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Herbal Medicines 9780857110350Herbal Medicines is the internationally acclaimed guide for healthcare professionals to herbs commonly used in complementary and alternative medicine. Herbal Medicines provides a comprehensive single source of scientifically rigorous, impartial information on 180 of the most commonly used herbal medicinal products. When trying to determine what herbs and are and if they are right for you, take these concepts into consideration. The reason herbology has such a long, rich and illustrious history is due to the overwhelming benefits derived from these plants when used properly. Herbs have been known to promote healing at all levels within the body, from the common cold, to a seemingly hopeless case.
Adaptogenic herbs are a classification of herbs that are time honored, well studied and considered safe to take on a daily basis.
The herb must support multiple body systems (some support all), and helps those systems to balance in times of need. Adaptogenic herbs are  amazing for balancing stress responses, building the immune system, strengthening specific body systems and the body as a whole, balancing the endocrine system and hormone levels, and restoring overall balance and vitality within each person.
Yes, but there are many reasons to consult with an experienced herbalist, naturopath or homeopath. Finally, there are many reasons not to take specific herbs and when it is absolutely critical to consult a professional. So you can clearly see there are many instances in which you should consult a trained professional herbalist or naturopath. When using a blend, formula or combination the herbs have a synergistic effect on your health. As we age and our stomach acid, enzyme production and bile production seem to drop, this can affect absorption rates as well.
In general, herbs are best taken on empty stomach, 30 minutes before a meal or about 2 hours after a meal. Not only do we have the great natural healers and herbalists of the past, but we have current mind blowing scientific research as to the safety, effectiveness and benefits of thousands of herbs. You can take any well known herbs such as ginger, cayenne pepper or garlic and find literally hundreds, if not thousands of studies by well known universities, research institutes and medical professionals. Potentially harmful compounds found in certain herbs are cardiac glycosides and specific alkaloids. Liver protecting herbs such as milk thistle, turmeric, artichoke leaf, and licorice root can be used to protect the liver from the effects of liver damaging herbs.
The information presented in this web site is not intended as a substitute for medical care.
Cialis is the only brand of tadalafil approved for sale in New Zealand and is a prescription medicine. The products were discovered following routine testing and through information received by Medsafe.
Medsafe has required the distributors of these products to immediately cease supplying them. It is impossible to be certain herbal remedies do not contain prescription medicines without testing.
What are the health concerns related to use of products with undeclared sildenafil and tadalafil? EU legislation on pharmaceutical products for human use also applies in general to traditional herbal medicines. A brief description of the procedure is available under point 3.4 of the Notice to Applicants Volume 2A - Procedures for marketing authorisation, Chapter 1 - Marketing Authorisation. The simplified registration procedure aims to safeguard public health, remove the differences and uncertainties about the status of traditional herbal medicinal products that existed in the past in the Member States and facilitate the free movement of such products by introducing harmonised rules in this area. Herbal medicinal products are defined as any medicinal product, exclusively containing as active ingredients one or more herbal substances or one or more herbal preparations, or one or more such herbal substances in combination with one or more such herbal preparations. This simplified registration procedure is intended for herbal medicinal products with a long tradition, which do not fulfil the requirements for a marketing authorisation, in particular those requirements whereby an applicant can demonstrate by detailed references to published scientific literature that the constituent or the constituents of the medicinal products has or have a well-established medicinal use with recognised efficacy and level of safety (so-called "well established use"). The simplified procedure allows the registration of herbal medicinal products without requiring particulars and documents on tests and trials on safety and efficacy, provided that there is sufficient evidence of the medicinal use of the product throughout a period of at least 30 years, including at least 15 years in the Community. With regard to the manufacturing of these products and their quality, applications for registration of traditional herbal medicinal products have to fulfil the same requirements as applications for a marketing authorisation.
