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The use of hemroid fighting herbs makes good sense – with most being used to combat hemroids for centuries, perhaps even millenniums.
For fast, natural and effective herbal based hemroids remedies, Heal Hemorrhoids appears excellent if you prefer a lotion to apply, for a pill to swallow Venapro stands out as the best.  You can also read about them and much more on our hemroids medication review page.
Our other page is devoted to the use of herbs to cure hemroids and the herbs listed there may not provide the immediate relief that the herbs listed on this page might. The Japanese pagoda tree extract appears to have several beneficial results in effecting a herbal based hemroid relief. Specifically, this hemroid herbal remedy, helps maintain vein health, BUT it helps with some significant hemroid symptoms, being inflammation, itching, bleeding and burning.
A cool herbal compress of strongMullein infusion or of blackberry juice(watch the staining though) or of lemon juice, or a cream of witch hazel or several drops of witch hazel on a cloth, applied to the hemroids may help alleviate hemroid inflammation, may help reduce the size of the hemroids, as well as possibly reduce any hemroid bleeding. It’s the astringent properties of the herbs and fruit juices that make them effective for hemroid relief. Butcher’s Broom has good anti-inflammatory properties and constricts blood vessels, which makes it a good herbal remedy for hemroids. One can also add a three drops of vitamin E and three drops of aloe gel to the mixture to aid healing and further reduce inflammation, with this herbal remedy for hemroids.
Aloe vera juice, drunk at 99% purity, is said to be a helpful hemroids remedy with both types of hemroids as well. One popular way of incorporating psyllium seed to combat hemroids, is to slowly increase the dosage of psyllium seed in one’s diet over three weeks.
First week: one teaspoon of psyllium seeds per cup of water, once a day, preferably taken with breakfast.
Also check out the herbs used for curing hemroids and the ingredients in the alternative hemroid medications on this web site for even more herbs to choose from. Next you need to measure out the quantities you want to include in your hemroid medicine of each of the herbs you have selected, mix them together and then decide how you want to use the hemroid medication you made. If you want to use the hemroid herbal medication you made as cream to topically apply to your hemroids, then you will need to make a base for it.  Beeswax or similar may be of use as a base and may be useful as a lubricant for any prolapsed hemroids or external hemorrhoids. Then you mix your selected hemroid herbs into the base.    You may need to grind your herbs into a fine powder first, so that the ingredients are not scratchy and to make sure the herbs are evenly distributed through the base.
If you decide to use the essential oils from the herbs, then they will be much easier to mix into the base and will not require the added task of grinding the herbs up.
Do you save any money making your own hemroid medication?  Not really, as you are paying retail prices on all the ingredients you use, including the capsules if you use them, plus you have to buy any special tools, such as a tablet press. Why make your own hemroid medication? You are making it to be in complete control, putting in exactly what you want, in the ratios you want. Some aromatherapists claim that breathing in the fumes of cypress, frankincense, myrrh or juniper can help alleviate the suffering from hemroids.  Sometimes the essential oils are rubbed into the heals of the feet, used in a sitz bath, applied to the hemroid, or if suitable, in a body massage. Endometriosis is defined as a condition in which the tissue lining present in the uterus spreads and grows outside the uterus such as in areas of the ovaries, uterine ligaments, tubes, intestines bladder and even the lungs. Licorice is a famous herb in China and is used to treat a variety of ailments including endometriosis. The popular spice cinnamon or Cinnamomum verum is a great natural remedy that is helpful in treating endometriosis to a considerable extent. As endometriosis is viewed as a condition in which blood is stuck in the uterus walls and there is also an excess of blood it is vital to consume food that work as pelvic decongestants and blood movers. Another natural remedy to treat endometriosis is to apply castor on the lower abdomen and then cover with a wool or cotton cloth. Many herbal remedies on sale in the UK lack important safety information, researchers have warned. A new EU law which came into force in April this year requires herbal medicinal products to be licensed, or to get Traditional Herbal Registration (THR), which means the information with the product has been approved. The information provided with the herbal product should clearly explain the risk of side effects and possible interactions with prescribed medicines. The products were chosen because they can cause potentially harmful effects in some people. St John’s wort can reduce the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill and can also affect warfarin, a drug used to prevent blood clotting.
