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Herbal StudiesBlessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine, herbal medicine apprenticeships, community herbalist training programs, herbal medicine correspondence courses and herbal home study programs. We invite you to study herbal medicine here at the Blessed Maine Herb Farm School of Herbal Medicine. Constipation occurs when the food is not able to be digested properly due to which there is a difficulty in passing stools. Constipation is sometimes the sign of a larger problem within the digestive system and hence it cannot be ignored.
Another effective home remedies for constipation is to take a thin cloth and spread it on your belly. Every night before retiring to bed, take a spoonful of honey and put it in a glass of boiled and cooled water. Constipation treatment - The Triphala choorna is a very effective Ayurvedic preparation, which is composed of three major herbs.
Another effective constipation treatment is one simplest remedy is to have a glass of warm water in which the juice of a lemon has been added and some rock salt for flavoring. If you have had a heavy meal and you are worrying about constipation in the next morning, then you should eat some slices of papaya. Plantain (the yellow small variety of banana) has very good properties in treating and preventing constipation. Another good home remedy for constipation is to prepare a mixture of carrot juice and spinach juice. In case of continuous problems with constipation, a bowlful of juice of cabbage leaves must be had twice a day before the meals.
AboutThe Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine offers online and in-person herbal training programs. Although I want to start sowing the seeds of my medicinal herbs asap, when I went to visit my allotment I was surprised how quickly the weeds have encroached on my growing space.
I took a bucket and rubber gloves so I could wash all the pots in hot water, forgetting that my cute little singing kettle couldn’t sing till I replaced the cooker. I patched the broken glass with a sheet of plastic that I was going to make into a cold frame but never got round to it. So then, when a patient asked for a refill I advised her to go and buy some Potter’s Vegetable Cough Remover from Boots. So first I boiled up my herbs [I used liquorice root, inula, horehound, mullein and thyme] in water and simmered them covered for 20 minutes. Then I returned the liquid to the pan and simmered gently until reduced and added molasses sugar to make a syrup. I sterilised all my glass bottles with boiling water and heating in an oven for 10 minutes. The students have been loaded up with large files which we aim to fill over the next 6 years. It is our intention to start to grow our own plants for our students to make into our own medicine to use on our own patients. The common cold is a virus droplet infection of the air passages of the upper respiratory tract.
Many different strains of virus are responsible for the common cold, and they are constantly undergoing mutation. The ‘cold’ is ubiquitous, yet there is no fool proof method for dealing with it, either with herbs or orthodox medicine.
Guaifenesin – this is used as an expectorant to assist in the bringing up of phlegm in acute respiratory tract infections.
In our herbal pharmacy we have decongestants, antitussives and expectorants that have no unpleasant side effects. Place the 30g of dried herb into a cafetiere, pour on one litre hot water and steep 10 mins. The common Daisy is a traditional plant used to subdue irritating coughs that hang on long after the cold has gone.
Influenza is an acute viral infection of the nasopharynx and respiratory tract and is caused by a different type of virus to the common cold. There are only three different forms of virus which cause flu, A, B and C which belong to the orthomyxovirus group of viruses.
A chest rub or poultice is a useful adjunct treatment to a respiratory tract infection, the constituents are absorbed easily through the skin and can start their action on the lung tissue swiftly. Actions that you would anticipate including would be; decongestant, immune cell stimulating and anti-viral. The whole point of choosing the name Growing Medicine for my clinic and business was to illustrate both the fact that the medicine I use comes from things that are growing in contrast to things that are synthetically made in bulk  in a factory, and that I am actually growing some of my own stuff. Years ago, before I started training for my degree in Herbal Medicine, I used to wonder what women did when their children got ill before the NHS was developed.
White Horehound is expectorant which makes it useful for those productive coughs of a heavy cold, as opposed to those dry irritating coughs that hang around after a cold has long gone.
