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Julia the Elder, known by her contemporaries as Julia Augusta Filia, was the daughter and only biological child of the emperor Augustus. One of the most prominent and well remembered women of the Julio-Claudian family, Agrippina the Younger was the great grand daughter of Augustus, the sister of Caligula, the wife and niece of Claudius and the mother of Nero. Born in 1873 in the east of South Africa, Nokutela Dube was the first black South African woman to start a school.
Nokutela left John Dube to teach students in Transvaal, a part South Africa where the black population were experiencing a lot of hostility from the Afrikaans-speaking white settlers, she lived and taught there for 3 years before becoming ill with a kidney infection. Nokutela Dube’s story has now been widely forgotten despite her being one of the founding mothers of the freedom movement in South Africa.
In 1895 Hari married Dutch Army Admiral Rudolf MacLeod with whom she had 2 children, one of whom died in infancy and the other, her daughter Jeanne, died aged 21 in 1919. In 1903 Hari moved to Paris, where she posed as a Hindu princess claiming she had been raised and educated in the art of dancing.
Two years after the outbreak of World War I, Hari was arrested and brought to London on suspicion of espionage, where she admitted, under interrogation, that she was a spy for the French war effort. The hospital building still remains today and has been converted into a museum in her honour, featuring her work as a doctor and preserving the legacy of Omaha and the Ho-Chunk tribes that resided their. After the outbreak of the Crimean War she applied to the War Office for the opportunity to nurse soldiers on the front lines but was refused. Whilst popular at the end of her life, after her death Seacole rapidly faded from public memory. Sappho’s work remained a popular topic of study and entertainment well into the Roman period. Upon his restoration in 1814, King Louis XVIII ordered the immediate removal of the bodies of the late King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette from their graves in Paris to the royal crypt at Saint-Denis. This blog strives to include all women from all cultures and backgrounds throughout history. She was born in 58 BC and her father had fought against Augustus, then known as Octavian, during the civil wars that erupted after the assassination of Julius Caesar. Her mother was Augustus’ first wife, Scribonia, whom he divorced for Livia on the day that Julia was born. However, her legacy lives on through the schools she founded, the people she educated and those whose lives her activism continues to impact. It has since been said that she only said this to revive her popularity through the intrigue this would bring her character.
Hailed by some as a Cleopatra of the modern age, by others a shameless seductress, a double agent and a star; she helped bring respectability to exotic dancing, pioneering its movement into mainstream culture.
It also has a centre for the care of children named in Susan’s honour and has been designated as a National Historical Landmark.
Her mother was a well known healer in Kingston and taught Mary how to use traditional Caribbean and African herbal remedies from a young age.
Elizabeth was very reluctant to sign her death warrant but understood that the removal of Mary was the only way to protect her throne from Catholic risings. Largely scapegoated for France’s financial problems and a victim of anti-Austrian sentiment within France.

