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Because acne affects so many people in varying degrees of severity, there are many acne treatments on the market. Tea tree is known to have antiseptic properties, making it a useful herbal remedy for treating acne. Chaste tree, also known as Vitex and chasteberry, is an herb used to treat menstrual irregularities and premenstrual complaints. Possible side effects from Bugbane Extract include nausea, vomiting, sweating, and headache. The plant is found in the Eastern United States and has small, white colored flowers while growing. Bugleweed extract is made from this ground cover such as the plant's leaves, flowers and stems.
Very little research has been conducted on its benefits, but what is known is that this evergreen herb can be helpful in several medical conditions. Although limited research has been conducted on bugleweed extract, it is known that this herb offers hyperthyroid benefits.
For those who suffer from an overactive thyroid gland, this extract can work to stop these hormones from burning out cells. If combined with gromwell, the Bugleweed-gromwell extract combination can help to treat thyroid disease.
Similar evidence shows that the combination of lemon balm in this mixture can also be helpful in treating thyroid disease. There are several other uses for bugleweed extract such as working to moderate estrogen levels in the body.
Bugleweed extract also works well as a pain relief tool as it calms nerve reactions and vasoconstrictor actions within the body's system.
This can help alleviate overall pain and discomfort, reduce tension and improve irritability. For those who have negative reactions or sensitivities to medications and pain relievers with salicylates in them, this extract can be an easy and effective substitute because it does not contain such compounds. Keep in mind that if you exceed the recommended dose of the manufacturer, you could decrease thyroid function significantly, which can lead to negative health consequences.
Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer or bowel cancer develops due to several reasons such as smoking and drinking habits.
Both garlic and onion are effective herbs that are often used for treating various health ailments including colon cancer.
American Ginseng is also used to treat a number life-threatening diseases including Colon Cancer. This herb contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to inhibit the proliferation of Colon Cancer. Hair loss is a common problem for all age groups, and women are especially more sensitive towards this problem.
This may tackle the problem up to certain extent and sometimes it may aggravate the problem too. So, when you apply coconut oil regularly, it will help in treating all scalp related problems and moisturize it.
Eggs have a rich content of protein, which when applied on hair, helps in nourishing and strengthening it.
The body temperature may always not be same and it may vary at time depending on the place and climate.
Our digestive tract is one of the few organs in our body that does a tremendous amount of work, non-stop. Chamomile is an exceptional herb that has the capability to treat any sort of digestive disorders.
Often combined with other herbs such as lemon balm and valerian, Rosemary is an important botanical nervine that is used to treat digestive spasms, eradicate gas, calm queasiness and reduce pain. Rosemary contains the polyphenol compound rosmarinic acid that curbs any sort of anomaly visible in the stomach. One of the most renowned herbs from the mint family, peppermint contains essential oils and phenols that specialize in treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Ginger roots are probably the most common sort of herb found in every kitchen around the world. If you have tried all the over the counter medicines or other forms of conservative treatment (even physical therapy) but found little or no respite from the nerve pain, it is time to seek the help of natural herbs. Oil of wintergreen is probably one of the most effective herbs that provide relief in several medical conditions, such as gout and sciatica.
Thus, the pale coloured, aromatic essential oil is solely meant for external use and is not to be consumed in any form, whatsoever.