Asian ginseng is not suitable for people with diabetes and Ginkgo and Echinacea can cause allergic reactions. Even garlic can cause problems for some people as it can thin the blood and interfere with drugs used to treat HIV, the researchers said. The study found that 93 per cent of the products looked at were unlicensed, which meant they did not have to meet any safety or quality standards, and over half were marketed as food supplements. Only 13 per cent contained an information sheet and just three contained an acceptable amount of safety information. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said there were concerns about some products, including Instant Slim and Sport Burner, being sold on websites and shipped around the world.
Some contain the prescription-only drug sibutramine, which has been withdrawn across Europe due to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Safety warnings about herbal slimming aids have been issued by several international agencies. The Swedish Medical Products Agency has issued warnings over Slimline Soft Gel, Acai Berry ABC, Hygia Fit, Sport Burner, Health Slimming Coffee, Instant Slim, 3X Slimming Powder, Li D Daidaihua and Botanical Slimming.

In the US, experts have issued a warning over Celerite Slimming Tea, while in Australia, Pink Lady for Women capsules and St Nirvana Herbal Slimming capsules are under scrutiny.
The Hong Kong Department of Health has issued warnings over more than a dozen products, including a range called Super Fat Burning Bomb. Extensive research and current studies being conducted by scientists show a wide array of health benefits of curcumin. Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners have long known about the use of curcumin in herbal remedies and has been used safely for centuries. A study conducted by UCLA has tested and revealed that curcumin in models of Alzheimer’s disease can help slow the progression of this disease.
Tests have shown that people with rheumatoid arthritis have greatly benefited from taking a curcumin extract.
Scientific studies gaining attention are showing that curcumin can lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood. Most people will tolerate curcumin well; some may experience mild stomach upset or an allergic reaction such as an itchy rash. A tastefully appointed herbal remedy stall is open for business at the famous Granville Island Public Market near downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Photo of a herbal remedy market stall on Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. There is a huge variety of market stalls to feast your eyes on when visiting the Granville Island Public Market.
This picture is part of the photo album "Vancouver Pictures" - there are more beautiful images waiting for you. Unauthorized use of any images or footage from this site is prohibited by international copyright laws. Since the days of ancient Greece and Rome, coltsfoot has been used to relieve all types of bronchial congestion, and is one of the best known natural remedies for whooping cough. In European countries (routinely used) the herb is most often taken as an infusion, tincture (with a bit of honey as the taste is somewhat bitter) or used topically. The constituents of coltsfoot are mucilage, the alkaloid pyrolizidine, saponins and tannin (especially in the leaf) which are known for their ability to act as an expectorant, anti-spasmodic, antitussive, demulcent, diuretic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, emollient, antiscrofulous and anti-catarrhal.
Coltsfoot can provide our body with nutrients such as zinc, potassium, copper, manganese, calcium, sulfur, iron and vitamins A, B, C and P. To apply externally to sores, rashes, minor injuries and painful joints, a poultice of crushed leaves or extract can be made.
This with its antioxidant properties can act as a skin-conditioning agent and reduce oxidative stress on the skin. For these reasons and as it is a good antibacterial it is effective for all manners of wounds, cuts, insect bites or other skin problems including scars.
Its large content of mucilage is what most of its medicinal benefit is all about having and it makes a long-lasting effect on both, oily or dry dandruff. Regular consumption, but within the recommended limits, of coltsfoot tea enhances better immunity as well as lowering chances of diseases such as gastritis, diarrhea, irritable bowels syndrome (IBS) and colitis. The leaves and stems of the mature plant are the parts most used for asthma, bronchitis, colds, emphysema, coughs, congestion, chest ailments and sinus problems. Studies have concluded that the amount of pyrrolizidine alkalois present in this botanical is worth our caution. The frequent use of coltsfoot may contribute to the toxic state of the liver or encourage some forms of cancer. In Midieval folklore this plant was used as a potion and given to maidens so they could discover who they were destined to marry. The name marigold was later associated to the Virgin Mary, and the flower is often used in Catholic events that honor her.
The flowers of the marigold plant contain medicinal ingredients such as calendulin, carotenoids (as well as beta-carotene), rutin, isoquercitrin, lupeol, narcissin, sterols, amyrin and volatile oils.
