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Ihr findet es auch immer mühselig im PVP aber auch PVE die Heiler heraus zu suchen und ins Target zu nehmen?
A guide for those brand-new to Clash of Clans, focusing on the first three days while under newbie protection. Critical before moving onto more advanced attacking is the knowledge of which unit to use, when, and how it will react. Benefits of raiding, ideal raid, limits, restrictions, and details relating to the fine art of stealing resources.
Medium to low amount of hitpoints, air unit, great specialty unit (for targeting defenses, cannot be hit by ground defenses), high damage, very slow to train (8m), high housing supply (5), slow movement, very vulnerable to air defense, extremely vulnerable to archer and wizard clan castle units.
Low amount of hitpoints, very high damage per second, good range, low housing space (4 for a  very strong unit), medium cost,  slow unit to train (8m). Medium amount of hitpoints, fast healing of your own troops and buildings (splash healing), flying unit, low cost (7000 for 14 housing spaces), medium to slow to train (15m for 14 housing spaces), medium to high amount of housing spaces (14), very vulnerable to air defense, extremely vulnerable to archer and wizard clan castle units.
High amount of hitpoints, high damage per second, medium to high cost, high housing space (20), slow to train (30m), flying unit.
Comparison of Unit Cost, Training Time, DPS, and Health, per 100 supply of units (Thanks again to Hult - really is a good guy! Some bases are very simple to predict because there is always a “next closest” tower that is very easily identifiable.
After destroying the Archer Tower next to #1, why would the balloons go after the cannon rather than the Air Defense turret?
After destroying the Air Defense turret, would the Balloon(s) go after the Mortar or the Cannon? Mortar is centered 4 tiles away on the diagonal (4 up, 4 over) using the Pythagorean Theorem we can calculate this as a distance of 5.65 normal tiles in a straight line, as the balloon flies. Giants and Goblins are two units that are very good at what they do: taking out Defenses and Resources, respectively.
So after reading the previous section about Balloons, we should all know that after spawning units go after their nearest favorite target. IMPORTANT: Once it decides to attack a wall to get to their target on the other side, it will only stop attacking the wall if another nearby wall is destroyed allowing access to a target, not necessarily their original target. In practice, it is harder to predict exactly how a giant will attack a base compared to how a balloon because it has to deal with the walls in the way. You should also be thinking about other situations - What would happen if when the pack of giants was HERE, I used wall breakers to blow up the wall THERE?
Similarly, what happens if I use archers to pick off this one turret, do the Giants then perform better because they take a different route? Thie image to the right is an example of combining several units and timing their attacks to coordinate.
I actually attacked this base, you can see a slideshow of how I chose to attack and the results.
Here is a video of attacking a different base with giants and having to predict where they are going to go. Relevant section ony starts here. Archers and Wizards and Minions, being the three ranged units in the game, are able to partially ignore those pesky walls that all of the ground units have to deal with.
However, in the situation that there is something nearby that is just out of range, they will ignore it and go for the next closest, reachable, target. Healer AI goes for the nearest (usually) hurt ally and heals them until they are fully healed or dead, then finds a new target. Wall Breakers have their own unique AI, and proper use is exceedingly important to succeeding both offensively and defensively. 06:32 Clash of Clans How-to Wall Breaker AI, Tactics, and Strategy - Base Defense full I cover Wall Breaker AI in this video.
If you’re unable to watch the video at this time, here is the summary: Wall breakers attack the nearest wall. More often, however, healing takes place when God works together with doctors and medicine.