In view of the particularities of herbal medicinal products, a Committee for Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC) has been established at the European Medicines Agency. With a view to further facilitating the registration of certain traditional herbal medicinal products in the EU, a list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products has been established on the basis of the scientific opinion of the HMPC. Commission implementing decision of 3 February 2012 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products. Commission implementing decision of 3 February 2012 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products was published in the Official Journal on 7 February 2012. Commission implementing decision of 28 November 2011 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products. Commission implementing decission of 28 November 2011 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products was published in the Official Journal on 2 December 2011. Commission decision of 25 March 2010 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products. Commission Decision of 25 March 2010 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products was published in the Official Journal on 26 March 2010. Commission decision of 9 December 2009 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products. Commission Decision of 9 December 2009 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products was published in the Official Journal on 19 January 2010.
Commission decision of 28 July 2009 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products. Commission Decision of 28 July 2009 amending the list of herbal substances, preparations and combinations thereof for use in traditional herbal medicinal products was published in the Official Journal on 16 January 2010.
Herbal medicines are so easy to procure that they are being used indiscriminately with self-medication. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is called the silent killer which afflicts 90 percent of mid aged adults. When surrounding tissues like muscles, bones and cartilage put too much pressure on a nerve, it is known as a pinched nerve. Cholesterol is a fatty substance and an important component of the body, used for many vital activities.

The monographs are extensively referenced, detailing photochemical, pharmacological and clinical aspects of each herb (use, dose, adverse effects, interactions, etc). Because the information is evidence-based, objective, and current, it can be used by any healthcare practitioner or student advising patients on the use of CAM.
What we refer to as common spices such as parsley, oregano, thyme, basil, mint, marjoram, and turmeric, are extremely beneficial herbs that have been used medicinally for thousands of years.
Herbs, plants and trees were all that mankind had available to him to overcome sickness and disease. Dioscorides in the first century BC wrote a book including a compilation of over 600 herbs which would be used in teachings for hundreds of years and into the present day. Many herbalists and natural healers firmly believe that any and all imbalances within the body can be overcome if the body is given the proper resources in which to do so. A partial list of these incredible herbs include Astragalus, Ashwagandha, Reishi, Cordyceps, Schisandra, Goji, Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), Licorice Root, American Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Rhodiola, Jiaogulan, Maca, Deer Velvet Antler, Hawthorn, Chaga, Shilajit, Holy Basil, Elderberry and Fo-Ti.
If you are pregnant or nursing, there are very few herbs that you can take safely, know which ones are safe and which to avoid. The solvent used traditionally has been grain alcohol, however one can also use vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar. We know from thousands of years of research in herbalism that many herb combinations work better when combined. In these cases, it may be better to stick with herbal teas and liquid tinctures for maximum benefit.
This is not the case with all herbs and it is best to follow the recommendations listed on the bottle or package for best results.
It is unfortunate that so much of this information has been suppressed over the last century, but if you look through the history books you will discover a wealth of information and studies on the subject.
How about herbs that we may not have heard of such as Jiaogulan, Ginseng, Rhodiola or Reishi Mushroom?
Because they grow in their natural environment they can be stronger and more resilient, having to fight the elements and grow using what mother nature provides naturally. This can cause a potential problem if a dangerous drug or herb is being taken on a schedule. Yucca root, schisandra berries, licorice root, alfalfa, ginger, cayenne, dandelion leaf, and juniper berries are examples of herbs that enhance absorption, and effectiveness of other herbs. For instance a pregnant women can use smooth muscle relaxants such as red raspberry leaf or cramp bark. Though many herbs considered toxic to the liver, such as comfrey, were found in some studies to only be harmful to the liver when taken in a fresh form.
Our dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please talk with your healthcare provider about any information you get from this web site.
However, in order to overcome difficulties encountered by Member States in applying pharmaceutical legislation to traditional herbal medicinal products in a uniform manner, a simplified registration procedure was introduced in 2004.
A major task for the HMPC is to establish Community monographs for traditional herbal medicinal products, and, with the objective of further facilitating registration and harmonisation in the field of traditional herbal medicinal products, prepare a draft list of herbal substances which have been in medicinal use for a sufficiently long time, and hence are considered not to be harmful under normal conditions of use.
