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Herbal medicines include herbs, herbal materials, herbal preparations and finished herbal products, that contain as active ingredients parts of plants, or other plant materials, or combinations. Herbs: crude plant material such as leaves, flowers, fruit, seed, stems, wood, bark, roots, rhizomes or other plant parts, which may be entire, fragmented or powdered. Herbal materials: in addition to herbs, fresh juices, fixed oils, essential oils, resins and dry powders of herbs. Herbal preparations: the basis for finished herbal products and may include comminuted or powdered herbal materials, or extracts, tinctures and fatty oils of herbal materials.
An exercise that causes us to see our lives objectively enough that we can discover the kind of changes we need to make to our life in order to live a fulfilling life. Does Rolfing Hurt?During a session the area being worked will vary in sensation and feeling depending upon the severity of chronic stress, injuries, and other factors specific to your body. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Chinese herbal medicine found tainted with metallic substances is raising fear in Korea in the wake of the scare involving melamine in Chinese food imports. A Korean government report said yesterday that 870 tons of herbal medicine imported from China were found to contain high levels of heavy metallic substances and destroyed. The report on the quality of Chinese herbal medicine was submitted by the Korea Food and Drug Administration to ruling Grand National Party lawmaker Im Doo-sung.

The main reason for the medicine’s rejection was exceeding the legal limit of concentration of heavy metal such as lead, cadmium and arsenic with 95 cases.
Korea imports 19,650 tons of herbal medicine from China a year, or 78.5 percent of Korea’s overall herbal medicine imports of 25,046 tons. According to another report on policies for Oriental medicine and addiction-causing medicine that surveyed 546 types of herbal medicine imports, 53.3 percent or 202 items were distributed to wholesale dealers without undergoing quality inspections. The report was submitted by the Health, Welfare and Family Affairs Ministry to lawmaker Choi Young-hee of the main opposition Democratic Party.
Subsequently, 166.6 tons of seven addictive medicines were imported from China and circulated in the market last year.
Choi said, “The Health Ministry conducted a survey to expand the list of addictive herbal medicines subject to quality inspection last year, but no revision has been made. Product DescriptionWe invite you to join us as we immerse ourselves in the naturally nourishing and inspiring rhythm of working with medicinal plants from spring through fall. November 15Accompany a well seasoned, wild hearted community herbalist, organic gardener, wildgatherer and medicine maker throughout the seasons to learn first hand about the process of growing and gathering herbs, producing your own herbal remedies and applying them safely and effectively to nourish and heal.Working with herbs is a way of life. In some countries, these materials may be processed by various local procedures, such as steaming, roasting, or stir-baking with honey, alcoholic beverages or other materials. They are produced by extraction, fractionation, purification, concentration, or other physical or biological processes.

Another 160 tons of herbal medicine that can cause addiction were also circulated in the Korean market.
It said that among herbal medicine imported from China between 2006 and June this year, 322 items were declared inappropriate and 870.2 tons were destroyed.
Of 28 kinds of Oriental medicine designated as medicinal toxic substances and under strict supervision in China, only seven items are classified as such in Korea. Finished herbal products and mixture herbal products may contain excipients in addition to the active ingredients.
Much of the medicinal use of plants seems to have been developed through observations of wild animals, and by trial and error. As time went on, each tribe added the medicinal power of herbs in their area to its knowledge base. They methodically collected information on herbs and developed well-defined herbal pharmacopoeias.

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