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Energy is a source within us that we can increase or decrease not only using the mind, but based on how we utilize our food and drink. The body has natural energy reserves we can all tap into by getting the spine mobile, pursuing our passion decisively and getting proper nutrients and rest.
If you follow these simple suggestions, you will find you have more mental clarity and motivation to pursue the things you love.
Ia€™ve been practicing yoga for ten years and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it gives you energy and herea€™s why: Your spine has pockets of energy waiting to be released and when you work on being able to arch and twist your spine, as you become more flexible, you will tap into these energy reserves. I tell my students all the time, if youa€™re tired or need to stay up late to study, do some backbends. Many people think yoga is just stretching; however, it is scientifically designed to strengthen your body and get all of your systems working optimally. When your body is backed up, toxins build up in your blood, they arena€™t removed regularly, and that blood travels into your brain causing brain fog and fatigue.
Breath of fire is a type of fast breathing done by pushing air out through the teeth in fast repetition. Finding foods that are actually healthy is often like the pioneers looking for the unknown, ita€™s a process of discovery but what we have that they didna€™t are maps. If you are going to have natural caffeine, ita€™s best to choose organic coffees or organic teas. Supplements that are organic and raw have more bioavailability as the nutrients have not been cooked and your body will actually be able to absorb them and get energy from them. Ita€™s important to eat live plants (not cooked) in order to have live enzymes that will process the protein you eat into amino acids, which are energy. There are raw food restaurants opening like wild fire as people are realizing the amazing energizing properties of eating this way.
The underdog when it comes to natural energy is something so commonplace; we dona€™t even realize how important it is for our energy. If you have trouble sleeping throughout the night and wake up a lot, this can drain your energy during the day.
I get asked this question all the time, a€?What is alkaline water?a€? Having worked at an alkaline water a€?brewerya€™, I can talk about the science of it.
Remember ladies, there is no ONE thing that will help your fatigue; ita€™s adjusting a network of things. The body is a complex web of systems (immune, endocrine, nervous, musculoskeletal etc.) and when we experience a symptom ita€™s because all of the systems together are being stressed, not just one.
If you dread your daily routine, ita€™s not going to put a fire in your belly; ita€™s going to extinguish it. When you are just floating through life and being led by the whims of other people without direction, you will feel fatigued, listless and fall for anything.
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If you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, prepare to have the kind of drive that will make the Energizer Bunny feel like a slob.

Yoga, exciting goals, nutrient dense food and proper sleep will give you lots of energy all day long without needing extra caffeine stimulants. There is no magic solution that will make it go away, there is however a network of things, that when done simultaneously, will banish it (most likely). You cana€™t put a price on having naturally derived energy and whata€™s even better is that all these simple techniques arena€™t expensive and have no harmful side effects (cana€™t say the same for energy drinks). If you do 10-20 minutes of backbends you will be wired and if you do an hour of backbends you might not sleep that night. The cool thing is you dona€™t have to have a gym membership or go to an expensive yoga studio to do backbends. Once people become flexible as adults, they usually keep up the habit because they feel so good and their mood boosts up so much from the endorphins released in the process of yoga. This is an incredible scientific way to energize yourself because the fresh oxygen is carried with your red blood cells to your brain, organs and muscles helping them all function optimally. If you give a car low grade fuel and dona€™t change the oil regularly, it doesna€™t run as well. The entire chemistry of the blood changes with the breath of fire after 50 seconds and oxygen travels to the entire body.
Our maps are the endless information source of books and the internet, which can guide us on our quest to find out what to fuel our body with.
Eat superfoods like kale, spinach, blueberries, maca root, cacao, gogi berries, hemp seeds, chia seeds, avocados, cashews, walnuts and many more.
They arena€™t exactly a stimulant and they arena€™t exactly a relaxant, they work with your body and are more of a harmonizer.
If you follow natural circadian rhythms and go to bed near the time the sun goes down and get up with the sun, you will find yourself actually having more useful energy during the day without brain fog. Try herbal tea or supplements that can help you fall asleep, and the other side of the coin is that you will recover and restore your energy for the next day. I have researched it in books, talked to water professionals, and seen patients come in on doctora€™s orders for it.
The body is not susceptible to illness in an alkaline state and when the body is no longer chronically dehydrated, as most people experience, their energy will increase.
If you find yourself in the store looking for an energy supplement, ita€™s probably not going to do anything for you unless you also look at your diet, your exercise and your sleep. I have a goal that Ia€™m working towards that helps the bigger picture and I work towards it tirelessly. She writes practical advice for health and gives real world insights to empower women emotionally. We have the ultimate guide to best skin care products for all skin types that will teach you how to love your skin and achieve that amazing complexion.
Everything is going slow for them, and they having a hard time to concentrate in their work, at least 2 hours after waking up. The nation's favourite medical professional, and star of the BAFTA-winning Embarrassing Bodies, Doctor Christian, is here to help you feel instantly energised, starting right now.
As a health coach and yoga instructor, I teach people about how to have moreA energy naturally without needing chemically derived stimulants. Also, be patient with yourself, if you work on them every day, you will notice your flexibility increasing over a couple of days and weeks. If you give your body adequate fuel (nutrient dense food) and regular maintenance (yoga and breathing techniques) you will start to perform at your optimal levels. Notice a€?superfoodsa€™ is synonymous with a€?plants.a€™ For some reason, people started calling chemicals that resemble real foods, a€?fooda€™ and strange things with only small amounts of real foods, a€?fooda€™.

