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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. In this activity book, Wendell the Duck shows kids how to save water inside and outside the house. Project Energy SaversPurveyors of high quality education and outreach materials since 2002. We must always use extreme caution when administering herbal medicines in pregnancy, as there are many herbs that are contra-indicated at that time. We can simplify the breakdown of the human being into 3 main parts– the body, mind and soul.
Salt has been said to raise your blood pressure, lead to water retention and many other serious health concerns including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Salt in its unrefined state is still rich in the important trace minerals and free of additives. I want to tell people about this wonderfully natural form of healing called Bach Flower remedies, it is one of the greatest and possibly simplest form of remedies available to increase the quality of our lives.
Hay fever refers to the abnormal reaction that occurs in some of us, of excessive sneezing which may be accompanied by runny nose and watery inflamed eyes, occurring in response to triggers such as dust, pollen, etc.  These triggers are not the cause that is why most people do not suffer from these abnormal reactions. Cause The abnormal reactions occur because of hypersensitivity of the mucous membranes (wet outer layer of skin) that line the airways in the nostrils. Two things responsible for the ill health of these cells are - that individuals may lack certain nutrients that support the health of these cells, and the probably more important reason is, that we don’t wash out our noses. Business Directory of Indian Suppliers Manufacturers and Products from India.India`s leading Yellow pages directory.
This section discusses the differences between Ayurveda, Western Allopathic medicine, Western Naturopathic medicine and Chinese herbal medicine. Modern Western Allopathic medicine is based on a medical model which is basically mechanical, materialistic, inorganic and inert.
It has difficulty recognising disease which it cant measure mechanically and it focuses on suppression of symptoms - usually by some form of treatment which destroys healthy tissue and organic functioning and poisons the body while it kills the "external invaders". While it is the most sophisticated and complex form of medicine in terms of equipment, testing and information it is also the crudest in terms of treatment - it approaches fixing the body in the same way as fixing a machine. Bacteria are adapting to, and becoming resistant to, antibiotics faster than we can develop new ones. It is not concerned with the biochemical constituents of substances but on their energetic effect on the life-force and it focuses on creating energetic balance rather than killing pathogens. Ayurveda`s focus is more on creating energetic balance at the higher energetic or inner level. Ayurveda recognises that imbalance of the mind and emotion frequently precedes, and is often the cause of, physical imbalances.

Ayurvedic or Yogic medicine is about facilitating the process of raising our level of consciousness.
These profound concepts based upon an astute understanding of the universal laws and practical observations about the world around give us the indication about the holistic approach of Ayurveda and its potential in alleviating many health related problems afflicting the whole of humanity.
Ayurvedic medicines predominantly being plant based are in close harmony with nature and hence easily assimilable by the human body.Ayurveda thus helps maintain the integrity of the unique elemental balance in each individual and treats the ailment at its root cause. However, many herbs can be used for treating most ailments in the pregnant woman without any problems, and there are the herbs that are beneficial for pregnancy and childbirth.
It is completely safe and can be used harmoniously along side any form of medical or preferably natural form of treatment without any negative side effects. The Bach Flowers are a set of 38 healing remedies.  They come in liquid form and are taken orally a few drops at a time. Edward Bach, a successful and prominent U.K physician became aware that in his patients, mental and emotional factors predisposed them to physical ailments. Normal sneezing is the body’s natural response to reject foreign matter entering the airways.
This makes it potentially very dangerous and in many cases its treatment may actually create new disease. However it is an extremely useful form of medicine for treating emergency situations such as accidents and heart attack victims. It recognises the life-force as the guiding force behind the biochemical changes that allopathic medicine focuses on. So, for example, it prescribes hot substances for cold conditions and strong tonifying substances for weak conditions.However, most naturopathic systems are deficient is in the way they classify the energetics of substances. Stimulants and dulling substances act on the body level, distort consciousness and lead to a lack of sensitivity and self awareness. Because of this, simple prescriptions such as pranayama (breathing exercises), repeating mantras or meditation, may be given rather than complex medicines because these prescriptions address the core of the problem by stilling an overactive mind. This state of consciousness is defined as peace, union with the Divine or realisation of our true Self. Ayurveda goes much beyond the realms of ordinary medicine and gives practical measures on how to maintain and protect one`s health and well -being and promote longevity of life. We can further break it down to various organ tissues, cells, cellular structures and chemicals. They are completely naturally derived and are made directly from specially selected flowers, picked at a time to give them the greatest healing power.
In his desire to truly heal his patients in a more profound & efficacious way than that what conventional medicine could do at the time, he developed his world-renowned thirty-eight Bach Flower remedies that work to positively influence people on the subtle levels at which illnesses arise. Mostly, they are hypersensitive because the cells that make up the mucous are sick, and like us when we are sick, are irritable and hypersensitive and want to be left alone.

It emphasises the use of inorganic substances (drugs), mechanical testing, invasive treatments like surgery and a passive approach by the patient.
Its treatment focuses on harmonising the life-force and strengthening the body through natural substances such as herbs and diet, and action by the client such as lifestyle changes and exercise. The majority of systems - Chinese medicine included - considers substance energetics on an outward or quantitative basis only. All substances have an impact at this higher level of consciousness as well as the more gross body level. For example, the cup of coffee we have to get us going in the morning may take us to work and get us to do the job but then who is it that is going to work and running our lives - us or the coffee ??.
A distinguishing feature which sets Ayurveda apart from other alternative systems of medicine is the fact that Ayurvedic treatment treats patient as a "whole" i.e.
In addition, the treatment is seldom applied with any changes to the lifestyle or awareness of the patient. They are outsmarting the material mind which seeks to use simple mental analysis to conquer disease. For example, meat may be prescribed to a weak person because of its strong capacity to strengthen and provide energy.
Ayurveda seeks to connect us with this intelligence inherent in Nature and uses substances and processes which work positively as this higher level - such as yoga asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation - to facilitate this. Illness, according to Ayurveda is a condition of imbalance, which originates from some fundamental deficiency and something more than symptomatic relief is needed for its cure. Many of its medicines are very new and havent had time to prove themselves as safe or enduring.
Disease is frequently seen as an expression of the body eliminating excess toxins which have been created by poor diet and lifestyle and therefore a positive expression of the body healing itself. It categories substances and activities according to their capacity to achieve this higher level of consciousness. But this perspective fails to recognise the negative impact meat has on an inner level because of the dulling effect it has on the mind, emotions and senses. Ayurveda is about increasing health and disease prevention through increased self awareness.

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