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Shortly after Sonic Mega Collection Plus and Sonic Heroes became part of the Platinum Hits series, they were both released in combo packs, each game included Super Monkey Ball Deluxe. Chromatography is the most widely used laboratory technique for separation, identification and quantification of components of liquid and gaseous mixtures.
You can think of the molecular mixture as a family passing by a candy store which is the stationary phase. Various techniques have been adapted to identify and quantify the components that migrate through the chromatographic system in a sequence depending on operating parameters. In earlier days liquid mobile phase was commonly used in paper, thin layer and column chromatography .In paper and thin layer chromatography separation of components takes place as the solvent moves along the filter paper or coated plates by capillary action. Solid mixtures are also analyzed by first converting them to a liquid or gaseous state, using suitable sample preparation techniques.

The children will tend to get retained because of their affinity for candy, while the parents will keep on moving like un-retained molecules leading to a separation between children and parents! In column chromatography an empty glass tube is packed with finely powdered stationary phase and a small volume of liquid mixture is applied to top of column. The stationary phase is an immobilized liquid bound to an inert support or simply applied to the inner surface of a column. The next module takes you through the  evolution of Liquid Chromatography  to its present day status. Differential affinity of components between the carrier and stationary phases forms the basis of separation.
Mobile phase liquid is continuously added which elutes sample components sequentially based on affinity with stationary phase.

Gas chromatography is effectively used for analysis of gas mixtures or liquids having low boiling points. Components retained by stationary phase have slower migration rates than unretained or partially retained components. On the other hand liquid chromatography is applied for separation of thermally labile liquid mixtures or those having high boiling points.

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