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Over the last 500 years, these amazing health benefits a€“ and many others besides a€“ have been a fact of life for Jamaicaa€™s Maroons. Hidden away for centuries a€“ nearly forgotten a€“the Maroons are among the worlda€™s most skilled herbalists. Secrets that made heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other devastating illnesses almost unknown among the Maroons. What she uses to calm a racing heart a€¦ her a€?secret weapona€? for the worst prostate trouble a€¦ and more. With your free report, youa€™ll also receive a FREE subscription to my newsletter, Doctora€™s House Call. Discover Ivelyn's secret remedies for everything from headaches to hemorrhoids to heart problems. Many health care professionals use ginger to help treat problems associated with inflammation such as arthritis and ulcerative colitis.16 Ginger reduces inflammation by inhibiting prostaglandin biosynthesis, specifically cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2.
Ginger root extract contains volatile oils and phenolic compounds such as gingerols and shogaols.

It is clear that Ginger contains a vast and complex array of chemicals that, in combination, provide a powerful aid to healing. Native to Central America, Florida, and the West Indies, dogwood (also known as Jamaican dogwood) has recently been found growing in areas such as Texas, Mexico, and the northern part of South America. But a€?civilizationa€? has finally reached their high mountain valleysa€¦ and their culture and knowledge is disappearing. Afraid that her ancestorsa€™ healing knowledge may die with her, Ivey has decided to share her secrets. This herb works so well, ita€™s even called a€?diabetic bush.a€? Youa€™ll be amazed what it can do for your skin, too. But now you can be among the first to discover some of her most powerful herbal remedies a€¦ FREE. In it, youa€™ll find cutting-edge answers to your most burning health questions a€“ information you wona€™t find anywhere else.
For example, zingibain enhances antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions and it is thought to assist other antibacterials, such as antibiotics, by up to 50%. It is supportive of so many of the body's systems that its use helps to promote wide-ranging improvement.

The "bristling" in your legs (arms, feet etc.) is caused by the energy moving through your body and irritating the inflamed cells. Dogwood grows pods that are shaped by four projecting wings, yellow or grayish brown exterior bark and light colored inner surface that has an unpleasant smell.
What if you could get rid of that nagging back pain once and for all a€“ in just a matter of days? Ginger's ability to reduce inflammation is due to its neutralising action upon free radicals, which are known to contribute to the problem. Jamaica dogwood is known for its markedly acrid and pungent taste, whose bitterness leaves the mouth with a distinct burning sensation.Some reseachers believe Jamaican dogwood has healing properties that may provide relief for sufferers of insomnia, asthma, toothache, pain caused by menstruation, ovary and uterus-related pain, neuralgia, and coughing.
This relief is attributed to sedative substances found in Jamaican dogwood.Jamaica dogwood was attributed with narcotic, analgesic, and sweat-promoting properties as early as 1844, according to early scientific discoveries.

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