On a small scale marigold in cosmetic creams lessen the appearance of wrinkles while hydrating the skin. Marigold has also been recommended in reducing inflammation, soothing irritated tissue, treating varicose veins and capillary engorgement because of its anti-inflammatory properties as well as for congestion. There is some evidence that marigold extract in an ointment or cream is effective in treating radiation dermatitis. In studies of radiation patients the use of 4 percent topical calendula ointment resulted in fewer occurrences of radiation dermatitis (grade 2 or higher) and the pain that can be associated with it. Marigold extract has been shown to have protective properties that guard against lipid pre-oxidation as well as negative free radical activity due to its antioxidant activity. Extract of dried organic flowers were researched to judge their ability to hold in check the (HIV-1) human immunodeficiency virus type 1 replication and were found to possess anti-HIV properties of therapeutic interest. For use internally, calendula has been found useful for gastrointestinal disorders for its ability to protect the lining of both the stomach and intestines.
It does this by inhibiting the causes of inflammation by limiting the effects of bacteria that can cause gastritis, peptic ulcers or even stomach cancer. Taken orally the extract has been effective for soothing stomach ulcers and their inflammation. Marigold has many external uses all due to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities of the orange flower petals.

These properties make the flower a popular treatment with effectiveness in treating such ailments as ear infections as good as the leading prescription drugs. Extract in ointment form is soothing to areas of inflammation because it has the ability to attack the bacteria causing the problem.
This is true for inflammations such as hemorrhoids, insect bites, scalds, burns (including sun- burn), acne, eczema, diaper rash as well as the vaginal itching caused by tissue changes during menopause. Marigold is a relatively safe herb and as always, you should consult a professional prior to using new remedies. Aloe Vera, again, more a natural plant extract than a herbal remedy for hemroids as such, but appears good for hemroids also. If one went to the full therapeutic dose immediately, letting off gas could become a problem for you and those around you. The common symptoms of endometriosis are premenstrual and menstrual pain which worsens with the passage of time, pain during intercourse, defecation, pain in the thighs, etc.
The treatment of this disease often commonly involves the use of medically prescribed drugs, surgery and hormone supplements. Various herbalists recommend the daily consumption of these teas in order to cure various diseases. It has a very good effect on the liver and it aids in enhancing the functioning of the liver. According to various recent studies, cinnamon is a blood mover and is helpful in decongesting the pelvis and pulling more blood to the periphery of the body. Just like cinnamon, Zingiber officinale or the famous ginger is very effective in moving blood and in decongesting the pelvis. Then on top of it you should put a heating pad or a hot water bottle for about half an hour.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Taking curcumin daily along with other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you will enjoy increased energy levels almost immediately.
It reduces the oxidative damage and inflammation (as expected), but it also reduces amyloid protein (plaque) accumulation in the brain. The test shows that curcumin can help prevent joint inflammation and can also help prevent bone loss.
Promoting Natural Health and Healing using Aromatherapy, Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Oils, Teas, Juices and Nutritional Supplements.
The market is full of all manner of food from baked goods to cheese, meat and fresh produce, arts and crafts, and this herbal remedy stall.Herbal Remedy stall at the Granville Markets, Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Marigolds are an easy to grow annual with gold-orange and yellow flowers that will bloom all summer long, making them a popular garden plant. However, in this article we have provided some effective herbal remedies that are beneficial in treating endometriosis.
If you have endometriosis trouble then opt for drinking such herbal teas about 7 to 8 times a day as it will bring about a drastic improvement in your condition. It is advisable that you consult your physician in order to know the correct way and quantity of consuming this herb. So, eat raw ginger on a regular basis or go for ginger tea to ease the symptoms of endometriosis. It is now getting worldwide recognition due to the fact that people of India suffer the lowest Alzheimer’s rate in the world. At this point your stools should be passing through quite easily and having minimal impact on your hemroids.
Regular consumption of licorice in the right quantity is surely going to help you get rid of all symptoms related to endometriosis. You can also use this spice as a seasoning in your soups, salads and other dishes so that it remains an important part of your daily diet. Data shows that curcumin has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven to be safe without the side effects of their counterpart prescription medications.
In fact, your hemroids may start vanishing as constipation and straining to pass stools should be no more. Home Remedy Central has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and should not be used to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Such straining and constipation were most likely contributing to or causing your hemroid problem. Home Remedy Central does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of the natural remedies listed. Always consult with your doctor or medical professional with any questions you have regarding health concerns.

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