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GBF can design and build your dream home from scratch or construct to your own specification.
We offer a wide range of services large or small from plastering a ceiling to a full extension or barn conversion and anything inbetween - All trades under one roof.
Crucial to the realization of the GBF-OOI is the development of reliable mooring systems capable of precise and controlled placement of sophisticated biogeochemical sensors, experimental systems and sampling devices at a wide range of depths, including in close proximity to the sea surface. Copyright ©2007 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, All Rights Reserved, Privacy Policy.
Some of these moorings require significant electrical power and must be capable of transmission of instructions and data. The unique mooring design enables the position of the uppermost IPS to be maintained at 15 m and others at specified depths in the euphotic zone (tentatively proposed as 30, 50, 80 and 120m).

Moreover, in order to be compatible with Global OOI field program, the endurance of the moorings and instrumentation must be at least 12 months so they can be serviced during the annual cruises to each location. An Automated Depth Adjuster (ADA) maintains the top of the Syntactic foam float at depths as shallow as 15 m. During the course of the OOI program, it is anticipated that there will be a demand to deploy many new sensors at this depth.
The essential feature of Mooring A (and Mooring C) is an Automated Depth Adjuster (ADA) located at 150 m that maintains overlying instruments, including the IPS array, precisely at the designated depth.
This configuration allows the upper portion of the mooring (supporting the IPS instrumentation) to move horizontally but limit vertical oscillation. The remainder of the 15 m IPS mechanism is secured inside of the Syntactic buoy, protecting it from damage due to wave hit, fish bite, nesting or biofouling.

An acoustic transponder on the instrument float communicates with a neighboring mooring (Mooring C; Table 3-C) to send the precise depth sensor readings of the float and other operational information of the 15 m IPS. The operation of the 15 m IPS is powered by a large storage battery to allow variety of specific studies such as isotope labeling or in situ dissolution experiments.

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