As regards the safety and efficacy of a traditional herbal medicinal product, applicants can refer to the list. Mixing herbal medicines with prescription drugs can have far-reaching consequences and be harmful to health.
Many people, who do not suffer from any kind of health crisis, often wonder at the need to take these supplements. Recent statistics indicate that 38 percent of Americans are under some form of alternative medicine treatment of which herbal remedies form a large portion. As with previous editions, Herbal Medicines is presented in full colour throughout, with chemical structures and photographs of the plant and drug material presented where available. We need to look beyond their great taste in cooking, and rediscover their health-benefiting virtues.
It was because of the teachings of Hippocrates that doctors today take the Hippocatic Oath, which has unfortunately been somewhat lost over the course of time.
Herbs have been used for nutrition, healing and strengthening the body in all cultures on every corner of the globe. Depending on the severity of the issue, this can include a combination of healing throughout the mind, body and soul of each individual. Let’s first discuss the general safety of herbs and I will then give you a list of reasons why you should consult a professional. We must take great care to protect the integrity of herbalism so that these methods are used only to benefit mankind and never to harm, as was told to us by Hippocrates. It is has a lot do with how the herbs are treated throughout the process of harvesting, manufacturing and packaging. Unless you are well educated or under the care of a trained herbalist or naturopath, people can tend to overdo just about anything.
When trying to target a specific organ or body system, herbs can work together to accomplish healing at a higher energetic level than a single herb can do alone. Boil the water first, then add one tablespoon of fresh herb or one teaspoon of dried herb to one cup and remove from heat source.
This is not always the case as herbs are heated, treated, processed and generally denatured. Just as pharmaceuticals can interact with other pharmaceuticals, they can also interact with herbs. If taking the herbs on empty stomach causes any stomach discomfort, try taking with food or discontinue use and consult a professional herbalist or naturopath. We know every ancient culture and civilization had their own natural healers who utilized many of the same methods we use today. If intelligently harvested, they can be found deep within a forest or meadow, far from pollution and other environmental hazards.
Some of the better known herbs with the potential to cause serious harm include foxglove, belladonna, arnica, oleander, jimson weed, poke root, and lobelia. This is beneficial for certain people with heart problems such as congestive heart failure. Herbs containing cardiac glycosides include foxglove, belladonna, henbane, oleander, lily of the valley, and night blooming cereus (cactus grandiflorus). Just as pharmaceutical drugs can interact with pharmaceutical drugs, herbs can interact with pharmaceutical drugs, or with other herbs.

Drug levels in the blood will not have dropped as low as they would have normally before the next dose is taken.
Examples of these types of drugs include cholesterol lowering drugs, the pain killers ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.) and naproxen sodium (Aleve), and the hair growing drug minoxidil (Rogaine). Though keep in mind that increased absorption can mean a potential for increased toxicity of certain herbs. This is especially dangerous in the later stages of pregnancy when the risk of serious bleeding by the mother is greater.
High potassium herbs such as dandelion root can reduce the potassium depletion created by licorice root, barberry, goldenseal, and Oregon grape root. However they would still need to demonstrate the quality of the medicinal products they seek to register.
Alternative remedies have gained an impetus because nowadays many of their known advantages and disadvantages are published.
This fourth edition includes extensive revision of over 20 monographs and the addition of 28 new monographs.
Also, please consider that although you have used ginger, garlic or oregano in your daily life and have never potentially heard of jiaogulan, reishi, cat’s claw or astragalus does not mean that we should shy away from them.
Although the practice has been somewhat discouraged over the last century, at least in the United States, the practice will never disappear due to its overwhelming benefits, safety and efficacy.
