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Higher GI Collection: this is where a series of x-ray exams are conducted by consuming barium remedy. Ambulatory pH Checking: the use of probe is often done by inserting it from the nose down to the esophagus in order to determine the level of acidity in the lower portion of the esophagus. Endoscope Test: this can help visualize the esophageal mucosa by means of a skinny, lighted tube with a small camera connected to its end. Manometer check: this is done with the use of a pressure sensor that is passed from the mouth to the esophagus. Biopsy check: in this procedure, a sample tissue is obtained from the esophagus to check the presence of inflammation or cancer. To treat heartburn or slow down its prognosis several methods can be done such as prevention, medications and natural remedies for the condition.

Take note that specific foods and beverages can trigger the condition and these should be avoided as much as possible.
However, in case the presentation is undetermined, other assessment procedures can be conducted in order to confirm the prognosis of the condition and to rule out other medical problems. These x-rays can show barium reflux in the esophagus, which is an indication that heartburn condition is present.
This type of monitor should be done for at least 24 hours, since small reflux events can be relatively common, in order to verify the prognosis of the condition. In this method, esophageal irritation can be easily detected and biopsies can be easily obtained when necessary.
Lifestyle modifications and dietary changes can also be recommended in order to relieve the symptoms of the condition.

Ambulatory pH checking is helpful especially when heartburn symptoms are related to the episodes of esophageal acidity. However, take note that a consultation with the physician is still necessary prior to the administration of heartburn remedies and medications to prevent complications or any adverse reactions and to understand the condition further. In case you cannot go through the day without consuming alcohol, it might be necessary to reduce its consumption to alleviate the symptoms of the condition or minimize the attacks. The same applies for other heartburn conditions that are due to other food products or beverages.

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