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CHE GUEVARA'S granddaughter has stripped down to her bullets for a 'revolutionary' photoshoot. Lydia Guevara poses for PETA Lydia Guevara, 24, is pictured wearing nothing but ammunition belts of baby carrots, a red beret and a steely glare. YOU may not have heard of Rosie Roff just yet, but we assure you by the end of the article you won't forget her.

EGYPTIAN military have released the first images of wreckage of the crashed flight MS804 after it was revealed there was a fire on the plane. Seun Adesiyan, Female Nigerian Navy Captain Shot In The Head By Armed Robbers Survives.Nollywood actress Funke Adesiyan who is currently studying film production in New York took some time out to thank God for her newly promoted Naval officer sister, Seun Adesiyan who recently survived an armed robbery attack. Naval Captain Seun Adesiyan cheated death after armed robbers shot her in the head during an attempted robbery.

The semi-nude babe, who is streaked in mud, is promoting a new PETA campaign urging people to "join the vegetarian revolution".

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