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Two thirds of Americans have enough vitamin D, according to data from the Institute of Medicine.
Available at any drugstore, supplements are the easiest means to get your full day's worth of D.
In theory, sunscreen can shield all UVB rays (the burning ones) needed to create vitamin D. By Amy GalloThree healthy ways to make sure you're getting your 600 recommended IUs of daily D.
Health and fitness nowadays are getting more and more popular, everyone wanting their six pack abs out and all. Don’t forget about protein – Make sure that you will always eat foods rich in protein especially if you want to build those muscles.
High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been growing in popularity in the past few years.
Aim to guzzle at least one ounce per pound of your own body weight (about 2.2 liters, depending). Whether you have your morning cup of coffee on your patio or eat lunch on a park bench instead of at your desk, just spending 10 minutes outside per day will boost your mood and energy levels by ensuring that you get your daily dose of vitamin D. If you plan, prepare, and pack nutritious lunches for the week on Sunday, you’ll save money, time, and calories.
Allergen-inducing dust mites are greatly reduced by dusting and vacuuming, and can be cleansed from bed linens (where they love to linger) when washed in hot water. Get the most nutritional bang for your bite by eating fruits and vegetables that are in peak season, which is when they are most nutrient dense.
Wearing a step tracker like the FitBit or Mira will keep you motivated to not only make but meet and surpass daily fitness goals.

We know you’ve heard this one before, and there are so many good-for-you reasons why.
Adding seeds like chia, flax, and quinoa to your diet will keep you fuller longer and provide a powerhouse of nutrients from Omega-3 fatty acids to protein.
Only a few foods naturally contain vitamin D, including egg yolks, liver and wild salmon, which, for example, delivers up to 500 IU in a 3-ounce fillet. I’m guessing this is because of how our technology is starting to turn us into something we don’t want. It is very important because there will be times where you will feel down and won’t exercise anymore and it will keep on until you have forgotten about exercising already. Whether you’re looking to revamp your lifestyle, or just need a little refresher for your routine, we could all benefit from making small changes to ensure that we are living as healthy and safely as possible. Keep a big, BPA free refillable bottle (like a Nalgene) by your side all day and aim to polish it off three to four times throughout the course of the day. Get a free PDF of 30 days of healthy lunch box meals here courtesy of Family Fresh Cooking.
This daily move improves circulation and posture, and helps prevent back pain and a laundry list of injuries. Even a 10 minute walk lowers blood pressure and stress levels and can help re-energize your body and mind. Eating a balanced breakfast of protein and complex carbohydrates can keep your energy up all day, curb cravings, and help you maintain a healthy weight. Disconnecting from texts, calls, emails, and social media will help you relax and sleep deeper. Nuke it for 30 seconds while wet or run it through the dishwasher to kill sickness causing bacteria.

Make an easy and delicious chia pudding for breakfast, toss some flax in your smoothie or cereal, or substitute quinoa for pasta or rice.
Not only will slowing down and sitting for a meal aid in digestion and help you to avoid poor eating habits, it can help you eat less and lose weight. And if you are truly lacking (below 20 nanograms per milliliter), there are healthful ways to get your 600 recommended international units of daily D. That's why some foods are fortified with D, including milk and soymilk, orange juice, cereal and some yogurts. With everything instant and most of the instants are unhealthy, cars that prevents us from walking, elevators, and many others.
Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean to just eat fruits and vegetables; it also includes meat, fish, and many others. Don't overdo it: Exceeding the recommended cap of 4,000 IU per day (from all sources) can lead to kidney or heart damage. Find someone to go with you or even your own family, that way it will be fun and you won’t get bored easily and stop exercising. Do you know what the dirtiest thing in your kitchen is, and that you can clean it without using your hands? Spending time relaxing actually improves mental sharpness, and will keep you happy and healthy.
That means in the summer, when you're wearing short sleeves and skirts, you could be getting enough sun to rev some vitamin D production—even if you're applying sunscreen.

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