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For a limited time both new and existing clients can buy two sessions and receive a third session for free! I have been practicing Healing Touch since 1995 and have worked with clients who have experience energy flow imbalances due to stress, injury, illness, surgery or medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.
Spiritual healing touch uses gentle touch with prayerful intent for the person’s highest good, channeling Divine energy to influence the human energy system for balancing and healing.
As a board certified chaplain since 1985, I have witnessed the value of working with the “whole” person – mind, body and spirit. By providing Spiritual Healing Touch at The Center, everyone will have the opportunity to experience energy balancing that is beneficial for coping with the stressors of day to day living. Carla Peterson, MS, licensed professional counselor, trained spiritual director, spiritual healing touch certified practitioner, trained SoulCollage® facilitator. Carla Peterson is an experienced professional counselor who is fascinated with the grand adventure of being human. When Carla works with a person, she respects what their goals for their life and healing are.

Individual Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Healing Touch, SoulCollage workshops, retreats, and individual sessions.
In Mahayana Buddhism such as Zen, it is not unusual to dedicate the practice of meditation to the sick. Vajrayana Buddhism it is taken a stage further - and the idea of a "merit-storehouse" is present.
Once renuciation and the awakened mind have been fully realised, the way to Buddhahood is clear.
I have walked alongside people with a variety of faith traditions on their spiritual journey.  My hospital chaplaincy work has been enhanced through my advance training in Spiritual Healing Touch. It uses touch and calls on God’s loving kindness to influence the human energy system thus harmonizing the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health for healing.
She knows that every person is unique, and has an underlying wholeness they discover when they explore their inner world.
She and the person assess together what the person needs, their strengths, their current situation, and what their goals are.

Each of her clients is seen as a whole person deserving of a life of love, learning and inner adventures.
The client decides what modality they want to use, whether it is counseling, spiritual direction, etc., and how often they want to be supported in that way.
She is wildly proud of her sons who continue to delight her, these days with their forays into middle age. As part of her commitment to her clients, Carla has become trained in and cultivated skills in specialized counseling methods*, spiritual direction, spiritual healing touch and SoulCollage® facilitation. She loves to support others who feel the need to heal, yearn to love themselves, want to understand more about who they are, desire to learn and practice ways to work with their emotions, beliefs, and values, and connect to their inner purpose.
Feeding the birds throughout the year, neglecting her garden in the summer and being surprised that there is anything to harvest, watching the butterflies on the Joe-Pye weed, and the falling leaves in autumn, keep her well occupied when she is at her home, Joy Farm.

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