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Streets that combine the handiwork of man with that of nature are always the most beautiful, and the most fun to walk through. Pomegranate, often mentioned in the Bible, is a nutritious herb valued for its health benefits especially when it comes to reducing body fat and excess triglycerides.
Pueraria mirifica is found at altitudes between 300 and 800 m in the forests of Chiengmai Province, in Thailand.
Hemp has been used for thousands of years for its enormous production of fiber, as a medicine and oil. Mono or mononucleosis is an infectious disease which is commonly called as kissing disease. Symptoms of mono include difficulty in breathing, body aches or intense headaches, night sweats, extreme weakness and fatigue, rashes on skin, malaise, sore throat, lack of appetite and swollen glands.
Taking sufficient rest throughout the day would be beneficial for the patients suffering from mono. It usually takes a couple of weeks for the patients to recover completely.One should also avoid physical activities during the period one is suffering from mono as these activities would increase the risk of occurrence of this disease.
Other than water, fluids like barley water, fruit juice, coconut water, herbal tea, barley water, soup, vegetable juice, herbal tea etc. Patients suffering from mono should avoid smoking as it can worsen the condition of the patients.
Although, it is easy to cure occasional headaches, it is quite difficult to heal chronic and crippling pain of migraines. Also, it is important to carefully consider these herbs, as there are chances of interactions, if they are taken in combination with other medications.
Various studies have shown that butterbur can drastically decrease the severity and pain felt by the person and hence, it is an effective treatment for migraine.
Also, it is noted that with continued use of butterbur the migraine attacks were decreased by almost half. The intake of this herb was started at the beginning of visual aura and it was noted that within 30 minutes there was improvement. It is one of the familiar culinary herbs that contains pathenolides (a phytochemical) and is effective in treating migraine headaches, when used in combination with another herb feverfew. It has been used traditionally at bedtime for relaxation and is effective in reducing the frequency of recurring migraine headaches due to pressure and strain.
A double-blind study conducted at the health center ‘London Migraine Clinic’ has reported that the patients were helped by this herb and when the group was given the placebo, the symptoms deteriorated with an increase in severity and frequency of the attack. This herbal tea is prepared using herbs such as mastic, asarum, myrrh, cnidium, gypsum, polygala root, and trichosanthes root.
These herbs are suggested if the migraine attack is due to lassitude, fatigue and general debility.
Black willow (taken in the form of decoction), wood betony, black horehound, fenugreek, caraway seeds, St.John’s wort, marjoram are some of the herbs that help in relieving the symptoms of migraine headaches. They’re very concentrated essences of plants, and they hold a very high energy level. Traditionally the extract of pueraria mirifica roots has been used in Thai folklore for its rejuvenating properties in elderly people due to its high estrogenic potency.

Coconut fruit, the flesh, water, milk and coconut oil, can all be consumed: as food, medicine fuel, fiber and shelter.
It is a communicable disease and can be transferred from an infected person to a healthy person through sneezing, coughing, sharing toothbrush or sharing a cup. It is mainly transferred through saliva and is characterized by fever, weakness, malaise and sore throat.Though this disease is not as contagious as conditions like common cold but can lead to severe complicated cases like liver problems, enlarged spleen, meningitis, anemia, heart inflammation, swollen tonsils etc. There are a number of factors that are responsible for causing the disease and spreading the virus.
Since mono is a viral infection, it is difficult for the body to process the meal that can lead to digestive problems. They should consume fresh fruits like banana, apple, orange, berries and other citrus fruits. This remedy also helps in reducing irritation and inflammation of throat which are some of the symptoms associated with mono. Those who are in the habit of smoking and feel it difficult to avoid completely should quit it for at least a few weeks.
Consumption of two tablespoons of coconut oil during the morning time and two tablespoons during the evening is recommended. These include junk food, refined food, fried food, pre-packaged meal, foods that are rich in sodium and fattening food which are considered as unhealthy for mono patients. Other than this, chocolate and aerated drinks should be strictly avoided by the patients. Consuming thirty millilitres of cranberry juice which is without sugar would be helpful for the patients. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Menstruation, pregnancy, alcohol, stress and ingestion of tyramines (beer, wine, chocolate has high amounts of these amino acids) are some of the commonly known causes of migraine headaches. It is essential to know that just like the warning signs and triggers are different for each individual, the herbs also work differently. Many studies indicate that the following herbal remedies are beneficial and successful options for migraine treatment.
Also, the intensity and frequency of migraines were decreased, when the woman continued to use ginger. The plant contains parthenolide, which is known to inhibit the chemicals in the brain that causes dilation of blood vessels. It works mainly as a preventive medication and not to combat pain, when the migraine headache is in progress. It is recommended to use this herb every day, but avoid it during pregnancy or in children below two years. Steep the herb in boiling water for 5-15 minutes and this mixture is taken 3 times daily (6 oz.) About 5-10 drops of oil can be used thrice every day.
The chemicals present in myrr stimulates the circulation, which makes it effective for treating migraine. With regular use of unrefined coconut oil, you are able to slow down the aging process of your skin and and bring back a youthful appearance.
Eating around five to six meals at regular intervals during the day would help the digestive system from stress.

Vegetables like broccoli, pepper, tomato, spinach and other leafy vegetables should also be consumed by the patients. Eggs, meat, legumes, beans and lean meat like turkey and chicken are also useful for treating the disease. This is a good remedy for treating strep throat as strep throat can easily cause mono and should be treated as soon as possible. Continuing using this remedy for a period of one week would be beneficial and effective in curing mono.
The paste can be prepared by crushing two flowers of the herb and mixing a cup of water in the mixture.Afterwards, boil the mixture for about an hour and strain it. Therefore, migraine sufferers may have to follow a trial and error method to find out the best migraine treatment option. A study published in “Ethnopharmacology” reports that a woman in her early forties found relief from her migraine by taking about 500 – 600 mg of powdered ginger (mixed in water) every 4 hours for 4 days. Moreover, the herb has anti-inflammatory effects similar to aspirin, but without the side effects of this medication. Research has proved that feverfew can be used for long-term management of migraine headaches.
The diluted oil (rosemary oil – 1 part and vegetable oil – 10 parts) is rubbed on the temples and forehead.
You need to sniff a small quantity of this herbal powder into the right nostril, if the left part of your head is hurting. Mastic is a type of resin obtained from the mastic tree and is known to prevent swelling and pain. Vitamins can be consumed in the form of supplements on a daily basis as recommended by the health practitioner.
A daily dosage ranging from 120 – 240 mg is beneficial in preventing the headache due to its platelet activating ability. Drinking warm liquid helps in reducing irritation that occurs in the throat and fever.At least eight to ten glasses of water is recommended on a daily basis for the patients suffering from mono.
Migraine headaches are triggered due to various factors like emotional upset, fatigue and muscle tension. Polygala root, myrrh, mastic and cnidium improve the blood circulation in the brain while gypsum and asarum help the herbal medication to penetrate, wherever it is required. Acupuncture , heat , electrical stimulation channels of energy , body's internal organs, correct imbalances digestion, absorption, and energy production activities, circulation of their energy .
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