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50 ways to get more sleep - Page 6 of 6 - Fitgirlcode - Community for fit and healthy women. Only you know what works for you – how many hours of sleep you need, whether you’re a morning or evening person, or how you work. Although some TV can be a great way to relax in the evenings, the flickering screen, loud noises and interesting plots can keep sleep away. It makes sense that you’re more likely to sleep well in freshly-washed, sweet smelling bedding in a clean, dust-free bedroom. To quieten your mind, play classical or calming music before bed (searching for “sleep music” or “spa music” on YouTube provides a multitude of playlists).
Finishing every day on a positive note, by noting down or thinking about the things for which you are grateful, will help you to fall asleep focusing on the good, without worrying.

It can be hard to implement a sleep system without the support of your family, partner or housemates. When you’re really tired, it can seem like far more effort to get ready for bed than to keep lying sleepily in front of the TV. You may know how to get more sleep, but unless you make it a priority, it’s not going to happen. To sum up the willpower you need to follow tough rules, remember why and use some of these tips to make it an indulgent activity that you can look forward to.
Being organized means less stress when you’re trying to get to sleep, and that you’ll be able to fit everything in. To avoid this, get into your pajamas and get ready for the next day straight after dinner – that way you can head straight to bed when you need to.

Sleep has the power to change every aspect of your life for the better, and all the positive habits you want to foster – those related to exercising, eating, working and loving better, become much easier when you’re well slept. Instead of trying to force them to implement one too, let them know what time you’ll be winding down every night, and that they should try to be quiet, or not to disturb you after a certain time.

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