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This week I made a big and exciting announcement to the patients of my office; we’re adding massage therapy services to our chiropractic and wellness offerings.  Needless to say, everyone was excited! Who doesn’t love the tranquil and relaxing feeling you experience after 60 minutes on the massage table? Chiropractic and massage together benefit all types of people, ranging from infants to the elderly, and when used in combination, can form a powerful healing approach that addresses pain and overall health in many ways. This entry was posted in Chiropractic, Natural Health and tagged Health, Moms, Shesays, Variety by Dr.
Mijn naam is Desirée Klink Logeman, masseur, magnetiseur, helder voelend en spirituele coach.
Wat ik zelf erg belangrijk vind aan een massage, is het feit dat je een prettig gevoel moet hebben met diegene die je masseert, als je de masseur ziet moet je gelijk het gevoel hebben dat het goed zit. If you are new client of Cynthia’s, click here to see the Intake Interview form on the Healing Touch Program website (scroll down to Form 902). Although I have studied numerous forms of holistic modalities over the last thirty years, I personally resonate most strongly with the practice of Healing Touch.
I have integrated decades of experience and knowledge in nursing, psychotherapy, spiritual studies, holistic modalities and energy medicine into my practice of Healing Touch. 2)  Respectfully encouraging you to fully own your path of self healing and guiding you in how to do this in a way that is right for you. 4)  Sharing knowledge and skills with you that will help you heal and grow, and being completely open with you about how I work with you.

5)  Creating sacred space during our sessions and holding you in thought and prayer in between sessions. 6)  Referring you to other practitioners, if needed, who may be able to complement our work together because their specialty is not within my legal scope of practice.
7)  Referring you to other practitioners if I do not feel we can effectively work together. 8)  Practicing within the Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics as described in the Healing Touch Program. Healing Touch can be received without any direct physical touch because the practitioner’s hands are within the biofield of the client. When touch is used, it is very light and gentle and is never manipulative (as in chiropractic) or with pressure (as in massage). Clients generally receive Healing Touch in a face up position, although specific methods will be applied while the client lies face down, based on either the selected method or the client’s condition or comfort preference.
Cynthia Hutchison teaches all levels of Healing Touch Program (HTP) coursework including instructor training and Advanced Practice courses. Yes, I enjoy a great massage as much as the next person, but I want to be clear about my motivation for bringing massages services under my practice’s roof.
Where chiropractic focuses on proper alignment of the spine and enhancing nerve function, massage can relieve tension in the surrounding muscles and ligaments.
Deze integriteit vind ik eigenlijk noodzakelijk om te hebben, om als masseur te mogen masseren en essentieel om een ontspannen sfeer te creëren.

When physical contact is made in Healing Touch, it is generally a “hands still” kind of touch, although sometimes a practitioner may lightly brush on certain areas of the body with the permission of the client.
The way I see it, addressing soft tissue problems is an important complement to the chiropractic care I provide.
Zodoende voel ik vaak precies waar iemand een blokkade heeft, of iemand zich emotioneel, opgejaagd, angstig of verdrietig voelt. This includes the belief that clients, in the depths of their being, know what is best for them and that they can get in touch with their Higher Self to determine how best to heal.
While deeply honoring each person’s freedom and correspondent responsibility for self care, I embrace my role as a nurse, educator, counselor, cheerleader and guide in the process of assisting those who trust their care to me.
Zodoende ben ik dan ook verschillende opleidingen en cursussen op paranormaal gebied gaan volgen om meer inzicht te krijgen, hoe ik mensen kan helpen en natuurlijk ook voor mezelf zodat ik beter weet hoe met al deze energieën om te gaan. Na diverse massage cursussen te hebben gevolgd, ben ik er achter gekomen dat ik meer kon dan alleen maar masseren. Het is een prettige omgeving om in te werken en te ontspannen.Wie weet mag ik je eens verwelkomen in mijn praktijk?

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