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The government has initiated various steps to provide impetus to the growth of solar energy producing companies in the country. The government will be executing the schemes for the setting up of grid-connected solar PV power projects with mechanisms like ‘Bundling unallocated coal based thermal power’ and Viability Gap Funding from National Clean Energy Fund. The government is also taking steps to create a conducive regulatory environment by initiating measures like solar specific renewable purchase obligation under National Tariff Policy {0.25% in Phase 1 (2013) to increase to 3% by 2022}, State Specific Solar Policies and RPO targets, and the renewable energy mechanism. The government will extend all possible support for research and development with the private sector. Goyal informed the Lok Sabha that presently, polysilicon was not being manufactured in India. However, the ministry is unlikely to set up new R&D centre directly under the ministry.
Has climate change put the focus on the necessity of renewable energy for a cleaner and greener world? In the current economic climate the demands on public sector finances are stretched, but high standards are still demanded within new or existing facilities. We understand how to deliver a lighting solution for public sector clients in one of the most diverse working environments and have  a wealth of experience the installing lighting solutions in public and high security facilities. Our lighting partners can design and manufacture bespoke solutions if required. Elite Energy can provide all the cost and energy saving information required to apply for finance, making energy saving easier and affordable.

Salix delivers interest free funding to accelerate investment in energy efficiency technologies across the UK public sector. Enabling NHS trusts, universities, local authorities, central government and other public sector bodies to improve energy efficiency, attain emissions targets, reduce energy bills and raise green credentials.
Salix projects are projected to save the UK public sector a lifetime total of ?660m in energy bills, reducing CO2 emissions by 4m tonnes. The Minister for Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy, Piyush Goyal spoke in the Lok Sabha about the various measures that the government is taking to harness clean energy and promote its usage. Steps are also being initiated for adherence to the RPO by DISCOMs and obligated entities so that the solar energy producing companies are able to get long term market. Under the research and development policy, provision is made to promote the R&D projects with regard to the development and synthesis of polysilicon innovations in the field of solar energy.
Support in the field of research and development will be provided to different established institutions. Elite Energy’s specialist refurbishment lighting team work closely with lighting manufacturers to provide cost efficient new or retrofit LED, Induction or T5 fluorescent solutions.
The minister added that collaborations in research and development projects in various areas of renewable energy have been taken. We assist our public clients in delivering turnkey solutions which utilise taxpayers money wisely, bringing improved lighting, optimised schemes to conserve energy and reduce energy spend.

The institutions that are involved include Fraunhofer ISE Germany, The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) Germany, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA etc.
The approach is based on a combination of hot ice, building fabric and physicsa€”and could remove the requirement for up to A?30,000 worth of complex equipment, potentially including biomass boilers, complex mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems, energy monitoring devices and commercial style building management systems.a€?Green Structuresa€™ creative team has also deployed the Autodesk Inventor solution for its Digital Prototyping work, in particular the firma€™s passive heat recovery installation, Ventive, a retrofitspecific means of extracting stale air from the air in a house and supplying fresh air to it at room temperature without using any energy in the process. Lipinski believes this kind of approach will become increasingly critical as local authorities put greater emphasis on upgrading existing housing stock.a€?Recently, we have been developing our rapid simulation approach which involves running multiple simulations, making small tweaks and then choosing the winners as the process evolves,a€? he says.
The company is not just working on the product, it is learning a great deal about the environment in which it will operate.
Again, this would not have been possible without the product and the support received from Autodesk.Tom Lipinski adds, a€?Without Autodesk, it would typically be a case of two days of casting to do the prototype work plus jig and materials and then either some inconclusive gas tracer tests or a large fee to an academic institute for wind tunnel tests. The process usually takes three days plus materials plus a feea€”A?2,000 to A?3,000 for each cowl iteration.
It is a no brainer.a€? Scoping the BenefitsView LargerFor Green Structures, one of the most important benefits of being part of the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program is the networking opportunities it provides.

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