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Las dosis orales de extracto de hoja de Neem redujeron la necesidad de insulina entre un 30 y 50% para los pacientes con diabetes tipo I. Tomando el Extracto de Neem en ayunas se consigue que los insulinodependientes puedan disminuir la dosis de insulina y, en algunos casos, que el pancreas se normalice y pueda prescindir de esta.
En diabeticos no insulinodependientes se estan obteniendo resultados espectaculares, pues aunque el control de la alimentacion sigue siendo importante, con el tratamiento del neem en capsulas se esta logrando que la diabetes desaparezca en muchos casos. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
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As of 2000 it was estimated that 171 million people globally suffered from diabetes or 2.8% of the population. Avoid sugar in any form - rice, potato, banana, cereals & fruits containing high percentage of sugar content.
Vegetables such as Bitter Gourd, string beans, cucumber, onion and garlic, fruits such as Indian Gooseberry, Jambu Fruit and Grapes and grains like Bengal gram and black gram should be included in the diet. Raw vegetables & herbs play a vital role in stimulating the pancreas and enhancing insulin production.
Mix 1 tbsp each amla fruit juice and bitter gourd fruit juice, and take once every morning for two months.

Grind 1 tbsp each dried mango flowers, dried tender mango buds and dried seeds of jamun into a very fine powder and store. Eat 1 tsp seeds of the fig, separated from the pulp, along with 1 tsp honey every day for a few weeks. Apan Mudra: Helps in purification of the body, urinary problems, easy secretion of excreta, regulating menstruation and painless discharge, easy child delivery, Diabetes and kidney disorders. These are diseases of the metabolic system and involve the body's ability in metabolising sugar using the hormone insulin.
It is estimated that over 40 million of those with diabetes are currently in India and that by 2025 that number will grow to 70 million.
Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure, is responsible for 5% of blindness in adults and 1 million limb amputations.

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