This was what women would have done years ago, instead of going to the pharmacy to by Lemsip and paracetamol. And Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, is another important remedy for helping the body deal with a fever. Where possible we use local craftspeople and materials to make anything we need to use on the farm. Packaging and printing are kept simple and minimal using recyclable materials to reduce our carbon footprint. Very little electricity  is used in making our products, we use a shredder to process our herbs and this is all done in our lovely open sided barn.
Processing of the herbs is done on site, where they are made into tinctures immediately after being picked, so that nothing is lost.
Growing organically ensures that the plants are free of any traces of herbicides, fungicides or synthetic fertilizers. One of the main elements of growing on this land is the concept of working co-creatively with nature.The idea behind this comes from our herbalist Jacqui. This means we are on an immense journey with this project, bringing together our vision of working with nature but still using state of the art modern methods to produce very unique tinctures and other medicines. Phase one commenced in January 2010, with preparation of part of the field and a planting scheme.
This is such an exciting venture we believe, for students, herbalists and the general public alike as Broad Oak Herbs will become a great living classroom in which to study and observe herbs. My colleague and I have been so impressed with the quality of tinctures that we buy from them that we went up to view their project. The white greenhouse in the centre background is mine, and marks the bottom limits of my allotment.
Not too bad for ?17 a year, water on tap, on-site friends and advisors included in the  price. Those of you who work in professional herbal product warehouses may  snigger at me but I am just a one-man-band here, beginning to make as many of my own medicines as I can.

I came home with bags bulging and tipped them straight into my straw baskets till I could process them.
Stinging nettles are all around me, there has never been any shortage of this particular herb.
I made a big pot of fresh nettle tincture [Urtica dioica], and still had piles of them to dry for teas. Irregular meal times, coupled with more of synthetic, spicy and oily foods are some of the causes that contribute to constipation.
Therefore, if constipation lasts for several days, then it should be definitely brought to the notice of the doctor.
If you have continuous problems in passing stools, or if your stomach is extra-sensitive to heavy foods, then you must eat one apple each morning. This will certainly help the bowels to get rid of all the accumulated wastes and will help in the treatment of constipation. They are the Indian gooseberry (amalaki, Embelica officinalis), belleric myrobalan (bibhitaki, Terminalia belerica) and the chebulic myrobalan (haritaki, Terminalia chebula).
These salads must contain green leafy vegetables such as spinach and celery, and they must also contain other nutritive vegetables such as beetroot, carrots, radishes and tomatoes. Eating while doing other things such as reading or watching television taxes the digestive system and can cause constipation.
In hot summers, avoid red meats and try to subsist more on a vegetarian and fruitarian diet. We have several herbal correspondence programs for distance learning and offer in-person workshops.
Since somebody smashed a side window pushing a wheelbarrow past on the 18″ wide paths the rain and yellow dock had got in.
I pulled up all the yellow dock, spraying seed heads all over the place so it will doubtless come back. Then when the liquid had cooled I strained the fluid into a measuring jug and pressed the damp herbs to extract all the juice I could get. The students are invited to help plan and plant a herb garden, and to come to Bridgwater to grow and harvest whenever possible.
There are many hundreds of different viruses that cause a cold to develop, which is why there is no specific ‘vaccine’. There is of course no point in the patient requesting antibiotics from their GP unless a secondary bacterial infection has taken hold; the most important thing to be aware of when a patient is complaining of a cold is that inflamed mucosa are more vulnerable to infection with bacteria. It also comes with possible side effects which include; nervousness, dizziness, insomnia, upset stomach, shaking, tachycardia…just google it.
Originally from the Guaiac tree the Guaifenesin used now is a synthetic form which has been available from the 1980’s.
A great way to use the daisy as a cough remedy is to immerse the flowers into runny local honey and leave for several days.
It generally starts with fever, aching and shivering, and brings with it symptoms that are much more severe than acute rhinitis and which last for longer.
Influenza B is related to local outbreaks of flu which tends to be seasonal and can be contained, while Influenza A tends to be at the root of worldwide epidemics. Dilute in a carrier oil and rub onto chest, or include in a chest rub ointment, or use as in a steam inhalation.
