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If you are low on gold, I recommend you to try this Gold Making Guide, it can help you to make loads of gold.
First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth - just ask a guard, and learn Apprentice Herbalism. For the first 70 points, you can go to any starter zone, there is not much difference between them. Learn Herbalism Journeyman then head to Hillsbard Foothills because that is the best zone for this part of the Herbalism leveling guide.
Horde players can stay in this zone up to 160 or even a bit more if they want to, because there is a herbalism trainer in Tarren Mill, so you can visit her at 150.
If you don't have a flying mount, then when you reach the end of the yellow line, you should turn back and run back to the starting point of the yellow line. The orange circles means that you should fly around that zone, because the herbs are spread all over inside them. You should go to Deepholm and gather [Heartblossom] or you can stay in Mount Hyjal until you reach 500. Nagarjuna Social Service Society (NSSS) carries out the promotional activities related to Medicinal Plants begun by NRF, by preserving a big herbal garden as well as herbal nursery and is growing huge numbers of medicinal plant saplings in order to distribute to the common public at nominal prices. Under the aegis of Nagarjuna Research foundation and Nagarjuna Social Service Society, Nagarjuna had initiated ongoing programs for promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants and trees. Steps to save endangered plant species like Trichopus zeylanicus, Saraca asoka, Aegle marmelose etc. To promote in situ and ex situ conservation of medicinal plant diversity, including rare species.
Conducting training programs for women groups and public in cultivation of medicinal plants. Increasing the availability of the medicinal plants utilized in ayurvedic and other sectors through scientific propagation and defined cultivation methods.
Development of Bio-fertilizers and Natural pesticides for the growth and maintenance of medicinal plants. 10 lakhs medicinal seedlings covering 100 species were distributed to public in Kerala during last 8 years.
Established medicinal plants garden in public places like museums, dam sites, various college campuses etc. Medicinal Plants cultivation in Western Ghat as an income generation programme sanctioned by the Planning Department, Govt.
Medicinal Plants propagation and established herbal garden sanctioned by National Medicinal Plants Board.
Conducted more than 500 Seminars on medicinal plants cultivation in different parts of Kerala.
Guiding students of Graduate and Post graduate levelin various subjects like Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany etc. So far there have been a mixture of people in the programme — sharemilkers, farm managers, and some bigger operators showing interest.
Organic production is not necessarily a low input system but those that run low input systems whether organic or not, usually have lower production and lower return on investment he says. Mr Quinn said there are some organic properties that don't perform but the single biggest issue that affects farmers’ attitude to certified organics is the fear they may have to join the Green Party.
There are organic dairy farmers who are in the top 5% of their district in terms of production and also in the top 3% for lowest costs.
He said in one case, the farmer was originally doing 1100 kgMS with heavy urea use, but in the first year of organic farming, with no urea, he achieved 1000 kgMS and reduced his animal health bill by about 40%.
Those that are doing well have invested in knowledge and grown their operation, not tried to save the planet — although this has been a by-product.

