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Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) is an Ayurvedic medicinal herbal preparation that is widely used as a tonic and memory enhancer.
Bipolar disorder, or manic-depression, is a condition in which the body goes through drastic shifts in mood, activity levels, energy, and the ability to live life.
The main symptom is the presence of extreme emotional states that occur in chunks of time called “mood episodes.” A manic episode is characterized by extreme joy or overexcitement. Most likely, if you’re reading this, you’ve tried some form of Western medicine for bipolar. At the root of Chinese medicine is the idea that true health comes from balance in the body. We need an appropriate balance of both yin and yang, but sometimes one element can take over the other. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help to regulate bipolar by balancing yang and yin in the body.
During your first session, we will spend a good amount of time discussing your life and how bipolar affects your body.
Thrive Holistics is a full-service acupuncture, herbal medicine and coaching practice located in New York City.
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The medications typically used to treat Bipolar Disorder aim to control the mood swings, limiting them from becoming too extreme. Then I read how people got off their meds using kratom, so I wanted to do that because I hated how I felt being on those meds. Editor: I mentioned that my doctor, a Naturopath, groups Bipolar Disorder in with diabetes, depression, and other blood-sugar related conditions.
Medical Doctors and psychiatrists are locked into a perspective — and probably quite unaware of the limitations placed on their views by their training to prescribe only pharmaceutical, synthetic drugs for Bipolar Disorder.
It’s no wonder when we read the long list of possible side-effects on any of the frequently-prescribed meds like Seroquel.  Anyone want to add a bit of Tardive Dyskinesia to their existing problems?
As we have seen over and over, where kratom is the preferred remedy for many common medical issues as chosen by the patients, there are few studies showing exactly the mechanism of action by which kratom does its magic.

Reading this and my own personal experience I am in tears, not because I’m sad but because I am FINALLY hopeful. In a small, 12-week double-blind randomized clinical trial (RCT), 36 children who had ADHD and who were randomized to bacopa 50 mg twice a day showed significant improvement over those receiving placebo in tests of sentence repetition, logical memory, and pair-associative learning.29 Large placebo-controlled trials are needed to confirm the safety and efficacy of bacopa as a treatment of ADHD. Findings from a small study suggest that acetyl-L-carnitine significantly reduces the severity of ADHD symptoms.
Bipolar disorder can run in families, and some individuals are predisposed to having the disorder based on genetic factors. Through many different causes (lifestyle, injury, diet, quality of sleep, genetics, emotional tension), our bodies get out of balance. Meridians are energetic networks that run through the body and help distribute nutrients and energy throughout the entire body. It’s the energy that allows us to get up and go, to move, to breathe and have our heart pump blood to our body.
The results are more balanced emotions, clearer focus and less dependency on Western medical drugs. I want to know everything – how it started, how long it has lasted, what helps it, what aggravates it, and everything else you’ve tried. I have experience working with children (my youngest patient was 5 months old!), so if you have any questions or concerns about pediatric visits, please contact me. Feel free to make an appointment (click here) or contact me (click here) for more information.
Warren Boardman, an American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM) Diplomate and dental sleep expert at BCC Sleep in Ridgewood, NJ, says sleep apnea can be a very serious and possibly deadly disorder. Unfortunately, the medications used come with many side-effects, which leave many sufferers searching for a better, more natural way to control this debilitating illness.
I have severe mood swings with severe depression.  I started out taking about 2 grams four or five times a day for four days and three day break.
The doctor just kept adding more meds to the mix and I was slipping farther into an unreachable state. So, the pharmaceutical industry has placed itself (and their customers) in an expensive bind.
For the manic side of the disorder, there are Lithium, benzodiazepines, antipsychotics, and anticonvulsants, each with their own list of side-effects.
We can only imagine all the potential drug interactions, when the patient is prescribed 5 or 10 drugs, all with their own unique and unpleasant side-effects.
It seems to me they simply face a problem with their emotional cycles which may be triggered by environmental factors, blood sugar issues, or allergic reactions to substances in their food, drink, cosmetics. And yet, they are generally treated as irrational, dysfunctional objects — not people trying to find the best solution to a problem, which is usually very different from the most profitable solution for the pharmaceutical companies.

No more suicides (5 in the past 3 yrs) one of my many med I was on had my hair coming out in clumps, could not put words together and my vision was getting so blurred I had to stop driving. I am glad you’re on the road back into the Light, where we all should be so lucky to live. Researchers are also looking at links to environmental factors and the way the brain processes emotions. There are also mixed state episodes” when an individual expresses both manic and depressive characteristics. Sleep medication may be suggested for insomnia that occurs during either manic or depressive episodes. That being said, Kratom and several other herbs have done for me what no medication has been able to do. All the drugs they prescribe for Bipolar must be synthetics — and with synthetics, many sensitive people experience uncomfortable, even life-threatening, side-effects. Then too, there are follow-up visits to the doctor to let him make sure what he or she prescribed is working as desired. There may even be an infectious component, which is explained in a link at the end of this post. Good nutrition, physical activity, and good relationships are so healthy for us, but unfortunately good friends and clean, non-polluted food are both hard to find. It’s time to spread the information as they always told me that only pharamaceuticals could help. Acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine can greatly help to bring the body and mind into balance. It provides nourishment, allows for rest, and provides the calm environment that we need in the body. The car would overheat, the engine would be overworked, the gas would run out and eventually that car wouldn’t be able to run anymore.
She BELIVES kratom works just by watching me go from a dark depressive state to a happy, loving member of society. Future studies are warranted to examine specific therapeutic effects of acetyl-L-carnitine in the inattentive type of ADHD. I have a special interest in using acupuncture for bipolar and other psychoemotional conditions, and I am constantly amazed at how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can assist in the journey to wellness.
Acupuncture needles penetrate the channels and help restore the proper flow of qi, blood, and other nutrients.

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