Since I started practice here in Bridgwater I have acquired an allotment and have begun a scheme of growing my own medicinal plants, some of which I have made into tinctures and teas and stored in my pharmacy ready to use for my patients. In some social history books I discovered that in rural areas there was a lot of knowledge about medicinal plants, and this wisdom was passed down from generation to generation orally. It is demulcent so it helps soothe sore throats and inflamed respiratory membranes, and it has expectorant properties to help get up stubborn mucus from the bronchial tubes. It is a diaphoretic, which means it herbs induce involuntary perspiration that helps to manage a fever.
Your body needs the fever to improve the function of your immune system, and disable those cold bugs. The idea to start a herb farm specialising in medicinal tinctures quickly became a reality as our other partners became involved. Broad Oak Herb tinctures and other herbal products are produced exclusively from fresh herbs grown here, harvested at their peak.
This is done in such a way as to preserve the whole of the life force, resulting in a product which is still biologically active. The herbs  are collected in tune with the rythyms of nature on flower and fruit days, according to when nature herself dictates.
Deeply inspired and influenced by the work accomplished at the Findhorn community in Scotland and Perelandra gardens in the USA, Jacqui felt compelled to try this method within Broak Oak Herbs with a view to exploring the opportunities to cooperate directly with what we understand as nature intelligence. The first year crops and harvesting from around the farm produced a small yield of exceptional tinctures in 2010. The photo was taken from the shed where I store my tools, seeds, dry herbs, keep books and chairs, and brew tea and soup [more of which later]. A number of wild mallows grow in waste land and pastures, but only Althea officinalis [Marshmallow] and Malva sylvestris [Common Mallow] are used in herbal medicine. I don’t keep any herbs in plastic bags for any time at all except to collect and carry home. Sometimes I juice them, but you don’t get much liquid out of piles of stems and leaves. Timing is important for nettles and I gather what I need in the spring then just leave the rest of them alone to do there thing till I want their seeds in the Autumn. I use nettles as a source of minerals for patients, and have found them useful for some hay fever sufferers. All signs of difficulty in passing stools such as scanty stools, absent stools, very sticky stools, difficulty and pain in passing stools, etc. However, constipation also stems from various psychological causes such as tensions, depressions, extreme emotions of anger and fear, and also climatic conditions. However, for treating mild cases of constipation, there are several effective home remedies.
Every night before going to bed, take a spoonful of this mixture with water that is slightly warm. When constipated, eat a whole chappati prepared in this manner by biting it with your teeth. This powder is the best natural remedy for any kind of digestive problem, especially constipation. Even if your constipation problem is a long-standing one, drinking this mixture for about three to four nights consecutively will help to solve the problem. The juices of the papaya help in proper digestion and almost magically treat constipation, howsoever difficult it may be.
I don’t keep any expensive equipment in there, but the thieves took my cute camping stove on which my little kettle whistled when ready to make tea. I swept the floor, washed down the workbench and arranged all my pots as terracotta or plastic, and graded them due to size.

I just get on with it now without being too careful and just clean up thoroughly afterwards.
The modules may seem large and indeed the workload is considerable, but we believe we are offering something unique in England.
Our base is at New Place, Porlock but we have a satellite training centre at Growing Medicine, Bridgwater.
You can catch it by breathing in the virus in droplets coughed or sneezed by an infected person, or by touching and object that has the virus on it, left by an infected person, like a door handle or passing books to and fro at school, or toys at a playschool or nursery. You can leave the flowers in if you like, but I strain them out and use the honey, which has absorbed phytonutrients from the flowers, and use the honey straight from the teaspoon as a cough syrup. Accompanying symptoms include headache, sore throat and persistent unproductive cough that can remain for weeks, and sometimes patients experience nausea and vomiting. It is Influenza A which has the greatest capacity to develop new variants at irregular intervals thus evading the host immune system which may have developed immunity against a previous deviant. Potency of a remedy comes from a whole plant extract, which we know makes all the difference. Moving towards biodynamics and permaculture, our hands-on, tuned in brand of horticulture ensures individual attention to both the plants and the land.
