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The GL552 is a 15-inch ROG gaming laptop, sporting the latest brushed aluminum styling and red back-lit keyboard, combined with an Intel Core i7-4720HQ quad-core processor and new Nvidia GTX 950M graphics.
Este modelo llega con un renovado aspecto gaming y elegante a la vez, alberga una pantalla de 15 pulgadas anti reflectante y se compone por unos potentes componentes para ordenadores portatiles, como la nueva tarjeta grafica Nvidia GTX 950M que cuenta con 4 GB DDR3, un procesador de cuatro nucleos Intel Core i7 4720HQ con frecuencia turbo de hasta 3.6 GHz o la incorporacion de hasta 16 GB de memoria RAM DDR3. Las 15 pulgadas de pantalla las disfrutaremos a resolucion 1920 x 1080 (panel IPS) o a 1366 x 768 (panel TN), dependiendo de la version que escojamos. Estas tarjetas de video de clase media pueden mostrar todos los juegos actuales fluentemente.
While the world is wanting thinner and lighter laptops, it's easy to forget that for a laptop not much larger in size you can usually get the same great specs or better for less money.
GL552 has ASUS-exclusive GameFirst III network optimization, a highly-responsive, low-profile, red-backlit keyboard with specially-marked WASD keys, and an up to Full HD IPS display with wide viewing angles.
Other than these two factors though, it performs well in gaming, if you don't have very high expectations.
We strongly recommend adding another stick of RAM and an SSD for better overall performance if you do plan on getting it, but then again this will push the price up by quite a bit.
Also, given how quickly Asus refreshes its lineup, we wouldn't be surprised to see a Skylake version of the GL552JX in the near future.
Lift it up 45° (do not lift it up past 90°) and slide it out upwards.After removing the back cover, you will see three compartments where you may be able to upgrade (depending on what you already have).
The build quality isn’t what we are used to seeing on a ASUS ROG notebook – the plastic feels cheap (except for the interior, the interior feels pretty nice), it’s heavier (2.6 kg) and bulkier than most of its competitors with even more powerful hardware, and finally the lid bends too much when the smallest amount of pressure is applied. This superb display offers wide 178-degree viewing angles for minimal color shift even when viewed from extreme angles. Align the pins to make sure you have the module the right way up, insert the memory into the slot angled at about 30°, use your thumbs and press evenly on both sides to make sure the module goes all the way into the slot, finally, push the top of the module down towards the motherboard until both of the locks on the sides click into place.

A leading enterprise in the new digital era, ASUS designs and manufactures products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s digital home and office, with a broad portfolio that includes motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, displays, desktop and all-in-one PCs, notebooks, netbooks, servers, multimedia devices, wireless solutions, networking devices, tablets, smartphones and wearables. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, ASUS won 4,326 awards in 2014 and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with its Eee PC™. El eslogan de Asus para su nuevo ROG de 15" es "Juego Sin Limite", lo que por desgracia no es el caso a causa de la GeForce GTX 950M. ASUS has more than 13,600 employees around the globe with a world-class R&D team of 4,500 engineers.
It's not the best gaming laptop out there, but at its offer price it's a recommendation worthy deal for sure, if you're looking to have a gaming laptop that dresses the part as well. Still, it's mighty expensive at ?1199.99, the plastic chassis doesn't scream quality to us and the abysmal battery life will keep you tethered to a wall. On the contrary, the GL552 excels in other important areas like screen quality and cooling system which is a big deal to consider when you add up the price tag.
But keep in mind that the screen quality comes at a price as our tests indicate the presence of PWM (screen flickering) across all brightness levels except 100%. The same applies for the Lenovo Y50, but the frequency of the emitted light there is 21.6 kHz and can be considered way less harmful to your eyes. If you're looking to save money, the $800 Dell's Inspiron 15 7000 provides similar frame rates and longer battery life, but slower overall performance and a less-vibrant display. On the other hand, the design and especially the build-quality are a step backwards when compared to the the older G-series 15-inchers, or the competition available today, plus the keyboard and trackpad need a breath of fresh air.
If you decide to get one of these though, make sure you pick the version with a metallic lid-cover, the plastic variants are poorly built. At ?875, the Asus Republic of Gamers GL552VW promises plenty but falls short in one or two key areas.

But the budget doesn’t stretch forever, which means the GL552VW suffers from issues elsewhere. The biggest problem, though, is the screen: its terrible contrast impacts on every department, with insipid-looking games that serve up indistinct dark areas and a lack of punch where colour should be bursting from the panel.
Yet Asus tends to stick to more productivity and consumer focused laptops, which is why the GL552 sparked our interest. Wearing the prestigious Asus Republic of Gamers brand that we’ve come to associate with premium-priced products, it’s a gaming laptop with a remarkably low price point.
Considering the RoG branding, that immediately seems a little weird, but let’s see what’s in store at this price point. On American soil, the laptop sells under the GL552VW name while in Europe the notebook is known as a successor to the G552. The G552VW costs, at least, €150 more than the GL552VW but doesn’t offer anything in return. The lid gets an aluminum overhaul, but the rest of the chassis remains the same – flexible plastic and not enough sturdiness. ASUS has bumped up the specs to a new quad-core Skylake CPU – Core i7-6700HQ, that should bring a marginal increase in performance and a little improvement over in the battery department.
The higher-end GTX 960M offers a lot more horsepower under the hood and, of course, GDDR5 VRAM instead of DDR3 in the GTX 950M. This will result in a great performance leap over the last generation GL552, but the price gets an “update” as well, the GPU being the main reason for that.

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