Massage the affected leg area with a herbal mix prepared by combining approximately eight to ten drops of the herbal extract and a few tablespoons of olive oil (or any other essential oil). Another herbal alternative for relieving sciatic nerve pain is Arctium lappa, commonly known as Burdock. If you are recurrently troubled by the sharp sciatic nerve pain, a herb named Juniper may provide much needed relief. Do seek medical consult prior to using this herb so that you are well aware of all the possible adverse effects and contraindications.
Jamaican dogwood, also known as fish poison tree, has been put to use for treatment of pain and inflammation since many years.
Capsicum annuum is a beneficial herb that reduces the sensation of nerve pain and offers help in resolving lower back ache and nerve pain (as experienced in sciatica).
It's a common ingredient in herbal remedies designed to treat a number of conditions because it acts as a diuretic and blood purifier.
According to NYU Langone Medical Center, tea tree oil gel was found to be effective in reducing the number and severity of acne lesions. According to Georgetown University Medical Center, this herb may also be beneficial as an acne remedy. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine says it may also be an effective herbal acne remedy. Promoting Natural Health and Healing using Aromatherapy, Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Oils, Teas, Juices and Nutritional Supplements.
When consumed, this acid works to decrease some types of hormones produced by the thyroid gland.
Here are some lives-saving herbal remedies that may help to prevent the threatening disease. It has various medicinal properties that help to reduce the colon inflammation and thus avoids fats that may be responsible for developing the risk. Both the herbs contain Allicin that helps to weaken the inflammation, preventing harmful chemicals and bacteria. It contains a compound that helps to restrain the cancer cells and eliminates the inflammation occurring in the body.
Those who eat lignan-rich food like flaxseed have lower risk of developing colon cancer cells. Flaxseed is available in different forms such as Linseed cake, powder, ripe seeds, and capsules.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. The reasons for hair loss are many, right from the food habits, hair maintenance, and usage of chemicals and so on.
Only if you intake sufficient amount of protein, the hair will also receive its share of nourishment.
Though it may be smelly, you can completely wash it off with a mild shampoo after some 20 minutes of applying it. So, to overcome this problem, you can apply the paste of fenugreek once in a week, and bring down the body temperature. That is why it is found as an ingredient in a number of shampoos and other hair care products. It has to take in food all the time, most of them are bad for health anyways, then digest these foods, release important juices that help in the quick digestion of these food substances, extract useful substances from the food bolus, sort out good food from bad and then exterminate them from the body in one way or the other.
Common Digestive Disorders like gastritis, duodenal and gastric ulcer, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, gerd, hemorrhoids, etc. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of the chamomile flower makes it an excellent treatment for both acute and chronic gastric distress, inflammation, cramps and gives an overall soothing effect. Apply this oil onto your abdomen for 20-30 minutes, two to three times daily for good effects.
It has medicinal value that strengthens and stimulates the stomach and intestines as well as calms nausea and vomiting.
Ginger roots can be in taken in many different ways ranging from biting fresh ginger cubes, drinking ginger juices, mixing it with milk, as teas, etc. Originating in the mid Eastern and Mediterranean basin, Fennel leaves and seeds are used to treat heartburn, constipation, bloating and gas. Pressure or damaged nerve can result in initiation of mild to sharp sciatic pain or burning sensation, often affecting only one side and extends from the buttocks to the sole of the affected foot. It aids in reducing muscle or joint aches owing to the natural abundance of a constituent called methyl salicylate, which follows the same mode of action as aspirin and inhibits prostaglandins. Apply and rub a diluted solution of Wintergreen oil over painful joints, lower back and legs at least two to three times throughout the day.

John’s wort is regarded as one of the most trustworthy alternative cure for recurrent nerve pain caused by sciatica. Indigenous to Europe and northern regions of Asia, till date, the seeds and root portion of Burdock has served many medicinal purposes, such as in cases of cancer, diabetes, skin conditions of eczema or psoriasis and inflammatory disorders too. Also, patients who are hypoglycemic and on medications for the same must avoid consuming this herb as it may raise the level of blood sugar or cause fluctuations in the normal level of sodium and potassium. The berries derived from Juniperus communis offer herbal cure for many ailments, such as chronic kidney or bladder disorders, gout, arthritis and sciatica.
Some of the notable side effects include allergic reaction towards the herb which results in skin rash or cough. When taking herbal remedies for acne, keep in mind that even though they are natural treatments, they can still have adverse effects and can interact negatively with other medications you take. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that applied topically, burdock can be used as an herbal remedy for acne. The typical dose for treating acne is a preparation containing 5 percent to 15 percent tea tree oil applied up to three times daily. In fact, this is currently the best selling herb for treating menstrual problems including polycystic ovarian syndrome, PMS and dysmenorrhea. They further restrict the cancer cells and even trims down the progress of tumor that leads to colon cancer.
The root of Ginseng herb contains medicinal properties that may eliminate the generation of cells causing Colon Cancer. This is also one of the commonly used household herbal remedies for Common Digestive Disorders.
The pain is mostly accompanied by weakness, attenuation in the level of sensation and sometimes numbness too. Concentration of less than 25% is recommended so as to minimize the chances of transdermal absorption. According to the information provided by the National Center for Complementary Alternative Medicine, Hypericum perforatum, otherwise known as St. Consuming burdock herbal tea alone or in combination with dandelion root can certainly provide relief. Besides working as a strong diuretic, anti-microbial and carminative, Juniper also has the ability to curb pain. As this herb is a potent sedative, it should only be used under careful medical supervision. Test a small area of skin for a reaction before using topical burdock because if you're allergic to ragweed, chrysanthemum or daisies, you might also have an allergic reaction to this herb. Langone Medical Center further states the best tea tree oil products come from a particular species of Melaleuca called alternifolia. If you have an allergy to ragweed, marigolds, daisies or chrysanthemums, or if you have a tendency to have other allergies, you have a greater risk of having an allergic reaction to echinacea.
It further alleviates the development of colon polyps and also trims down the growth of haemorrhoid. Both of them consist of great amount of fibre that may assist in maintaining healthy colon. So, when you apply the powdered amla paste and wash it off after some time, it completely arrests hair fall.
John’s Wort is a herb which has the potency required to alleviate many health related conditions, such as mental depression, nerve pain as seen in people with sciatica or shingles as well as poisonous bites. Also, one must consult a doctor regarding safe and optimal dosage as the herb has a tendency to interact with certain medicines.
Home Remedy Central has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and should not be used to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Garlic has antibacterial properties, which may block the movement of substance that leads to cancer development. And what better way is there than to use herbs as a substitute for side-effects prone medicines? Home Remedy Central does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of the natural remedies listed.
Always consult with your doctor or medical professional with any questions you have regarding health concerns.

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