We have erected a polytunnel, where we plan to experiment growing herbs that may not survive our outdoor climate, such as some auyurvedic herbs. Behind my shed I have a bit more of allotment for the compost heap and 2 red currant bushes.
I am surrounded by Common Mallow, so I thought what the heck I’ll dig up a root and plant it in my allotment. This time I took the path on the opposite side to the one near my house and followed it as it veered away from the canal edging towards the river on the other side. Anyway, the tree was left with plenty of blossoms so I know where there’ll be berries come the Autumn.
I don’t cut the leaves late in summer because of warnings of high levels of calcium carbonate crystals which may irritate the kidneys.
Eating unhygienic food, or eating food in unhygienic conditions can both cause constipation. However, keep the lemon in the safe place for the night to prevent insects and ants attacking it.
This is enough to make the bowels function effectively overnight and there will be proper stools in the morning. When you have a constipation problem, then take 20 grams of the powder of Triphala, put it in 250 grams of water and leave it for the night. You will actually be able to feel the churning in the stomach as the food is getting digested. What they didn’t take they threw around a bit and emptied out boxes of seed which the mice ate.
We had the brainwave of hiring a brilliant cook to provide a hot meal midday which was appreciated by students and staff alike. Construct your arsenal against the common cold, while learning the best way to approach fevers, diarrhoea, constipation, rashes and other minor health niggles you wouldn’t go to your GP about. Lemsip and honey, paracetomol if you have a headache or are getting a bit of a temperature. The influenza viruses may also provoke something referred to as the post-viral syndrome, which is a time of debility, fatigue and low mood and which may persist for some months. The most serious worldwide epidemic of Influenza A was in 1918 and was the cause of approximately 20 million deaths. In most villages there would be a certain individual who had amassed a great fund of plant knowledge and neighbours would defer to them in times of illness in the family. We use naturally fermented organic grain alcohol and vegetable based glycerine for our products.
The path here is quite wide and dusty, fringed with stinging nettles and white dead nettles; I had already harvested quite a lot of both so I passed them by. The cleavers I picked this spring were mostly gathered from an area close to me [just over the road actually] called Browne’s Pond.
Due to constipation, there are abdominal pains and cramps and a very uneasy heavy feeling in the stomach. In the morning, the stools will be easier to pass out, and the problem of constipation will be healed. Continuing this treatment for a week will provide a permanent cure to the problems of constipation.
The regular use of fennel will normalize the working of the digestive system and will treat the constipation problems. It is very ideal to open the day with fruits in the breakfast and then to have them again half an hour after each meal. Well, apart from the possibility of having left a box in the back of the removal van, I have looked in all other places I could think of. There is also a greater risk of secondary bacterial infection and complications, some even leading to death, for example pneumonia. A later shift in the antigenic profile of the virus was at the root of another outbreak in 1957 causing a worldwide pandemic.
If you are interested I can recommend Memory, Wisdom and Healing: The History of Domestic Plant Medicine by Gabrielle Hatfield. But when I turned the corner a 14-15′ high Hawthorn tree was in full flower, covered with bunches of creamy blossoms surrounded by bright green leaves. It’s a small lake, and what makes it special is that it is only 100 yards from the road, and edged on one side by a residential street.
Influenza C causes a much milder respiratory illness that is not thought to cause epidemics. So I transposed a Common Mallow plant, but it was a sorry specimen and it didn’t really thrive.
Nearly all adults have been infected with influenza C virus and lower respiratory tract complications are unusual. One day I want to try the remedy for arthritis the Romans were credited with; that of flaying the joint with the nettles so the skin was stung.
I didn’t want to go in as the creatures may have been lurking, but when the sun shone I felt bold and banged about and pulled out the furniture [I believe in allotment comfort and provide myself with table and chairs and shelves for books and biscuits], dusted and swept like Mole and soon the place was shipshape.
They have inserted mesh boxes containing reeds and grasses around the edge and are looking after the area well.

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