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My strong recommendation is to look up a good hunter PvP guide for your preferred spec, then. I haven't PVP'd as BM since WOTLK, it's effective in low-rated PVP and very strong against other hunters in 1v1, however MM's superior cd's, abilities and less reliance on pet makes it the spec of choice for high end. But I'll read it tomorrow.My final question for now is this: It's possible to trade Valor and the other PvE badges for Honor, correct? VS a BM hunter in the Ring of Blood for example, you can just jump off the bridge and a hunter's pet will run all the way around and down the ramp, pretty much negating it for a good few seconds.
It's a nice chance to get out my shiny pets, and I like the extra stun-break that BM gets me with Beastial Wrath.It looks like the others have pretty much covered all the ways to get pvp gear.

MM's ability to scatter, trap, monkey blind, silencing shot, readiness, scatter, trap, silencing shot can lock out a healer nicely, if you're really going hard some top arena players go in with multiple monkeys which allows you to abandon pet and summon another monkey, the pet ability cd's are on each pet, so the fresh monkey will have another monkey blind and RoS to use. I've had several PvP friends, and I'm sure I understand the gist, but I've heard PvP is a lot of specifics that can make or break a performance. And if you ever pvp as BM, a nice little trick for when you're in a tight spot is to line of sight behind a stump or a pillar and just let your pet eat away at your target. Most of the time you can still cast Kill Command, and it's pretty awesome how much damage your pet can do.Best of luck!
I just haven't had the time to respec my pets (who knew I could be so busy during Spring Break?), and I was posting what my current pets specs were like.

I've had Gemini and Luna specced into PvP related builds since I got them, but Zircon, being my third SB I just put points into him taking more damage, then the rest into DPS related talents.

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