heat (perspiring) the body respectively in order to maintain body temperature.
Roberta Larson Duyff, American Dietetic Association complete food and nutrition guide, American Dietetic Association, John Wiley and Sons, 2006. Although some latest scientific research has thrown immense light on the marvellous benefits that different types of foods provide to our body, did you know that these properties were discovered hundreds of years ago by the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and his Companions? Even with enormous advancement in technology, we are battling a larger number of diseases than what our grandparents had to deal with. So, where exactly are we going wrong? Let us turn back the pages in history and rewind 1,400 years to discover the amazing health secrets Prophet Muhammad (S) and his civilisation were applying in their lives through the types of foods they had incorporated in their daily diet. Did you know that honey could be used for treating stress, anemia, burns, insomnia, osteoporosis, and abdominal pain? These were an indispensable part of the Prophetic diet. Packed with high quality sugars like sucrose and fructose, dates act as instant energy boosters. After the hullaballoo of fast foods, people have gone back to traditional methods of including whole grains in their diet. Whenever a person of the family of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) fell sick then it was ordered that the barley gruel should be prepared for him.
In the above article on Blog Action Day I hope to have inspired you to revive your intake of some of these super energy foods with multiple benefits.
About Nasmira FirdousNasmira (Nasmeera) Firdous has completed her Post Graduate studies in Nutrition and is a Health Writer by profession. Want to Learn More Practical Tips Designed according to Quran & Sunnah to Boost Your Productivity? Upgrade your knowledge and skills to lead a truly productive Muslim life in today’s modern age with advanced productivity training and tools designed in accordance to the Quran & Sunnah. Become an active member of the Productive Muslim community and enrich it with your thoughts.
I think we also need to remember that there is the processed milk which is not as beneficial as raw milk, and there is a correct method of soaking grains and then using them instead of just cooking them quickly in a pressure cooker. The best way in my opinion to improve productivity to be chaste, keeping the sexual power inside of us.
United under this mission to serve the ummah, our global team is dedicated to deliver productivity resources and advanced productivity training aligned with Islamic ethics and values. Join us on this productive movement and let us all work together towards a Productive Ummah.
Best Foods For Colon Cleansing - Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Lower Cancer Risk & MORE!Health & Weight Loss Done! Best Foods For Colon Cleansing – Lose Weight, Increase Energy, Lower Cancer Risk & MORE!
Colon cleansing is a perfect way to help your body improve the overall wellness and health, and to reduce the risks of colon cancer. All the toxins that we consume, breathe in and absorb over the skin are ending up processed by the liver and the gastrointestinal system.

The pH balance of the body is influencing the risks for many serious health problems, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney stone formation and fractures, thyroid issues, heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. When the body is too acidic, the minerals are pulling out of the bones and the tissues to compensate that is leading to lower muscle mass and thinner bones.
A colon which has been cleansed allows only vitamins, water and nutrients absorption in the bloodstream, better than to release toxins and bacteria over the colon walls.
The colon cleansing is having significant effect on weight loss and kick-start the metabolism, also refocus our attention to better food selections and overall body wellness. Colon cleansing is having a great potential to boost the weight loss and many people are able to lose up about 20 pounds over course of 1 month. Muscle mass is often lost along with fat during calorie restriction for weight loss, which means that after dieting metabolism is slower than before. For the majority of people, physical activity makes up 15 – 30% of all calories burnt.
Exercise builds muscle, which increases metabolism (BMR) creating a body that burns more calories all day long. That’s an extra 100 calories in addition to the calories burnt during exercise itself. It is useful to have an understanding of these factors as they can inadvertently cause you burn less calories, leading to weight loss plateau.
It can also kick off fatigue, digestion related problems; relieve symptoms of sore throat and nasal congestion. They are easy to digest and have a plethora of water-soluble vitamins along with crucial minerals like calcium and iron.
As a drink, it was the custom of our Prophet (S) to have a combination of dates and milk to get the best out of both.
Brown bread has become the latest fad with every diet conscious person swearing about the numerous health benefits. Well, by including whole grains, you are giving your body a perfect concoction of super beneficial nutrients. It is extremely rich in unsaturated fats, preventing the possibility of you developing cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol related problems. It’s evident that the Islamic civilisation and history offer practical ways forward in consumption of food.
Eat of that which is lawful and good on the earth” (Chapter 2, Verse 168) it is not surprising to learn that the Prophet and Muslims have been using several foods for curing mild to severe forms of sickness. I hope the aforementioned foods will be a part of your daily diet and you’ll share tips below on other super energy foods you love! Currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Studies from Islamic Online University, she believes in eating healthy for a productive living. Inspired by the timeless guidance of Quranic teachings and Prophetic practice and synthesised with the best of contemporary thinking around productivty, we aim to ignite the productive potential of this ummah. InshaAllah, we sincerely pray our efforts will help our fellow Muslims reach their full productive potential, so that they can contribute faithfully to their family, society and service to Allah.
With the removing of toxins and waste, and releasing the colon buildup layers, our body is getting a feeling of strength, lightness and good health.
If they aren’t forced out by the colon and the liver rapidly, they will wreak a havoc on the body’s system. The over acidic tissues are making one liable to inflammation, that is well known risk for lots of chronic illnesses.
Once the colon is detoxified, is clearing the path for all the essential nutrients to sieve into the body unobstructed.
In other words, how many calories you burn a day is influenced by your genes and by your actions (lifestyle).
Metabolic rate is talked about a great deal, since it makes up a huge chunk of the calories you burn.

This is part of the reason that dieters tend to regain weight once they resume normal eating habits.
Find out the best weight loss exercise, with the highest calorie burn or try a weight loss workout plan.
A heavier person has to carry more weight and overcome greater resistance, thus working harder and burning more calories to do the same work than their lighter counterpart.
So instead of pumping your body with artificial supplements to boost your immune system, utilize this supplement to cure your physical and psychological ailments. Dates have been mentioned more than twenty times in the Quran under various situations, highlighting the immense importance these wonder foods possess.
Apart from being rich in calcium, did you know that milk provides several vitamins and minerals in the right proportions, helping your stomach digest and utilize them to the maximum? Whole grains are packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates and fiber. In other words, you are keeping obesity, nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, digestive problems and cancer at bay inshaAllah. What scientific discoveries are revealing today was understood and exploited hundreds of years ago!
She loves to string her thoughts together by writing articles that would empower Muslims with beneficial knowledge and graceful confidence, helping them become the torchbearers of Islam. I salute your post for bringing out awareness of what is a proper food but PS: what could food starvation can do? With the releasing of the body waste, you are reducing the cause and the risk of cysts, polyps and cancer in the colon.
They require fewer calories than before dieting and though they are eating the same number of calories the did pre-diet, they inadvertently are overeating. However, green tea extract and coffee have shown some promise in increasing calories burnt. Obviously, the calories burnt from physical activity is highly variably, making it this on which you must concentrate your efforts. If you’ve hit a weight loss plateau its worth considering whether you’re burning less calories. This is the reason it becomes considerably easier to do the same workout that only a few weeks ago you might have struggled to complete. She hopes to inspire and encourage Muslims to strive together and become a productive Ummah. Exercise in conjunction with dieting will help stave of muscle loss and stop metabolism from slowing down. Weight loss means you are lighter, expend less calories and have a lower daily calorie requirement compared to your heavier self.
You may need to decrease your calorie intake to take your new lower weight into consideration. These very low calorie diets slow metabolism through complex hormonal pathways and the loss of muscle. For example, if you are running, you have to increase speed, distance or time to maintain the level of difficulty and calories burnt.

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