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STD testing for HIV can be done using a few different blood tests depending upon your needs and concerns. The material on this page is educational and does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Find out about what the typical testing experience is like and how you can benefit from it. AHF provides cutting edge medicine and advocacy in 31 countries worldwide, regardless of ability to pay.
Health screening lab tests may or may not alert you and your doctor to serious medical conditions and are not intended to be a substitute for a physician's examination. The STD testing was also done extremely quick.Male, CaliforniaWhen I visited the lab, they didn't ask me why I was here.
I had a concern about the results,so I was able to get in touch with a staff member immediately. Using this service was not just easy, but they cared about my privacy and respected my time.
We make it easy for you or your partner to get access to the most secure, accurate and affordable testing. Safer STD Testing maintains a network of sexual healthcare facilities which provide private STD testing services at prices which are affordable and offers same day std testing that is client centered. Some public std clinics may offer the most economical form of STD testing if the specific type of testing you need is available, and if your income level meets with the guidelines. In some cases, the testing may not be free so it is advised that you check into the income guidelines.
Free STD testing clinics might not accept insurance and there is no guarantee for discretion and privacy because of the sheer numbers of people who are being served. The staff may be caring and working hard to serve all clients, but they might have heavy workloads. Each clinic is unique and it is advisable to check them out prior to making judgement.PrivacyGet tested at the privacy of a lab - you simply visit a participating lab at over 4000+ locations at a time that’s best for you. If you visit a free std testing clinic, it is possible there is a waiting room and everybody knows why you're visiting.

Your information may also not be kept private which depends on the clinic that you're visiting.
From the start of your order to your results – with web technology that meets the industry standards.
The billing communications will come from APG Services, the physicians group that provides the testing. It will have instructions to log in to your private, password protected account where you can access your test results securely.Appointments and wait timesSafer STD Testing require no appointment so you can receive your testing and have the results quickly. Depending upon the location you are in, some public std centers are scheduled for appointments for a few weeks in advance so you may have to wait to get in. The reason for this is that free std testing clinics are set up to help as many people as possible. When attempting to serve large numbers of people, especially in highly populated areas, it doesn't take long for the lines to form.
Safer STD Testing providers are concerned about each client and provide fast services to get you in for testing as soon as possible so you can be on your way in a timely manner.
In addition to alleviating anxiety and stress, if the test results are positive you can be treated more quickly to address the problem sooner.Transparent pricingOur partner lab services are not only convenient but also very affordable for each testing option.
We are very up front about the pricing so there will be no questions about how much you will be paying.
Our network also works with your insurance providers to help keep the costs at a minimum.4 There may be instances when you won't know exactly what your cost for STD testing services will be at a free std testing center until you've completed the necessary financial assessment paperwork.
You should be prepared to provide documents for proof of your income level for staff to make the determination of your eligibility for free or reduced services. This means that when you are tested you may need to pay for the entire amount of the testing costs if your income is above the guidelines for free services.
Because of the high demand, the free tests may not be available at the time that you need them. We provide access to qualified physicians to discuss your unique situation and concerns ( if needed).
Care advisers in the field of sexual health are available between 6 am and 10 pm 7 days a week.

A physician authorizes your test and provides the added convenience and confidentiality of discussing your test results over the phone with you.
This eliminates the need for waiting for testing results to arrive in the mail, or returning to the facility for your results. The physicians may write prescriptions as needed or make referrals to specialists for further health care when this is required.Customer serviceSafer STD Testing services provide your results in an online format for those who prefer.
This option gives clients the ultimate in confidentiality and privacy with the convenience of conducting this private type of communication via the internet. You will receive professional, caring and compassionate support that you need while going through the testing process. This is a feature which may not be offered at all free std testing clinics which might have a long line of clients and exceptionally busy staff. The private testing option provides you with many benefits that may not be available at all free std clinics. Our labs offer professional services from staff who provide discrete and sensitive treatment of each client with convenient formats for receiving testing results.
Offering high quality and attentive medical care and make the testing process faster, easier and affordable.
Free std testing locations are a wonderful alternative for anyone who cannot afford standard testing services. Most providers at these public facilities work hard to meet the needs of each client as well as those through private testing agencies. The best choice for your STD testing depends upon your individual needs and preferences.More informationShould You Get Tested?Most individuals think that they should only get tested if they display STD symptoms. We are here to help you find the right health care provider to give you the right STD test.
Many individuals incorrectly believe that STD testing is included in pelvic exams, gynecologist visits, or physicals.

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