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There is nothing worse than the dull ache of a painful tooth or sore gums, especially during the festive period when we want to enjoy the fine foods the holiday offers. After brushing your teeth, rubbing honey into the gums (avoiding the teeth as much as possible) can work to treat infections. Whilst placing slices of garlic on an aching tooth helps with pain relief, chewing garlic is also beneficial for those who suffer from gum disease.
Though these natural remedies are great for relieving the pain you have in your mouth and gums, we don’t recommend that you put off a trip to the dentist.
Steve Karpman developed the Drama Triangle (see image) to help us to understand the concept of Games. When we are in the Rescuer position we are taking care of, looking after, doing more than, the other person. The Link Centre offers various courses in counselling and psychotherapy, counselling skills and various workshops in Kent and Sussex. Today I ventured out with my little family and cut down a Christmas tree from the woods, and it now sits in my living room waiting to be decorated.
Joining me in this series are my friends Kristy from Little Natural Cottage,  and Kristen from Smithspirations.
If you are not subscribed to my free email updates, you can easily sign up here so you don’t miss a post! But what can you do if you urgently need to see a dentist over the Christmas period, when all are closed?

Manuka honey in particular has antiseptic properties that make it a great natural remedy for gum infections.
Applying peanut butter again and again on the affected area is great for soothing the discomfort, by acting as a barrier between the bacteria which causes the pain, and the tooth. As it reaches a luke warm temperature, take the oil, and pour it into the ear of the side of your mouth where the toothache is. As the evenings draw in we tend not to look after ourselves so well – we eat too much, drink too much and don’t get enough exercise.
When we are in a Game, we are on this triangle and as the Game progresses, we move to a different position. Leilani’s passion is to facilitate people’s self-awareness to enhance their quality of life. I love, love, love Christmas and the past few years I’ve been changing and modifying our normal recipes for more real foods. Look out for the Games you might play – at the end of them, we always feel bad in some way. We spend far too much money buying that ‘ideal’ present for the person who has everything, and we force ourselves to spend time with the family member that we avoid for the rest of the year. It always amazes me how my own grown-up children, who are very capable adults in the world, can regress back to being children as they walk through my door.
Psychotherapist, TSTA ( P) Chair of UKATA ( United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis ).

A time to enjoy fun with friends and family – a time to sing songs around the piano and listen to carol singers as they brave the icy cold. We learn to play Games in our family of origin, as a way of getting our needs met when we are young. It might be that you haven’t seen them for a while and want to make it a great Christmas for them. Once these games may have been useful to us, but as adults, they’re generally unhelpful and destructive. We are much more likely to play them when we are tired, run down or stressed, and with those who will play them with us! At Christmas, we often put ourselves back into our family of origin where we first learned to play the Games.
We ‘have a go’ at the other participant in the Game, put them down, belittle and undermine them. Your children then come in from having fun with their friends and say, ‘It’s so boring here, there is nothing to do’ If you were thinking, rather than just reacting, you would realise they are in a Victim position. Have you experienced times when you have offloaded frustration onto another person, possibly even when the frustration had nothing to do with them?

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