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This chakra influences our lives most intensively between the age of twenty one and twenty eighth.
An open and harmonious heart chakra is the joy of life that emanates around us and our reality.
The heart chakra is the gateway to spirituality and true joy, but it is also a very sensitive place, which under the influence of “injuries” shields itself to protect us from further pain and suffering.
In the case of hypofunctioning of the heart chakra we could compare human behaviors to those of a snail which comes in and goes out of his house, guided by the sense of security. What if you could jet off to stunning places worldwide, watch your clients transform 10x faster, AND add a sweet $10,000, $25,000 or even $100,000 or more in profit to your transformational business?
Just imagine living that freedom lifestyle of your dreams, while getting paid to share your message around the world and make more money in a few days than many people do in a year! We are excited and grateful to be coming back to California for a first-of-its-kind journey to connet with local Healers and communities and co-weave the Global Network!
Our ever-evolving trip plan includes visiting Los Angels, Ojai, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, the East Bay, San Rafael, Sebastopol, Chico and Mount Shasta. NKH is the most in-depth training offered by A Society of Souls, encompassing four years of classes and a palette of 16 healings. Well, I don't know why but when I use Healers, they always preffer Golem with 95% hit points before my Heroes, 45% of hit points. As a side note, I also think she shouldn't be able to heal golems or skeletons at all and that the said units should be unaffected by healing spells, as they have no biological parts to heal. That, or we should rename her to a mechanic and give her a hard hat, and change the spell to a repair spell that rains hammers and wrenches. Christine Stevens is a modern day troubadour who introduces people all over the world to musical expression in the form of drum circles.

Based in Los Angeles, UpBeat Drum Circles is a visionary consulting company that incorporates drumming into diversity training, corporate teambuilding, health & wellness presentations and events. This chakra is symbolized by lotus flower of twelve petals inside which there is a hexagram composed of two triangles. The experienced burden on the heart is usually associated with issues from the past, a sense of injustice, resentment felt towards someone.
When we try to open up to the world and to attempt people but we fail, we feel rejected and are deeply affected. At this junction of his life, Kambiz became fluent in the English language, in addition to his fluency in the French and Farsi languages.
I stopped because it always healed the troops on full health, not the ones 3 tiles away who were dying. Through her company UpBeat Drum Circles, Christine offers programs for corporate teambuilding, diversity training, and personal growth seminars. It is related to thymus and through it regulates the immune system.  On the level of the heart chakra altruistic behaviors appear. In this period of life we fall in love, are in love, are loved, we accept and love as a whole. Therefore it is important to open up the energy of forgiveness, as forgiveness can release and releases love. But for example, my Archer queen fighting Town Hall while losing much hit points needs Healers a lot, but they always follow the Golem.
When unit what the Healer actually heals unit which isn't losing any hit points and there is another unit in near 8 tiles, which is losing its hit points, Healer will heal that unit. A featured speaker, Christine is equally at home in the middle of a 1,000-person drum circle or on the podium addressing thousands of professionals.

This chakra is the center between the lower chakras associated with the material existence and the upper chakras related to the spirituality. We feel the energy flow, and everything around us is beautiful, colorful, magic, and fulfilled with love. We would like to try again and go out, but the fear of another rejection causes an inability to find a proper way of living; this fear leads to the feeling of life decrepitude. As Director of Music Therapy and Wellness Programs at Remo Drum Company, Christine has led music and wellness seminars in England, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and the United States. In this chakra the energetic threads connecting all the chakras converge; it is a place of balance. Through the heart chakra we perceive the beauty of nature, harmony in music, art and poetry.
We tend to convince ourselves that we do not need love and as a result we experience loneliness, lack of joy, depression. This chakra is a “connector” to states of higher consciousness and understanding of existence. We understand and receive the divine bond, without which we cannot function properly on the Earth plan. When Anahata is open and spins smoothly it becomes the center of true and unconditional love.

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