All these firms supply non-organic farms as the core of their turnover and they hold the key to maintaining production and profitability, while converting to what Fonterra have identified the world market as demanding - certified organic product.
Quinn said there were also many orthodox farmers adopting sustainable ideas and concepts, such as homeopathy, which is now used by about 30 per cent of diary farmers - a big change from a decade ago. Opinions expressed by contributors to this websitedo not necessarily reflect the views of Organic Pathways.
If you are still leveling your character or you just started a new alt, I recommend you to use a leveling guide. I recommend the two following zones, because they are really close to the zones that I recommend for the next part of the Herbalism guide. It's a horde only zone, this means it might be a bit harder to reach it for alliance players, and for low level players I recommend Darkshore and then at 115 go to Ashenvale, or Westfall and then at 125 go to Northern Stranglethorn. The reason I recommend you stay here until 160 is because this way when you go to the next zones, you will be able to gather Khadgar's Whisker right away.
For the first 10 points until you reach 160, you won't be able to gather Khadgar's Whisker, and for the last 10-20 points, all of the herbs will be green, but it's still the fastest way if you to stay in these zones. I recommend Thousand Needles, because in Eastern Plaguelands there are a lot of [Khadgar's Whisker] which will be green to you and grey for the last few points. You will also have to swim to Twilight Bulwark or Twilight Withering, else you can't really get to the place where the herbs are.
In Howling Fjord, you will mostly find [Goldclover], but there will be some [Tiger Lily] near the rivers and lakes, you won't be able to gather these until you reach 375 in Herbalism.
Along with Azshara's Veil you will also find a decent amount of Stormvine here, which doesn't sell for as much as Azshara's Veil does but it will still net you a little bit of a profit. One thing I will add though, if you enter the zone through your factions main town, follow my path into Kelp'thar Forest first, then start heading south back through there and follow the path like that. Which you can make bank just from Volatile Life since it sells so fast and for a good amount.
It shows a few there on the map and stuff but everytime I have gone there it has been just meh.
Twilight Jasmine is the most valuable herb on pretty much every single server (I would say every server but someone would get all butt hurt because it isn't true for their messed up economy). Usually if they're not porting around the entire zone they have some erratic path that they usually get killed on at every other herb. Since absolutely no one goes to these areas for the herbs I fly over them and snatch up all the Cinderbloom which nets me more gold then trying to fight over the Twilight Jasmine in a few select areas. Anyway, now that you know pretty much everything there is to know about farming herbs from this zone, you probably want some totals. For that, there is a registered charitable trust with an objective to conserve, promote and popularize medicinal plants. These amount to about $90 per cow in the conversion years and about $270 per cow in the following three years. I also like the easy layout of Thousand Needles, you just go in a straight line and you can't miss the herbs, but don't get me wrong, Eastern Plaguelands is a really great alternative. If you don't really care about selling the Herbs, you should stay in Sholazar Basin until you reach 450.
Along with those two herbs you will also get a lot of Volatile Life, which sells for about 5g each. Within minutes of putting my Volatile Life auctions up they usually sell, making me always wish I put them up for more!
But in Kelp'thar Forest by the Naga to the south and the goblins in the center you will find a few different herbs. Actually in most of my paths I usually skip it since herbs spawn so fast around the rest of the zone you don't even really need to go here and waste your time.

From here you will want to go west, past Tenebrous Cavern through the Promontory Point little gorge thing, a few herbs spawn throughout here. Since Twilight Jasmine is used in so many good things for Alchemy, naturally it is the highest priced herb. Keep in mind that even if Cinderbloom prices are dirt cheap on your server, even collecting Cinderbloom has a chance to give you Volatile Life which sells for the same no matter what herb it comes from.
On average I get 2 - 3 stacks of Cinderbloom an hour (60 - 90g) about 70 to 120 Volatile Life and roughly 8 stacks of Twilight Jasmine.
The emphasis is given to preserve the rare species of medicinal plants which are on the verge of extinction, resulting in severe damage to thousands of precious medicinal flora all over the country. Narayanan Oushadhamitram Award for outstanding scientific and systematic farmers since 1997. He said the scheme should continue given the growth in the demand for organic dairy foods world-wide. Herbalism goes well with Alchemy, you can use the herbs you pick and make potions, but Herbalism is good with any other profession. By the time you go all the way north through Kelp'thar the herbs to the south will be respawning.
In the Shimmering Expanse I have found that Silver Tide Hollow and Shimmering Grotto have an extremely good spawn rate of herbs, as does the small slice of land going east of Legion's Rest just south os Nespirah.
However, people would QQ if I didn't include that island, call me retarded and all that fun stuff.
From there circle around north across the goblin area with the mind control squids stuck to their head and follow that all the way southwest past L'ghorek. Also I put a circle around the center of the map, in red to let you know that this is also where you can find some Cinderbloom.
Since the zone is so gigantic it is split into three parts, Kelp'thar Forest, The Shimmering Expanse and Abyssal Depths. At any given time, on my server at least, there are 5-6 bots out here farming Twilight Jasmine. Many people while farming Twilight Highlands will skip over the Humbolt Conflagaration area as well as the Obsidian Forest since both places only have Cinderbloom. Also in the upper left hand corner there is another red area where you are able to get Cinderbloom as well. But keep in mind, this Herbalism guide is made to level your profession as fast as possible, so sometimes the herbs you will farm might not be the best for Alchemy. It doesn't really matter where you start just hop on the blue line for my path in any of the three pictures and go to town with picking herbs.
You can tell they're a bot because all of their gear is broken (after they die they spirit rez) so they have roughly around 50-70k hp.
Nagarjuna since 1990 has developed a separate wing to revive this situation and bring a number of medicinal plants to the reach of common public.
An ambitious program has been developed for scientific propagation of medicinal plants using defined methods for cultivation. Nagarjuna has been relentlessly promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants, since 1990 has developed an Herbal garden having more than 100 species of rare medicinal plants.

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