How can we be deemed as lacking in faith––or considered as “second-class” believers––when we seek medical treatment? Some ‘faith healers’ view modern medicine as evil as the serpent has long been a symbol of the medical fraternity. Those with terminal cancer with bony metastasis have been told, if their faith in God is strong, they would be able to endure the excruciating pain. If the pain persists despite prayer and healing ministry, the humane option is to give the patient a strong pain killer such as morphine.
Whether their faith is great or feeble (Mark 9:24), patients who seek miraculous healing trust God. AN APPROACH TO SICKNESS When we are sick or minister to those who are sick, what approach should we adopt?
The above article was first published in the Oct- Nov 2013 issue of Asian Beacon magazine, Vol. WHEN GOD DOES NOT HEAL God does not answer all our whys this side of eternity when we’re confronted with non-healing––even when all the prerequisites have been fulfilled for spiritual healing. Mit diesem Addon ist nun schluss, denn es erkennt automatisch wer genau um Euch herum Heal ist und markiert diese mit einem Kreuz darüber!
Check it out for links to my other guides as well as notes about editing and reproducing my content. Because they target defenses and fly (ignoring walls and other obstacles) their path is very easy to predict. Sometimes it will destroy walls or damage nearby buildings depending on their placement over their target. Here is an example base that is moderately easy to predict where the balloons are going to go.
Therefore, the mortar is actually closer, but it is a close enough difference we would probably get some balloons attacking each from the Air Defense.
They are more complicated than Balloons because of walls - and walls just make life more complex. In reality, however, you don’t need to predict exactly where the giant is going to go during the entire match, just until it takes out the critical building you’re aiming for (typically mortar if you’re a lower level player). As Archers, Wizards and Minions have ‘Any’ as their favorite target, what they target is fairly simple - the closest target that they can reach. Archers can’t shoot over a wall followed by two empty spaces, followed by the building in question. Once locked on they will continue to follow their target, ignoring all threats to their life. Attack starts here and healer section starts here if you want to skip to the specific part.
Additional wall breakers placed after nearest wall is destroyed continue in a straight line past the destroyed wall, allowing detailed aiming at inner walls of bases. Otherwise He would not have said, “Those who are well have no need of a physician but those who are sick” (Luke 5:31). Scripture expressly says that medicine, herbs and physicians all have a role to play in healing. Having created the world, God gave man the injunction to multiply, subdue and rule the earth (Genesis 1:28). It’s baffling why some hyper-spiritual ‘faith healers’ wholeheartedly embrace the benefits of modern inventions but reject modern medicine.
The tragedy was that she had placed great faith in a particular ‘faith healer’––instead of digging into scripture to discover for herself the truth regarding faith and medicine. I also produce Clash of Clans videos on YouTube, including a Let's Play (basically a playthough) starting at Town Hall level 4, so if you're looking for more help and advice, I hope to see you over there. All there is to know is that after being placed, they will attack the nearest defensive structure. The circles are the spawn points, and the balloons will follow the burgundy path in the indicated direction due to the next closest being where it is.

The Balloon would likely go after the cannon first because when it came from the Mortar, it didn’t hover directly over the Archer Tower, it stayed offset to the side of the mortar, making the balloon slightly closer to the cannon. Just estimating, they both look to be pretty close distance from the Air Defense, I would estimate a pack of Balloons would split up, some going for one and some going for the other. This means if it is critical to “reset” the target of a giant, you can use a wall breaker to destroy a nearby wall. They can only heal ground units, so don’t try to use them on Balloons, Dragons, or other healers.
Same video from Giant section, if you already watched it, watch it from the healer link if you need a reminder. They were also warned that they will be afflicted with diseases if they disobeyed Him (Deuteronomy 28: 27,28). The apostle Paul told Timothy to drink some wine for his stomach ailments (1 Timothy 5:23). This ‘cultural mandate’ drives all of man’s productive endeavours––from scientific to economic; from sustainable development to environmental conservation. Logically, they should stop travelling in cars and airplanes, and stop enjoying the benefits of mobile technology. Those bitten by snakes would not die if they looked at the serpent set on a pole (Numbers 21:8-9). Tragedies similar to Jane’s case could have been prevented if people grasp this truth: Miraculous healing and medical treatment are not mutually exclusive. You can see the details of all units (not just unlocked ones) by clicking the “i” symbol on each unit in the barracks. All of these units are very tanky units, soaking tons of damage, while dealing a very respectable amount themselves. The most important feature about healers is their ability to cast in an Area of Effect - so they heal all units within a fairly significant radius of their target. Recently, she succumbed to breast cancer –– whereas she could have been cured if she had sought medical treatment early.
If “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine” (Proverbs 17:22), then the latter has a definite place in the life of believers. Jesus seems to imply that doctors and practitioners of supernatural healing should happily coexist. Our creative potential bears the marks of our Creator, who created each snowflake distinct from the rest. I would expect maybe 2 of the 10 balloons would go after the archer tower rather than the Cannon, but the other 8 would probably go after the cannon. The only ‘tactic’ for using these units is to make sure whatever the nearest target is the one you want them to go for. They do not automatically heal clusters of hurt units, unfortunately, so hopefully the single guy the healer locked onto is staying with the clump.
The units will prefer to go after the close one, even if it has to kill a wall first, if the father target is more than roughly 15-20 steps away. This means you might deploy some barbarians to clear out some buildings outside of the enemy walls and some giants to break open the wall, then you can deploy more barbarians and if the closest target is within the walls, they will happily march through the hole you already created.
The Area of Effect is twice that of a wizard tower and half that of a mortar (although mortar has damage drop off farther from center). A notable example is foxglove (digitalis) which has long been used to improve the pumping ability of a weak heart.
ONLY look at what the closest defensive structure is (Cannon, Mortar, Archer Tower, Air Defense, Wizard Tower, X-Bow, Tesla) when trying to predict what the Balloon will do.

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