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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Most of the products we buy from supermarkets and provisional stores go through at least one cycle of chemical processing before being sold. Most of the herbs are essentially grass-like and can grow on any terrain and temperature conditions, but of course each herb has its own personalized set of favorable growing conditions. Knitbone or Comfrey – One of the best herbs to have around the kitchen, especially if you have kids, is comfrey. Sage or Salvia – This warm herb taken in its pure form internally can help cure a number of infections due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Chamomile – This brilliant white flowering herb has mood alleviating properties that can relax and calm you down after a stressful day. Thyme – Throat infections are most common during the summer, and the best way to get rid of it without the requirement for toxic chemicals is with thyme. Mint – This green leafy herb finds a number of uses in everyday cooking, but it also has medicinal value and can be used to cure headaches, fatigue and even improve digestion. Though the above mentioned is not an exhaustive list, they should be perfect for a beginners herb garden.

The first thing you need to do is calculate the space available to build the garden and then outline the region to build it. Now on the base of the walled region, place a layer of organic fertilizer such as eggs shells, onion peels, fallen leaves, vegetable waste or literally any organic material you can find and fill up to the brim up with soil. Even the so-called organic stores have to process their products before packing them to improve shelf life, so essentially everything we buy commercially is never up to its complete potential and far from being green. Though the name might suggest that it might be endemic just to Europe, comfrey can actually be grown in all parts of the world. Also when taken on a regular basis, sage can also prevent diabetes and hypertension by regulating the toxin levels in your body. Dried thyme powder mixed with ginger made as a tea can cure any throat infection and soothe the throat. But if you have any more to add, you can always do, but be sure to know their growing condition before you plant them. So here, let us assume that you have a 4’?4’ area on which you’re going to build the garden. And this fact is true with herbs as well, which is why the special herb tonic that your grandmother used to make that can cure any cold no longer works when made with packaged herb products.

Some herbs require watering every day and some will grow even if you have forgotten to water for a couple of weeks So before you start with your garden, you just need to know what conditions suit the herbs you want to grow and you’re all ready to start. Comfrey has the ability to heal bones, fractures, skin wounds, bruises, burns and many other skin based ailments when applied topically.
So now, let us take a look at how to start building the organic herb garden and get it up and running.
Now start planting the herbs, the herbs that require the most light go to the top like mint and thyme, the herbs that require a lot of space should be on the bottom like comfrey and herbs that require shade should be on the in between spirals. It’s simple, easy to build and maintain, and costs you no more than maintaining a small scale garden on your backyard. Well, here is a handy guide that will guide you through all the necessary herbs that can cure colds, coughs, fevers and even some major ailments in a green way without the requirement for chemical toxins and medications.

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