Before her death it is believed that she buried the majority of her riches in the gardens of Louveciennes along with the head of her lover the Duc de Brissac who was butchered during the September Massacres of 1792. However as Attic and Homeric Greek became the predominant languages of study, Sappho’s poetry, written in her native Aeolic Greek, began to lose popularity.
This sculpture, which marks Marie Antoinette’s grave, depicts the Queen without a crown, as she had never been granted a formal coronation. According to event promoters Jamus and VGM Entertainment, “Beenie Man is one of the best performers in the business presently and fans have been yearning for an event of this nature, so we are going give them what they want. A general pardon was issued when Augustus was victorious and she was introduced to him in 39 BC. At 13 years old, in 28 AD Agrippina married her first husband, a distant relative to the Julio-Claudian family, Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus to whom she bore her only biological child, the future emperor Nero.
Alongside her husband, Nokutela brought students from across the country together under one roof, and were responsible for educating many of South Africa’s most prominent people.
He was a drunkard and a violent husband who repeatedly threatened to take Mata’s children from her. However, her career began to decline rapidly as the 1910s approached and by 1912 she was no longer revered as a performer, instead seen as a promiscuous, even somewhat dangerous, seductress.
She was given one day to prepare her defence and was accused of stealing millions of livres from the French economy to send to Austria, amongst other more far-fetched claims such as sexually abusing her son, the dauphin, and planning orgies at Versailles. Sadly much of her poetry, which was well-known and greatly admired by her temporaries, has been lost.
Nevertheless, the great Roman poets and philosophers continued to compare and study her poetry and it is through their descriptions that we are able to access fragmented versions of her literary works today. Despite her being married and 6 months pregnant with her second child, Augustus immediately divorced his own wife Scribonia and either persuaded or forced Livia’s husband - Tiberius Claudius Nero - to divorce her and they were married in January 38 BC, mere months after their first meeting and remained so for 51 years.
Upon Tiberius’ death in 37 AD, her only surviving brother - Caligula - became emperor. Throughout her life, and especially after her death, her achievements and work were often eclipsed by her husband and for decades the school was solely attributed to John Dube. Eventually succeeding in removing their daughter Jeanne from her custody after presenting photographs of Mata’s erotic performances in court. Pleading her innocence she claimed that her international connections were simply due to her work as a dancer but was never able to truly defend her case as her lawyer was barred from court proceedings. La Flesche Picotte grew up on the Omaha Reservation and returned there after completing her studies, opening a hospital for its residents in 1913 which was the first privately funded hospital in Omaha. Nonetheless her reputation as one of the greatest lyrical poets of her time continues to endure through surviving fragments. With an expansive catalogue and current hits such as Hottest Man Alive, Dweet Again and Step Up Inna Life, Beenie Man is expected to ignite the audience with his vocal ability, outstanding stage performance and superstar zeal.Gates open at 4pm with show-time slated for 8pm.
She is often presented as an example of black history actively being hidden from popular culture.
Hosting duties comes courtesy of newly signed LIME ambassador Pretty Boy Floyd with Beenie’s own backing band Zagga Zow. Tacitus and Cassius Dio even suggest that she played a role in the death of Augustus in AD 14.

Upon his death in 23 BC, Julia was remarried to her father’s best friend Marcus Agrippa who was 25 years her senior. The sources suggest that he sexually assaulted Drusilla and Livilla, but details of his relationship with Agrippina are obscure. Other musical selection will be provided by Infuzion Sound, Mixplosion, Chris Dymond, Full Force and DJ Hatta Claps. As Caligula’s reign deteriorated in to a reign of terror, his surviving sisters became the focus of his attacks.
Augustus arranged the marriage after being advised by one Maecenas that Agrippa’s power had grown to such levels that he must either be slain or brought into the family. She was stripped of all honours granted to her during her lifetime and her will was left unfulfilled.
Accused of plotting Caligula’s murder Livilla and Agrippina were exiled to the Pontine Islands. Her ashes were placed alongside Augustus’ in the Mausoleum of Augustus without the pomp or ceremony befitting her status.
Her daughter Agrippina the Elder was the mother of the future emperor Caligula and the grandmother of the future emperor Nero. It was not until AD 42, during the reign of her grandson Claudius, that her honours were restored to her, she was deified (becoming Diva Augusta - the Divine Augusta) and her statue was erected alongside her husband’s in the Temple of Augustus. Upon Agrippa’s death in 12 BC Julia was married once again, this time to her step brother and future emperor Tiberius. She successfully convinced Claudius to name Nero as joint heir to his own son Britannicus and the sources of the period suggest that it was she who poisoned him in 54 AD to hurry Nero’s accession. A dignified, proud and intelligent woman, she deeply influenced Augustus’ policies throughout his reign and helped him establish his dynasty.
In 2 BC Augustus brought charges of adultery and treason against her and she was exiled to Pandateria alongside her mother Scribonia.
During the early parts of Nero’s reign Agrippina exercised genuine power in the government of Rome. This lead to a power struggle, which culminated in several assassination attempts on Nero’s part. Cassius Dio claims that his final attempt was a self-sinking boat which automatically collapsed in open water with Agrippina aboard it. Her ashes were prevented from being buried alongside her family in the Mausoleum of Augustus by Augustus’ will. The guilt of his mother’s murder stayed with Nero till the end of his own life and is attributed as one of the contributing factors for his downward spiral into the complete savage cruelty and depravity with which he ruled Rome during the remainder of his reign.

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