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In an effort to increase the success rate of early Warlords of Draenor heroic dungeons, Blizzard has established Silver Proving Grounds as the test of heroic-dungeon-ready players. Tier 45: Call of the Elements – More healing streams, capacitors, and groundings, oh my!
I was successful in using Elemental Blast for Gold PG, but I found it difficult to keep up the EB buff while maintaining a mana conservative rotation.
I used an Intellect Flask with Spirit food, and predominantly Mastery enchants on my items. Drop Stone Bulwark Totem before AOE damage waves, because it will be healing that you won’t have to do on yourself. The introduction to Proving Grounds, the start trial’s goal is to get you familiar with the pacing and structure of Proving Grounds. The key in this Silver trial is not to fall behind in healing, because the waves are designed to snowball as your NPC dps struggles to clear the wave. For those of you who are feeling particularly feisty and are interested in proving your mettle beyond Silver, the Gold PG’s (and thereafter the Endless challenge) await. Tunnelers will apply a bleed (Chomp) which can only be removed by healing the afflicted NPC to above 90% HP – Hots are generally not sufficient to counter this debuff, so you will need to apply direct healing. In Gold, you’re also going to be pressed to use your cooldowns (whereas in Silver, I was able to get by without using any). Finally, with no special mana tricks (like recalling totems or using Telluric Currents), you will have to use a mana conservative approach and really rely on eking out every little bit from the tools at your disposal.
Regardless I did it in the end with my default talents that include High tide, and not Echo of Elements.

Arms and Fury Warriors will both be able to handle the Proving grounds with little, if any, change in techniques or gear.
As you may know, one of the requirements for LFR (Looking for Raid) and for random heroics in the Warlords of Draenor expansion will be a Silver Achievement in the Proving Grounds.
So, with that in mind, I’m putting up a series of guides on how to get that silver achievement (and higher level achievements) in the Proving Grounds. One more note: All of your gear is scaled down to 463, including any legendaries you might have. You will see a Berserker buff available, but save those for rounds 9 and 10, which is when you will really need them. In this video the author describes when he’s doing for each of the ten waves of the Gold achievement. This page and all the pages on GotWarcraft generate income for the site owners based on affiliate relationships with our partners, including Amazon, Clickbank, and others. In order to queue for the new heroics, you must first prove that you have what it takes to heal under pressure. Refresh it every time there’s a lull in the action, and if it falls in between your UL cast and the HS you have lined up, then stopcasting, recast ES, then cast HS.
Getting the jump on waves with Flamecallers and Hive Singers is essential, and knowing where the next wave is spawning so that you can proactively move in that direction is helpful for cutting off damage before the enemy NPCs have a chance to dish it out. It will introduce you to some of the types of mobs that you’ll be fighting and show you the two primary spawn locations for waves. Rippers are the punishers of the bunch, handing out large amounts of damage on your tank, while Hive Singers deliver AOE damage.

Dealing with this debuff ASAP is critical to minimizing the damage it deals; the longer you let it remain on a target, the more healing you will have to invest to remove it. It cannot be purged, so you will have to heal through the increased damage, with the help of Capacitor Totem for stuns and Spirit Link Totem for damage reduction. Sometimes it might seem counter-intuitive to drop a Grounding Totem when you really want to heal, or stopcasting a HW to interrupt a Sonic Call, but it’s those decisions which will ultimately result in the kill. Some classes and specs will find it easier than others, but everyone should be able to do it.
The dummies are great for leaning your keybinds and getting your rotations down, the Proving Grounds are the next step up. Normal gems and enchants are not scaled, so make sure all of your gear is properly gemmed and enchanted. If you are capped in your normal (not downscaled) gear then you will also be capped in the Proving Grounds. Both can be mitigated through liberal use of Capacitor Totem, and the Hive Singers themselves necessitate sharp interrupts. I’m a better pilot of builds than theorycrafter so your talent and glyph choices made a large difference in performance. Likewise, prioritize interrupts over everything else, followed by dispels (if you miss a dispel the NPCs will chastise you!), then healing.

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