Eliminate processed foods with refined sugars and grains and your energy will naturally go up. Avocadoa€™s and nuts have a healthy amount of the good fats we need in them and if you try eating healthy without getting good fats every day, youa€™ll get even more tired. Remember, if you drink too much caffeine, it will drain your adrenals and actually make you tired and you will feel like you just cana€™t get enough of coffee. Make a real investment in your health and talk to your local health food storea€™s vitamin department consultant about your energy issues and they will help you choose the top shelf supplements. We are all susceptible to fatigue and mood swings when we arena€™t getting adequate sleep and it seems like some of us think chemicals make us invincible to the natural sleep cycles we all need. The water is structured differently and brings more oxygen to your body; it also detoxifies your body and improves your digestion.
People think a pill can fix each problem individually but we heal from changing a number of things. And we can balance our bodya€™s nervous system by breathing deeply and getting proper rest.
I remember a friend of mine saying, a€?Youa€™re supposed to hate your job.a€? This stuck out in my mind like a shipwreck on the human evolutionary timeline.
There is power in eating or drinking fruit before a meal and drinking a large glass of fresh juice is the best way to get started each day. Ita€™s inspiring to actually visit a raw food restaurant and see how amazing the food actually is. Artificial lights make us think we are stronger than Mother Nature, but sure enough, if you are in the habit of staying up really late and waking up late, your energy can be greatly affected.
Many times people feel sluggish because their digestion is off and they have toxic build-up in their body. Motivation is derived from writing a clear goal for yourself that will direct your intention and decision making. Time is a premium for most of us but missing breakfast will leave you with an energy deficit for the rest of the day, so make sure to have a fulfilling breakfast each day.
Go for wholewheat cereals or healthy fats such as eggs or fish.11am Now Have Your Caffeine FixTry changing the times at which you have caffeine. Do you eat well balanced, healthy foods that give you an energy boost or quick-fix sugary foods?
This is the time to have a coffee or tea, not with your lunch. Want to increase the caffeine content of your tea? I tend to have five smaller meals a day as I think that it helps me last from morning until night.The best sorts of food are not the quick fix, high fat, sugary foods, so eat the foods that sustain you for longer, including complex carbohydrates. Research has shown that most of us do fall within two distinct groups; larks (those who find it easy to get up and do their best work in the morning) and owls (those who are less efficient in the morning and would prefer to stay up later at night working).
I am very much in the owl category.Unfortunately, life seems to very much favour the lark over the owl when it comes to work schedules. Making sure that you go to bed at the same time each night will make it slightly less painful getting up in the morning although this does require consistency. Most of us don’t go to bed early enough and when we do we tend to lie in bed and look at phones, tablets or TVs which play havoc with our sleep patterns.

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