Our advancement in technology can provide a timely diagnosis and often saves lives, no question about it, but we should have the choice to decide how to care for ourselves. Many believe that alcohol is the only way to extract the critical constituents from certain herbs, but the patented and registered TincTract method used on our formulas has been tested to show that it is not only possible, but better. Unless you are using exclusively nutritive or adaptogenic herbs, it is best to ask someone who knows.
Also, this allows a trained formulist to strategically put stronger herbs in a formula that can stimulate healing without any negative effects because the other herbs in the formula offset the stronger herb.
Infusions are never boiled so as not to destroy the properties of the herb, namely the volatile oils.
That is why all the products found on this website are raw, unheated and unprocessed in any way for maximum absorption and efficacy.
As a precautionary measure, always take herbs a minimum of 90 minutes to 2 hours, before or after prescription medications.
For people today to say that herbs are unproven, unstudied or lack scientific validation is well, complete nonsense. These need to be used in safe homeopathic doses, under the care of a very experienced herbalist, or just avoided completely. On the other hand cardiac glycosides can create a serious drop in blood pressure leading to a stroke or stoppage of the heart.
Jimson weed is used rarely as a medicinal herb, and unfortunately sometimes as a recreational drug. Taking these herbs with any of these medications can increase the risk for serious liver damage. It is still recommended that when using herbs that are potentially harmful to the liver, you should combine them with liver protecting herbs. All Pharmacopeial information has been fully updated and restructured across the publication. Instead, we need to educate ourselves as to why these herbs are so important to other cultures, yet new to us, and how we might be able to incorporate them to our daily lives. In fact, herbology has grown tremendously in the last few years thanks to new scientific research validating what many herbalists and practitioners have known for literally 5,000 years! It is the treatment options available after we discover an ailment where we need to think wisely. Although alcohol is the traditional method of choice, we feel it severely denatures many of the important plant ingredients.
I almost always recommend the average consumer stick to formulas created by an experienced formulator. There are different methods for preparing herbal teas so we will quickly go over herbal infusions and decoctions. This plant contains three very dangerous alkaloids known as scopolamine, atropine, and hyocyamine.
Herbs can be used to prolong the effects, or enhance the absorption, of pharmaceutical drugs or other herbs.
Yerba mate is traditionally combined with the pau d’ arco to provide the sulfur compounds.
Poke root is a fantastic immune stimulant, antiviral, and lymphatic cleanser, though it can also be poisonous in relatively small doses.
The new 28 monographs added are: Asparagus, Bistort, Black Currant, Bugleweed, Butcher's Broom, Cramp Bark, English Ivy, Epimedium, European Goldenrod, Fennel, Goat's Rue, Hoodia, Horsetail, Linseed, Lovage Root, Melilot, Noni, Oak Bark, Peony, Peppermint, Polypodium, Pygeum, Sea Buckthorn, Tea Tree, Tormentil, Turmeric, Verbascum, Yohimbe. Many people choose natural herbal therapies because they are safe, there are rarely side effects, they are affordable, and as mentioned early, THEY WORK! Even though alkaloids have the potential to be dangerous, they can also be very beneficial. How does Milk Thistle know to heal the liver when taken, or Juniper Berries to heal the kidneys? Many people do not realize the third leading cause of death in the United States after Cancer and Heart Disease is doctors and properly prescribed medications. Alkaloids are the most common active compound in herbs, and the basis for nearly every pharmaceutical drug in existence.
Percentages of toxic herbs can be adjusted to compensate for their enhanced absorption to reduce the possibility of poisoning. Written by experts in the fields of pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, phytopharmacy, clinical herbal medicines, phytopharmacovigilance and regulation of herbal medicinal products, Herbal Medicines is an invaluable reference text for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals who require evidence-based information on herbal medicines used for treatment and prevention of health problems. Another example of a danger from mixing herbs can be seen with a mixture of lobelia with ginger.
Though ginger suppresses the vomit centers in the brain better than drugs such as Dramamine. If the ginger prevents the vomiting up of the lobelia, the lobelia can relax the lungs to the point where it could become dangerous.

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